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brooklyn academy bored of education
brooklyn academy bored of educationbrooklyn academy bored of education

Brooklyn Academy: Bored Of Education

3 Stars (44 customer reviews)
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    Product Details


    When it comes to top drawer lyricism and neck snapping beats, the names Pumpkinhead, Mr. Metaphor, and Block McCloud ring out like a shot. From their head turning appearances at Lyricist Lounge to their performances on the international circuit to their much loved singles and mixtapes, the three emcees have built an army of fans hungry for authentic rap music. Together as Brooklyn Academy, the trio represent a return to the original aesthetics of hard core hip-hop. Bored of Education, the group's full length debut, is the culmination of a career at the forefront of the lyric driven hip-hop movement. A collective of emcees who have been holding down the microphone for over a decade each, Brooklyn Ac approach their craft with a love of the fundamentals of rap music rarely seen in the age of million dollar ringtones. For the fans who have been following their career from the first drum hit, at long last, the wait is over.

    Track Listing

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    1. One (Intro)
    featuring Jean Grae
    Producer: BeatGees
    2. Raise Ya Hands
    featuring Jean Grae
    Producer: Illmind
    Click to listen!
    3. We Don't Play
    Producer: The Gyfted
    Click to listen!
    4. Message To Brooklyn (Skit)
    Producer: J. Cardim
    5. I'm From Brooklyn
    featuring ILL Bill (of Non Phixion)
    Producer: Al' Tarba
    Click to listen!
    6. That's Brooklyn
    Producer: DRUGZ
    Click to listen!
    7. The Growler
    Producer: Marco Polo
    Click to listen!
    8. Hide
    featuring Fresh Jones; Keith Murray
    Producer: Illmind
    Click to listen!
    9. Tear It Down
    Producer: Beat Brewers
    Click to listen!
    10. Blame It On The Alcohol (Skit)
    featuring War Bixby
    Producer: Will Tell
    11. Splash
    featuring Killah Priest
    Producer: MagOwl
    Click to listen!
    12. Black Out
    featuring Jean Grae
    Producer: Snowgoons
    Click to listen!
    13. Suicide
    Producer: Scorpio61
    Click to listen!
    14. Close Your Eyes
    featuring Skam 2
    Producers: Unknown; Lewis One
    Click to listen!
    15. Back In Effect
    Producer: Erv Ford
    Click to listen!
    16. What's The Buzz
    featuring Will Tell
    Producer: Black Milk
    Click to listen!
    17. Nothin' You Can Do
    featuring Jean Grae
    Producer: Sicknature
    Click to listen!

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    Average Visitor Rating:
    3 Stars (3 Stars )
    Total Comments: 44
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 2/13/2014 8:20:00 PM; Partial IP:
    Location: Switzerland
    Comment: ha mi homie told me this project broke the group up, he see while he was there and that fresh little girl broke them up also,
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 2/1/2014 3:43:00 PM; Partial IP: .201.65.74)
    Location: az/ hell
    Comment: tight lyrically but coulda used better beats!!
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 11/20/2010 3:49:00 PM; Partial IP: 03.200.138)
    Location: Sweden
    Comment: Brilliant stuff!
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/4/2010 8:26:00 PM; Partial IP: 86.217.152)
    Location: worldwide
    Comment: Block McCloud is one of the illest... love that he came on the UGHH comments and smashed that cornball too
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/26/2010 5:15:00 PM; Partial IP: 90.176.184)
    Location: Brooklyn, NYC
    Comment: I'm only giving it 2 stars because Jean Grae is on it...
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 3/25/2010 5:48:00 AM; Partial IP:
    Location: Poizyn City, SA
    Comment: To be honest, I expected more heat. I mean, its Block McCloud, Pumpkinhead & Mr Metaphor, as well as features from one of the greatest femcees of all time, Jean Grae. we shouldve got PURE,RAW,EXTREME FIRE! from this album. compare this album to PH's solos???...why cant they bring the same heat??? but nevertheless Ima die hard fan and I enjoye the album abit. Hope they redeem themselves on the sophmore album
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 12/13/2009 12:35:00 PM; Partial IP: 164.10.200)
    Location: CHITOWN
    Comment: One word can sum up this entire album...FAIL
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 11/15/2009 12:03:00 PM; Partial IP: 24.210.155)
    Location: Illadelph
    Comment: Just not feelin this one. As Sean P. might say, I now use it to crush up the Cush!
