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alchemist chemical warfare
alchemist chemical warfarealchemist chemical warfare

Alchemist: Chemical Warfare

3.6 Stars (63 customer reviews)
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    Product Details


    The Alchemist is one of the most sought after hip-hop producers in the genre today. His hard knocking drums and gritty east coast flavored rhythms have blessed the likes of Mobb Deep, Eminem, Nas, Snoop Dogg, and many others. Alchemist serves Eminem in-house DJ and also Executive Produced the 2006 Shady Records platinum selling release The Re-Up. Chemical Warfare, the long awaited follow up to his 1st Infantry has been worth the wait - big time. Entirely produced by The Alchemist himself, this release is sure to knock on every corner and every block across the country.

    Track Listing

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    1. Intro
    Producer: Alchemist
    2. ALC Theme
    featuring Kool G Rap
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    3. Lose Your Life
    featuring Snoop Dogg; Jadakiss (of D-Block + The L.O.X.); Pusha T (of Clipse)
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    4. Chemical Warfare
    featuring Eminem
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    5. Grand Concourse Benches
    featuring KRS-One
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    6. Therapy
    featuring Evidence (of Dilated Peoples); Blu; Talib Kweli; Kid Cudi
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    7. That'll Work
    featuring Three 6 Mafia; Juvenile
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    8. Smile
    featuring Twista; Maxwell
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    9. Keep The Heels On
    featuring Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    10. Gangrene
    featuring Gangrene (Oh No + Alchemist)
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    11. Lights, Cameras, Action
    featuring Lil Fame (of M.O.P.)
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    12. Some Gangster Shit
    featuring Fabolous
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    13. On Sight
    featuring Tha Dogg Pound; Lady Of Rage
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    14. Take A Look Back
    Producer: Alchemist
    Click to listen!
    15. Under Siege (Bonus)
    Producer: Oh No
    Click to listen!

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    Average Visitor Rating:
    3.6 Stars (3.6 Stars )
    Total Comments: 63
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 3/17/2011 10:49:00 AM; Partial IP: 177.95.129)
    Location: milwaukee
    Comment: huge fan of al's production but this lp is really lacking. quite a few promising emcees on the tracks but this commercial approach is really not his thing. its funny I was bumping the collab mixtape with prodigy (return of the mac) on my way to work this morning and almost EVERY track on it is a BANGER.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/15/2010 11:09:00 PM; Partial IP: .142.46.13)
    Location: 802
    Comment: whaddup hip hop dan. I usually underestimate european fans. I am too quick to judge as euro-trash but looking past that... fucking right where the whooliganz shit at??? have to be held over with that gangrene shit for this year though. hopefully it comes out. just got pushed back we'll see.. best tracks I like 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 & 15 the best. the rest thump too though. I like better than 1st infantry
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 8/29/2010 10:15:00 AM; Partial IP: .163.14.92)
    Location: London
    Comment: OK, one last thing: Alchemist, if you ever read this man, me and several friends of mine are dying to hear the Whooliganz album. I know it's gonna bang, and I know there are many people out there who would snap it up if you release it. Thanks man!
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 6/2/2010 12:33:00 PM; Partial IP: 178.210.87)
    Location: London
    Comment: Damn, still no supporting comments? Come on guys, the Whooliganz! Alchemist and Scott Caan! Soul Assassins! DJ Lethal, Baka Boyz and T-Ray on production! Please, somebody!
