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kool keith demolition crash bundle edition
kool keith demolition crash bundle editionkool keith demolition crash bundle edition

Kool Keith: Demolition Crash

4.4 Stars (36 customer reviews)
Price: $24.99
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Product Details


Fresh off the heels of Kool Keith's newest double album Demolition Crash comes an UGHH exclusive project with Junkadelic, Jesse Philips & ANTI Designs. Seasoned illustrator/designer Jesse Philips was enlisted by Junkadelic to create the cover and packaging for Keith's newest album so we set things in motion to showcase this amazing artwork on some other mediums. The stage was set for Boston-based, artist-centric print shop ANTI Designs to strip down an alternate album colorway and re-create an already strong graphic on a tee with guns blazing! For the Deluxe Edition ANTI has also created a 12" x 12" hand-screened & numbered 3 color print with unique halftone accents on 110lb French paper. The prints are all autographed by mr. aka himself, Kool Keith and limited to 40 pieces worldwide.


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Average Visitor Rating:
4.4 Stars (4.4 Stars )
Total Comments: 36
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 4/19/2016 10:26:00 AM; Partial IP: .17.20.151)
Location: Universe
Comment: Keiths best album since Tashan Dorrsett (Tashan was GREAT) The bass does seem kinda thin in spots but still a great album.. Good beats.. Good music (Complex in spots)..the song Wheelchair Beast could have been on either Dooom album and fit perfectly.. Probably a better fit on the second Dooom.. With the simple beats and music that the Total Orgasm releases came with.. this comes with the complexity that was needed to break up the repetitive nature of those Total Orgasm albums.. And for those not down with Keiths newer relaxed lyrical flow and style.. once again I mention the track Wheelchair Beast which proves Keith still has DOOOM in him! And songs like Apollo Creed also has that wacky old style Keith lyrical style.. GREAT album for real Keith fans
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/22/2015 3:01:00 AM; Partial IP: 55.163.245)
Location: az
Comment: Now this is the KK that we all want to hear, he got tha beats and on point spit like only he can do it!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 2/10/2015 7:42:00 AM; Partial IP: 20.119.174)
Location: berlin
Comment: This orange tape is dope!
Name: (Posted: 6/19/2014 11:20:00 PM; Partial IP: 83.231.249)
Location: norfolk, va
Comment: Keith what the f*ck is going on? Popping pills now that trees don't do sh*t to you anymore? The video with the hoes was not bad but he could have made that video with a lot more higher quality bitches than he had. Anyway, Euphoric R&B is not that bad.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 6/7/2014 2:10:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: ATL
Comment: Keith is always ready to put his lyrics wherr his brain is, love the album Keith damn! Love the other new up & coming artist u have on the album, great combination "
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 6/4/2014 12:58:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Newyork
Comment: I have to say Keith really put this togther like a great puzzle! Everything on this album kicsk a whole lot of ass then the bullsh*t I'm hearing there now. My fav track on the album is freak out Feat KiDMiddi, omg, his voice is such a turn on (: Don't get me wrong I'm a die hard Kool Keith fan just love the way kidmiddi talks dirty!! (Hot album Keith, love you and thanks for this album"
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 6/3/2014 2:52:00 PM; Partial IP: 20.119.174)
Location: Seattle
Comment: I loved the beats and I enjoyed the features. Been bumping this in my truck and it comes hard. Definitely worth spending $15. My fav KK album since Lost Masters.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 6/2/2014 6:09:00 PM; Partial IP: .158.69.40)
Location: cuntville
Comment: i like Junkaz beats, but for some reason they dont beat out, I guess that's intentional. There's no big kicks, it sounds light, but it is musical for sure. Wish there was more songs like Where I'm At. As for Kool Keef, he fits the beats, nothing major, kinda lazy rhymes imo, as he said himself he writes his rhymes real quick in the studio which is probly why it sounds a bit rushed sometimes. some songs are real dark and I love that in terms of beats. Some songs are full of guests that can't rap though with the subject matter of morons. Some songs don't have raps just waste of my time, not even funny either. Most songs have weak choruses typical of Kool Keith. dont know if its worth buying, I got it from a friend, so there. and if Kool Keith is so original why does it got to be pussy this pussy that on every song. You getting laid too much homeboy, and that will cost you, just you watch, your brain is already slowin down.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/30/2014 12:44:00 AM; Partial IP: 07.230.220)