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 7/1/2009 6:25:00 AM; Partial IP: 71.196.109)
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 6/7/2009 7:11:00 PM; Partial IP: .176.175.2)
    Location: LA
    Comment: this is album is alright, block mcloud makes up for some weak lyrics from everyone else but I got to say Pumpkinhead is fucking lame, and a friend of mine who knows him says hes a snake when it comes to buisness
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 5/28/2009 3:06:00 AM; Partial IP:
    Location: South Africa
    Comment: Been listning to BK Academy 4 years now & sad 2 say this is probly the worst piece of work I have ever heard 4rm them. Sounds like i'm listening to a Swiss beats production. Lacks the punch that sets them apart 4rm average emcees'. Block - 2 me has kinda compromised his style ( geeze we all know how dope u r). This album is more for bling bling cats on the streets. My advice - dnt buy this, rather bomp da old BK Ac.
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 12/14/2008 7:42:00 PM; Partial IP: 198.33.247)
    Location: Antwerp, Belgium
    Comment: For years I've been a close follower of BK Ac. I've probably got more than 20 mixtapes/albums from all 3 members combined so I'm convinced that the talent is definitely there. Their official debut album was long overdue but came off uninspired like Gaul already previously mentioned. I know alot of heads have been watching them for years, patiently waiting for them to grow bigger and eventually break out and take place among the underground's finest. Their first attempt came up short, I hope the next time they step their game up and show the world what BK Ac is really about!
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 12/2/2008 8:57:00 PM; Partial IP: 88.117.142)
    Location: D-Town
    Comment: Just got a chance 2 check it out, I expected a little more from these Vet's doe!! Let me listen again,... get back to yaa on coment....
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/30/2008 3:43:00 PM; Partial IP: 161.39.251)
    Location: fryslan
    Comment: damn, a lot of these negative fuckers just don,t know. I gues they never heard the classic joints. listen just for a few years hiphop &claim to be a true hiphop the head.probably listen to to mob deep , redman . the gayme . these fuckers don,t know shit. @ cock macloud: you is a perfect example of a dumb american fuck. your reaction is ridiculous. is your whole familee simple like you ?? damn , hope there,s no more simple minded fucks like you on the planet...
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/22/2008 4:19:00 PM; Partial IP: .21.66.202)
    Location: North Cak
    Comment: Thought this shit was just ok. I agree with most of the comments on here cause this shit does sound rushed and overall less than mediocre. But goddamn Block! That Pepe cat really just fucked you up that shit had me laughin but he was speakin some realness not just on this group but on some general hip-hop shit. So to all these SOCALLED artists in the game: STEP YA MUTHAFUCKIN GAME UP!!!!
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 10/19/2008 10:28:00 PM; Partial IP: 129.146.92)
    Location: detroit
    Comment: infantile,childish,mismanaged,repetitive,rushed beats the rhymes r ok but the effort gets 1 star,dam brooklyn are you sure you know who you are it sounds like you don't these cats should pull this joint and redo....