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 4/13/2010 9:57:00 AM; Partial IP: 185.204.25)
    Location: London
    Comment: Any Whooliganz fans out there? Loving Al's new stuff, but I've been waiting for the Whooliganz album since the mid-nineties, and I'm still hoping it's gonna drop. Anybody who's with me, please post a comment. We've gotta see this album released! Cheers guys.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 3/28/2010 9:05:00 PM; Partial IP: .175.55.24)
    Location: Mexico
    Comment: Simply fire. Smile is the craziest track on there
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 1/19/2010 9:16:00 AM; Partial IP: .92.90.212)
    Location: uk
    Comment: prodigy track keep on the heels killah track all in all good shit from alchemist 4stars worth
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 12/8/2009 1:34:00 PM; Partial IP: 28.171.131)
    Location: UK
    Comment: "Keep on the heels" is one of the dopest sample flips ive heard in a while and the sub on "Some Gangster Shit" will make your insides shake
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 12/2/2009 12:02:00 PM; Partial IP: 20.216.158)
    Location: DA Burg
    Comment: This Album is SICK!!! The beats are Dope as Fuck!!! ALC is one of the best producers out there of all time yo! If yall think this is wack maybe you should tell your gay lover to stick his dick in your ear and fuck what ya heard bitches!!
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 11/24/2009 6:40:00 PM; Partial IP: .160.79.91)
    Comment: extra crispy wack,with lame sauce!
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 11/6/2009 2:39:00 PM; Partial IP: 198.72.235)
    Location: mesa, az
    Comment: The ONLY reason I gave this album 3.5 stars is cause if I gave it 5 there would be no room to grow... Alchemist is the truth, has been for a while, slept on like many truths in the game... I can appreciate this album, it has a lot of aspects from all over the nation.. no one sound...
    Name: (Posted: 10/21/2009 11:50:00 AM; Partial IP: 37.105.102)
    Location: rochester new york,14619
    Comment: yo l think that as alchemist,being a producer has growed in the industrie.but alot of the mainstream never reconized him.but he's well noun for the return of prodigy...
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/10/2009 6:09:00 AM; Partial IP: 58.231.152)
    Location: giessen
    Comment: wats the matter with you guys, itīs a good album. I mean what u want, lil wayne? go and fuck your mama with this auto tune bullshit thats comercial.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/19/2009 3:33:00 AM; Partial IP: .108.27.81)
    Location: WiLMas KiLLa CaLi
    Comment: fuck wat the DR. says....this shit is SICK!!!
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 8/20/2009 9:03:00 AM; Partial IP:
    Location: stockhom, sweden
    Comment: The Maxwell & Twista joint is fire! Big up's to Al!!
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 8/19/2009 3:42:00 PM; Partial IP: .181.92.82)
    Location: Boston
    Comment: One other thing That Eminem track is so bad What happened to that dude he is almost as bad a shorty lo
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 8/19/2009 3:41:00 PM; Partial IP: .181.92.82)
    Location: Boston
    Comment: Alchemist is a dop producer. But this album was way too commercial and I was'nt very impressed with the production. This is what happen when you try to appeal to a more main-stream audience. Step it up
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 8/17/2009 3:53:00 PM; Partial IP: .78.106.42)
    Location: Vegas
    Comment: Just to add something on here, I hold my artist to a higher standard because of all the garbage that you hear.... I'm also not afraid to call an artist out if his shit don't bang....I've been a head since 79 & I know good, bad & classic album when I hear it.... UGHH is an underground site for cats that did the culture of hip hop.....This site is not for the commercial catz it's for the B-Boy & the headz... I do respect all the cats comments that bring something to the table, but don't just say an album is good because you like the artist... Al fell off on this one
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 8/10/2009 1:56:00 AM; Partial IP:
    Location: Jerz
    Comment: ya'll stupid ass n*ggas talkin this commerical bullshit. first of all, they won't play none of these tracks on mainstream radio. Not even "smile", and that is a radio friendly track. When the last time you heard juvi or three6 on the radio?? muthafuckas act like they neva played a kweli song on rotation. just because ya'll don't like and artist. don't dis the song and the style of the artist on that track. On compilation albums gotta pick n*ggas for the beat being played. I'm the most hatinest n*gga out there when it comes to music, but its an all around good album. If anything Fabulous should have been switch for evidence or a better slow flow rapper. Also, take out three6 for stat quo on that south shit.
    Name: (Posted: 8/5/2009 11:26:00 AM; Partial IP: 33.196.122)
    Location: london, uk
    Comment: Just wondering -- has anybody heard anything about the whooliganz album getting an official release some time soon? I heard Al mention it in an interview, but that was months back.
