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Rok One - '5:03' (Audio MP3 Stream)

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Label:Swindle Entertainment
Date added:12/17/2002
Song time:5:03
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Average Visitor Rating:
2.7 Stars(2.7 Stars)
Total Comments: 7
3 Stars
Name: DoloMike (Posted: 2/29/2004 5:25:00 PM)
Summary: Intelligent, From A Different View
Comment: This song is pretty good. Not sure why everyone is hatin' on it. It reminds of "The Ugly Truth".
2 Stars
Name: Lord Logic (Posted: 4/8/2003 4:16:00 PM)
Summary: I Rapped Better When I Was 12
Comment: Instead of listening to this ask your grandma to rap, it will be more entertaining.
4 Stars
Name: dj_cirkut (Posted: 3/5/2003 5:15:00 PM)
Summary: What It Is.....
Comment: I like this track because it's no holds barred. It was obviously made to shock and anyone who can't handle this song probably has a good reason. Personally, I could read between the lines without getting offended by Rok's commentary and I was definitely likin' his rapid-fire flow which kinda reminded me of Twista. I feel you Rok, keep spittin that raw sh*t.
4 Stars
Name: Rok One (Posted: 2/10/2003 4:18:00 PM)
Summary: Not For The Mentally Challenged...
Comment: This isn't so much of a review, but rather an opportunity for me to clarify on a number of issues. It seems that my “WTC” song, which I like to call '911 is no Joke,’ has gathered a considerable amount of criticism. First off, 5:03 is the length of the track, not a biblical reference. At least Phayde's review was of an intelligent nature. Reverend Breathedogg, please don't ever go near a bible again. Searching for meanings that simply aren't there make YOU look uneducated, not me. You're entitled to your own opinions concerning the "corniness" of the song, but there's nothing 'simplistic' or 'poor' about the execution of my delivery. You're just nit-picking, in an attempt to reinforce your own shaky critique. Plus it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to complicate things anymore than necessary, because then morons like 'Epical' might miss the point. Oh, wait, too late for that. If "idiots like me shouldn't be allowed to rap," well then idiots like him shouldn't be allowed to listen to music, much less write reviews. The song is anti-evil, not anti-American, you imbecile. Lastly, I don't make music to please the patriotic brainwashed masses, or you self-righteous underground purists. Just thought I'd remind y'all.
Peace in the Middle East. - Rok One
2 Stars
Name: breathedogg (Posted: 1/9/2003 3:19:00 PM)
Summary: Good Message, Poorly Executed
Comment: This song will only disgust or offend you if you don't listen carefully. As I suspected, “5:03” was more than just the song title and song length. I looked it up and here's Hosea chapter 5 verse 3: ("Ephraim has become a whore. Their misdeeds have barred the way back to God, for the immoral spirit that dwells within them has prevented them from knowing God. Israel's arrogance cries out against them. Their guilt is their downfall. Though they go with sacrifices of sheep and cattle to seek God, they will not succeed, for God has turned away from them. Blow the trumpet in Gibeah, the horn in Ramah, sound the battle cry in Bethaven. Look behind you, Benjamin!")

Obviously the song is on some political sh*t - what requires listening is to figure out what Rok One is trying to say. Basically, after a second listening, I think he's personifying God's wrath- evil, and trying to cast out some political awareness at the same time. Though at times he borders on the average analysis of an uneducated dissident, he genuinely succeeds in speaking to both the evils of Bush and the evils of Bin Laden, casting them in the same light. Poor execution, such as delivery on many of his flows, combined with attempting to say too much and some all too simple rhymes make the song come off corny. But by NO means should rappers stop trying to make this type of song. In fact, I applaud the attempt.
1 Star
Name: epical (Posted: 1/2/2003 1:23:00 PM)
Summary: Rap At Its Worst
Comment: Straight up, this song disgusts me! Idiots like this should not be allowed to rap. All these rappers who are going on about some hardcore political, anti-USA garbage are just getting plain annoying. Don't even bother listening to this sh*t.
Name: Phayde (Posted: 12/23/2002 2:28:00 PM)
Comment: The intro to "5:03," which consists of various excerpts of frenzied news broadcasts from September 11th, establishes some very vivid imagery that sets the tone perfectly for this track. Over a dark sounding beat, Rok One spits absolutely sadistic flows that are on the one hand deeply disturbing, and yet hypnotically interesting. A warning though: with lyrics like, "Some say I'm evil, some say I'm a Nazi/I'm Hitler at your Bah Mitzvah b*tch, try to stop me," this song is not for the faint of heart. For his intriguing viewpoint, this track deserves to be heard. However, with such a specific topic such as 9/11 (though other topics such as Pearl Harbor, George Bush, Camp David, etc. were lightly touched on), I wouldn't expect the replay value to be too great.

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