    1 Star
    Name: (Posted: 10/12/2008 10:28:00 AM; Partial IP: 207.160.88)
    Location: Gaul
    Comment: You know how you can tell if an MC/rap group is really wack? Well, if they respond to the listener reviews on UGHH that would be a good indication. "I shouldnt even respond but..." Then dont respond ya fuckin bum. Why dont you take that time to write some hot shit, simple and plain. No need to get bent all outta shape cause that Tim dude wrote the truth about the album. He's right the songs are redundant mostly because you guys sound uninspired and lazy on the mic. The production doesn't help either. Ill Mind and Black Milk are dope as fuck but they usually give throwaway beats to people who either dont have a lot of paper or just aren't that fresh. I cant blame em, really. As far as the smashing groupies on tour shit, that says a lot about your maturity, aren't you in your mid 30's? You gotta be, you been in the game for a minute and you havent made any type of impact yet (not even a wave in a kiddie pool), that should tell you something. Anyway, I dont know who even goes to your shows but I doubt any fly chicks do, probably just young white boys that think "obscure" rap groups are cool, no matter how much they spit in the face of Hip-Hop culture.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/9/2008 6:25:00 PM; Partial IP: .73.211.85)
    Location: Brooklyn NY
    Comment: Yo Tim B, Launchpad, and Cock Mcloud are all the same faggot hater, your mad cus I smashed ya girl on tour while my girl got face from her, stop hating, print ya real name and gay ass rap group so I can shit on you on the next album, I love you haters, gives me something to laugh at when im tired of burning mcees and humping on there women. I shouldnt even bother responding to you cats but I just had to blow this kid up, tell ya girl I said one.
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/9/2008 1:53:00 PM; Partial IP: 00.163.197)
    Location: Tampa, Florida
    Comment: Sh-t is borderline wack to be quite honest. I like Pumpkinhead and have always been a fan of Mr. Metaphor, but Block McCloud sucks as a producer and emcee. This collab effort just doesn't work, also surprisingly weak production offering's from Marco Polo, Khrysis, & Illmind. It appears the people who contributed to this project lacked inspiration. This joint is forgettable.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/8/2008 11:41:00 AM; Partial IP:
    Location: Dapondue
    Comment: Ooh Fresh Jones. Isnt she like the manager for these guys I think she was on Myspace saying that on something. I guess "manager" means one who sucks off all the members of an irrelevant rap group.
    2 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/8/2008 11:35:00 AM; Partial IP:
    Location: BK All Day
    Comment: These guys are the shit!!! I'm lyin they are ass. I always thought pumpkinhead sucked because he looks retarded and his rhymes suck. I heard him on this Nervous Records compilation back in the day and vomited on my cousin. He punched me in the face but got more puke on his hand so I had the last laugh. Today I saw that this bullshit was coming out so it reminded me of that. Tonight I'm going over to my cousin's house and I'm going to piss a little in his orange juice for punching me in the face.
    3 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 10/6/2008 6:38:00 PM; Partial IP: .160.79.91)
    Location: tuscaloosa al.
    Comment: is ok nothing spectacular-blackout and the growler the rest hmmmmm!
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/29/2008 8:04:00 AM; Partial IP: 241.80.123)
    Location: Belgium
    Comment: probably da best hiphop cd i've bought this year...
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/18/2008 3:49:00 PM; Partial IP: .191.6.156)
    Location: West Park, Florida, USA
    Comment: Thet track "I'm From Brooklyn" is sick fresh.
    5 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/14/2008 3:21:00 AM; Partial IP: 37.184.247)
    Location: MA
    Comment: Nah, this shit is NICE. Been a devoted listner to the Brooklyn Ac since 2003. Met, Block, PumpkinHead, Icon, Will Tell...the masters. Brooklyn Ac Skeme Team it's engraved in a milestone!@ Doin' it right. Buildin. Can't wait for the mixtape.
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/9/2008 11:59:00 AM; Partial IP: 161.39.251)
    Location: net.
    Comment: just a few dope trax on this one, let sicknature do the beats on the next one, than it,s fire.
    4 Stars
    Name: (Posted: 9/3/2008 10:55:00 PM; Partial IP: 27.179.247)
    Location: earth ny
    Comment: dope album. pumpkinhead comes correct on the album.
    Name: (Posted: 8/22/2008 12:21:00 PM; Partial IP: 161.39.251)
    Location: nl
    Comment: & owyeah...i think I was one of the first mawfuckaz who did a pre ordah. so UGHH... make sure this cat get the first one!!!
    Name: (Posted: 8/20/2008 4:47:00 PM; Partial IP: 161.39.251)
    Location: netherlands
    Comment: i,ll take a day off, a view days after when it drops. waiting for the postman! (12 days to go)
    Name: (Posted: 7/24/2008 6:59:00 PM; Partial IP: 12.117.142)
    Location: connecticut
    Comment: all the mixtapes were dope. im sure this is a must cop too.