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 8/1/2009 4:21:00 PM; Partial IP: .113.15.78)
    Location: earth ny
    Comment: album sucks alot of dirty ass. the best and only song worth it is " therapy" feat kweli, blue, evidence, and kid cudi. word...ya right ..why he got a bunch of commercial nikkaz on this album??
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/30/2009 4:34:00 PM; Partial IP: .78.106.42)
    Location: Vegas
    Comment: This album is really boring & it has no classic alchemist tracks.... This was a cat that kept your ride bumpin & his beats don't bang on this joint... I'm not feeling his choice in Mc's either,Dog Pound, Juvenile, twister & 3six mafia, snoop & Eminem???Heads don't want to hear them on a record... You can turn your local radio station on for that..... Step it up Al for the real hip hop cats....
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/19/2009 2:48:00 PM; Partial IP: 00.159.149)
    Location: providence R.i USA
    Comment: I love ALchemist, but this and his last album are boring as hell, he needs better lyrical artists on his albums, and prodigy Sucks!!!!!!
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/17/2009 4:01:00 AM; Partial IP: .158.243.2)
    Location: SFC/Cali
    Comment: Props to Alchemist. This may not be his best work but it is a masterpiece for those who have a real ear for music. Not the ears of someone who's stuck "Underground" or "Mainstream". Whateva happen to Dope beats and Dope Lyrics and nobody givin' a fuck what you looked like or where you from or how many units you sold? Huh? Back in the real Hip Hop era (yeah I'm old as hell)you didn't need a video or radio play 'cause' if your shit was good you could find it in the streets. Thank you UGHH! for keepin' real shit available. Peace!!!
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/15/2009 11:53:00 PM; Partial IP: 218.166.16)
    Location: Boston
    Comment: i dont love, I dont hate, the talib track is nice, a little to commercial I agree, and to Splyce's comment, no UG artists? well lets c, I think the OG, KRS is as UG as it gets, and I consider dilated UG idk bout u
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/15/2009 9:21:00 AM; Partial IP: 252.35.233)
    Location: Moncton - Canada
    Comment: Definately the weakest joints to date. This IS UGHH right ? Any UG artists on this ? Anything decent ? Not really - 2 tracks - mayyyybe - and they both just sound like old AL trax. HUGE disappointment. Major falloff. :(
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/12/2009 4:12:00 PM; Partial IP: 77.136.157)
    Location: (210)
    Comment: alc. always got da SICKEST beats,could do w/o sum feat. overall pretty tite,need more songs wit PRODIGY!!!!!!
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/11/2009 3:52:00 PM; Partial IP: 227.151.68)
    Location: LA
    Comment: has some nice joints on the alb... the rest is wack!! waaaay to commercial..
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/11/2009 2:32:00 AM; Partial IP: 80.206.242)
    Location: little italy
    Comment: oh my god that evidence kweli track is bananas.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/10/2009 10:13:00 AM; Partial IP: 180.131.74)
    Location: BOSTON
    Comment: this shit is hot, alchemist beats are crazy right now, il' take this cd over 1st infantry anyday, this cd balances the mainstream sound but still keeps it 100 percent hip-hop, could have done without fabolous thoug, alchemist fans must have
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/9/2009 7:39:00 PM; Partial IP: .127.11.72)
    Location: richmond va
    Comment: what happened to key to the city with prodigy?
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/7/2009 9:14:00 PM; Partial IP: 55.222.185)
    Location: Internet
    Comment: This album is dope. The ALC is back!
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/7/2009 8:23:00 PM; Partial IP: 127.21.113)
    Location: New Brunswick, NJ, USA
    Comment: The song w Lil Fame is bangin'.. Alchemist is a master of the bassline
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/7/2009 6:32:00 PM; Partial IP: .168.39.92)
    Location: maryland it
    Comment: its ok subtract a few mcs on this right here!!! luv what u do AL but your mc selection on this one sucks!!! still copped it though!! keep it n.y. and l.a. mcs except snoops wack ass!! nickel 9 for that detroit mc!! em is wack too!!!
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/7/2009 5:34:00 PM; Partial IP: 251.246.23)
    Location: Netherlands
    Comment: nothing new..but that joint with gangrene goes hard!
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/5/2009 9:31:00 PM; Partial IP: 09.123.134)
    Location: new j
    Comment: This shit came out ok after all. al got it right for the most part. Its a few cats he shouldve omitted,buit overall,this a hot little cd.
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/5/2009 6:40:00 PM; Partial IP: 242.91.213)
    Location: ny
    Comment: suspect
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/5/2009 1:28:00 PM; Partial IP: .126.0.161)
    Location: Everywhere
    Comment: That joint with Lil Fame is INSANE!!!!!!!!
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/4/2009 6:38:00 PM; Partial IP: 111.171.16)
    Location: texas
    Comment: *this is good music* if you want to hear 1st Infantry then listen to that record. Don't compare albums.
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/4/2009 5:08:00 PM; Partial IP: 41.157.229)
    Location: Ottawa, Canada
    Comment: Alright album, but I was expecting much better. 1st infantry was much better and even the cutting room floor albums are looking better.
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 7/3/2009 12:14:00 PM; Partial IP: .74.99.206)
    Location: WORCESTER
    Comment: DOPE ALBUM Minus a few cuts Pick this shit up
    Name: (Posted: 7/1/2009 4:58:00 PM; Partial IP: 242.91.213)
    Location: ny
    Comment: maybe im buggin but I dont even c lil wayne on the playlist
    Name: (Posted: 7/1/2009 3:10:00 PM; Partial IP: 60.164.235)
    Location: stoughton
    Comment: check amazon not the same track listing the song with jada kiss not on there
    Name: (Posted: 6/5/2009 1:12:00 AM; Partial IP: 09.123.134)
    Location: n plfd
    Comment: Now that tracklist is what im talkin bout. Except for the 3 6 mafia joint and the maxwell. But seems like al may come thru,mustve been reading our comments.
    Name: (Posted: 5/28/2009 9:38:00 PM; Partial IP: 09.123.134)
    Location: plfd nj
    Comment: Shit is becoming comical,just keeps getting pushed. Maybe al is reading and he gonna revamp his whole album and take off some of those guests.
    Name: (Posted: 5/21/2009 6:23:00 PM; Partial IP: 126.175.91)
    Location: Portugal
    Comment: Looks like the album won'y have Lil Wayne and that's awsome...Guest appearences will be Kool G Rap, Snoop Dogg, Pusha T, Eminem, KRS-One, Evidence, Blu, Talib Kweli, Kid Cudi, Three 6 Mafia, Juvenile, Twista, Maxwell, Prodigy, Oh No, Roc C, Crooked I, Lil Fame, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Dogg Pound, Lady of Rage...Lucky I was wrong on me later comment
    Name: (Posted: 5/13/2009 9:28:00 AM; Partial IP: 126.175.91)
    Location: Portugal
    Comment: You heard about a new alc lp and you though "that should be dope", than you see the the guest Appearances and you go like "hammm...mad disapointing". I rather be wrong but...
    Name: (Posted: 5/5/2009 6:41:00 PM; Partial IP: .0.228.178)
    Location: Jerzey
    Comment: Alchemist is one of my favorite producers.His underground shits the best work he's done,but this new album with wack ass lil wayne,twista and Maxwell I don't know what 2 say the album could be straight garbage as far as rappers.He should stick with Nas,Jada,Em and other real MC's.His first album was FIRE.