    Name: (Posted: 7/23/2008 10:45:00 AM; Partial IP: 229.246.92)
    Location: Paris, France
    Comment: Hey Block, PH and Fresh Jones in here ?! Respect to y'all ! Well, to the fans like me (who can't believe how an official album from BK Ac never got out before !)... there are a bunch of already known tracks, through myspaces, through Marco Polo's album, through Ill Bill's CD (by the way these two last tracks are great). Anyway I'm glad an album finally drops, BK Ac deserves a lot of credit and are incredibly underrated. "The Academy Awards" CD is still a masterpiece to this day. I also loved PH's "Orange Moon". And Block's "Spittin Image" was very surprising at first... and after a few listens that shit was on repeat non-stop ! Same goes for The Lost Soulz group ! (what's up with that group BTW ?). How come there isn't more production by Block on the new album ? Peace and Love to the very creative BK Ac !!
    Name: (Posted: 7/22/2008 11:44:00 AM; Partial IP: 67.140.242)
    Location: Staten Island, NY
    Comment: Mad love to my boy Pumpkinhead. Always bringin' the heat. Whether it be solo or on the group tip, spitting fire. Brooklyn Academy got this on smash. Yo, PH remember Art & Design kid. Those were the days.
    Name: (Posted: 7/16/2008 10:08:00 PM; Partial IP: 69.146.209)
    Location: Scartown,Ontario,CAN
    Comment: Brooklyn Ac back up in this mufucka!, yes!...this will def be fuckin dope!
    Name: (Posted: 7/16/2008 8:27:00 PM; Partial IP: 16.143.192)
    Location: Bergen, Norway
    Comment: Pre-ordered. Should be straight greatness! :D
    Name: (Posted: 7/8/2008 1:54:00 PM; Partial IP: 161.39.251)
    Location: da netherlands
    Comment: fuck!! 2 septembah is da release date!!! i can,t wait no longer for this fucking dope album mawfuckaz!!!
    Name: (Posted: 7/2/2008 9:41:00 AM; Partial IP: 40.226.221)
    Location: Belgium
    Comment: Looks dope! I'm buying!
    Name: (Posted: 5/27/2008 7:34:00 AM; Partial IP: 164.141.17)
    Location: Brooklyn
    Comment: To the fans that waited, supported, shouted in the hallways and classrooms, if not for yall I personally would have quit a long time ago, we love ya'll. I guarantee that "Bored of Education" AND "A.D.D.(mixtape)" will not dissappoint!!!! We are officially taking them back to school!!
    Name: (Posted: 5/20/2008 10:40:00 PM; Partial IP: 164.141.17)
    Location: Staten Island, New York
    Comment: I cant wait to get this. It looks fucking dope as fuck. I heard the the album is over the top. I want a t shirt of Brooklyn Ac I can wear it when I see em' perform : ) Love you boys.
    Name: (Posted: 5/10/2008 6:18:00 PM; Partial IP:
    Location: Tx
    Comment: when you putting up the real track listing???? Let's get on this. I want to know what I get before I buy
    Name: (Posted: 5/9/2008 11:54:00 PM; Partial IP: 164.141.17)
    Location: brooklyn
    Comment: Yo this is the wrong tracklisting ya'll work is not on there and the blackout song is remixed by snowgoons and nothing you can do is remixed also everything else is new
    Name: (Posted: 5/7/2008 5:18:00 PM; Partial IP: 57.150.109)
    Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Comment: So this is not a new album? I mean, black out, work and nothin' you can do are old tracks. Why put those on this album? And when is BA wear coming???
    Name: (Posted: 5/7/2008 9:27:00 AM; Partial IP: 88.204.241)
    Location: England
    Comment: I can't wait for this!!!! I'm ordering now! When can we see the artwork?
    Name: (Posted: 5/5/2008 12:06:00 AM; Partial IP: 192.171.58)
    Location: Houston
    Comment: Brooklyn academy!!!
    Name: (Posted: 5/2/2008 7:56:00 AM; Partial IP: 161.39.251)
    Location: the netherlands
    Comment: brooklyn ac iz back !
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