    Name: (Posted: 4/29/2009 5:10:00 AM; Partial IP: 237.226.30)
    Location: thep
    Comment: smoked himself retarded..lil wayne??fuck outa here wit that
    Name: (Posted: 4/22/2009 4:38:00 PM; Partial IP: 160.187.40)
    Location: Vantuky again
    Comment: sorry I was so blunt with a verbal object I just dont agree with who is featured on this album
    Name: (Posted: 4/22/2009 4:24:00 PM; Partial IP: 160.187.40)
    Location: Vantuky
    Comment: fuck this wack ass wannabe ganster shit "alc you should of stuck to underground" Dilated Dilated peoples make some noise!
    Name: (Posted: 3/29/2009 1:13:00 PM; Partial IP:
    Location: Norway
    Comment: "madry" your right, and he needs too stop rhymin and stick too producing
    Name: (Posted: 3/19/2009 11:29:00 PM; Partial IP: 09.123.134)
    Location: plfd
    Comment: I am the biggest alc fan going,but this Smile joint he got wit twista and maxwell pretty much isnt what im lookin for on an alc release. not after waiting this long.Maybe Al will see this stuff somehow.push it back again,go back in the studio,and come back with what I expect when I see"produced by alchemist". Nothing wrong wit mainstream but having maxwell,wayne and twista isnt gonna be the thing that gives u a gold or plat plaque.
    Name: (Posted: 3/4/2009 12:06:00 AM; Partial IP: 243.20.192)
    Location: detroit
    Comment: this lp is not dropn april 7th look for it around september 09
    Name: (Posted: 1/20/2009 6:38:00 PM; Partial IP: 16.216.118)
    Location: yo girl's draas...
    Comment: I agree ned, but fuck lil wayne though. Mainstream or underground wayne is the most over rated rapper ever. He is terrible!
    Name: (Posted: 12/30/2008 1:51:00 PM; Partial IP: 118.162.88)
    Location: Boston, MA
    Comment: Listen man, everybody needs to stop hating on mainstream artists just because they're mainstream. Tha Carter and parts of Tha Carter II and III were dope...don't hate on an MC just because he makes money. Twista is a pretty lyrically skilled rapper, last time I checked. All the real producers like 9th and Al and Premo have worked with mainstream artists (Luda, Wayne, Christina Aguilera). Appreciate the music regardless of whether it sells or not. ALC is still dope and will always be regardless of who he works with...that's precisely why he's great, he can make all different kinds of people sound good. Too many underground heads spend all their time hating on the mainstream and don't even give anything with a mainstream name on it a second listen. Man PLEASE!
    Name: (Posted: 11/15/2008 1:16:00 PM; Partial IP: 230.192.69)
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Comment: Lil Wayne?? Twista?? Who's next? T-Pain?? Plies?? Yung Joc?? What's up with all the wack MC's? Alc has never disappointed me because he has kept his game real & bling free. With Lil Wayne & Twista on the roster, I sense the struggle is over for Alc & he'll be all over the airwaves sounding and looking like everyone else. Nice knowing ya Alc, I'll just keep bumping your old school stuff, thanks for the production though.
    Name: (Posted: 10/14/2008 2:31:00 PM; Partial IP: 88.117.142)
    Location: mooseknuck
    Comment: alc be strait bullshitn ..oct 28 th ...sure al!!!!!!
    Name: (Posted: 10/12/2008 6:53:00 PM; Partial IP: 30.125.140)
    Location: syracuse
    Comment: alc is dope. the features are not. I was pumped until I saw that list, now theres no chance I'm buying this one.
    Name: (Posted: 10/8/2008 10:11:00 PM; Partial IP: .38.224.51)
    Location: nj
    Comment: AS I Said,i knew the date wouldnt hold up.Al needs to stay in studio and get this monster out,he knows we waitin on it!!!
    Name: (Posted: 10/7/2008 10:27:00 PM; Partial IP: .181.74.54)
    Location: daphne al
    Comment: this doesnt come out til feb 09
    Name: (Posted: 9/20/2008 12:34:00 PM; Partial IP:
    Location: yo girl's draas...
    Comment: ...and fuck lil wayne. GARBAGE!
    Name: (Posted: 9/15/2008 8:04:00 PM; Partial IP: 36.116.126)
    Location: brix
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