Location: Worcester
Comment: What other artist reinvents himself every single song? Every track takes you to a different world the only artist I know that can do that.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/29/2014 6:41:00 PM; Partial IP: 20.224.200)
Location: jacksonville
Comment: On the real I remember hearing KK on the wake up show freestyle with Chino XL way back when. Kid is always a beast even if you don't like the albums you have to respect the lyrics and how Keith has such a degree of authenticity none other really can be able to deliver so constantly. We are looking at a legend we wont see the likes of until we stop flooding the industry with bubble gum music. Keith keep doing you, the true heads will respect.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/29/2014 4:17:00 PM; Partial IP: .12.100.67)
Location: Chicago, Northlawndale
Comment: This album release is OK & worth buying. It is OK because it has a contemporary sound that fits in with current hip-hop releases. If this was any other emcee, this would be a great album, but this is KK. Maybe this is why KK is so great, he can drop cotton tissue and he is steps ahead of the rest. After TomC3 "Project Polaroid" and"Mr. Nogacto" the iconoclastic Kool Keith spaceship has been in a state of inertia. And when Del ran circles around him on those 2-tracks produced by Kurt, I said damn!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/28/2014 4:59:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: PA
Comment: Wow, this is amazing. Exactly what I was hoping for. He didn't disappoint me this time!!
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/27/2014 11:20:00 PM; Partial IP: .88.94.231)
Location: FL
Comment: I'm only feeling the bonus tracks but those two songs alone I give it a 4. They remind me of his back in the day material especially the bonus track on disc 2, Maracula Stacura ridin through the Bronx! (track is hilarious) The rest of the album is OK, beats were on point I was surprised but Keith has lost his lyrical talent. His last best album I believe was Mr. Nogatco that shit is spaced out with some crazy lyrics and beats, don't sleep on it!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/27/2014 1:47:00 AM; Partial IP: .54.38.244)
Location: PlanetEarth
Comment: Glad this will be dropping soon. Kool Keith is an amazing artist.
Name: (Posted: 5/26/2014 2:00:00 PM; Partial IP: 112.39.166)
Location: Apt.223
Comment: I want to personally thank Grown Man Bozo for being my ONLY fan! NOONE else on this WHOLE site is supporting my new album, & here we have this hip-hop Stan I mean... fan (oops) Cherishing my lyrics (for some reason this child thinks I have super advanced lyrics which are actually fairly simple compared to the old Def Jux roster or Creative Juices roster) But, I am grateful one person on this WHOLE website will buy or probably just burn my new album! I can now afford that bubble gum I really wanted!
Name: (Posted: 5/7/2014 7:28:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: space
Comment: Keith has fans that will check his art every time, no matter what nobodies have to say about it. Cats gotta play 'hip hop expert' and don't even understand what they're judging. It's a double album from KK with many styles. 5 stars.
Name: (Posted: 5/6/2014 6:43:00 AM; Partial IP: 57.121.227)
Location: Ontario,Can.
Comment: @zigzag\ANORMOUS\fox\Warlock\Ricky Flair\Bill. Are you gonna buy one copy or six since you have five other alter egos?
Name: (Posted: 5/5/2014 7:17:00 PM; Partial IP: .104.224.5)
Location: Austin, Tx
Comment: Sounds dope! Autotune is baaaaackk!!! Sick artwork.
Name: (Posted: 5/5/2014 6:49:00 PM; Partial IP: .47.226.20)
Location: Jupiter
Comment: Kool Keith is a genius no one can step up next to the abstract king 3000
Name: (Posted: 5/5/2014 6:17:00 PM; Partial IP: 50.186.145)
Location: ...
Comment: @popeye wanna bet ? You do not have an ear, actually you probably don't even have the proper sound system. I can tell even from samples, that's it's the best music I heard from Kool Keith since Dr Dooom.
Name: (Posted: 5/5/2014 6:45:00 AM; Partial IP: 57.121.227)
Location: Ontario,Can.
Comment: @zigzag.Trust me you'll be the only one enjoying this release, even if I'm 80 years old which I'm not, I'll still have a keener ear for music than you ever will kid!
Name: (Posted: 5/4/2014 1:45:00 PM; Partial IP: 250.186.49)
Location: ...
Comment: @popeye you could be 80 years old youll still be a d*ck. You ain't a thug, you ain't a O.G and you ain't gonna tell a brotha what he needs to listen. @Really? (=) @popeye everyone has the right to their own let us "kids" enjoy this release,
Name: (Posted: 5/4/2014 1:17:00 AM; Partial IP: 112.41.128)
Location: New Jork
Comment: Really Anormous??? Relax kid. Keith IMO is the founding father of the whole underground hip-hop scene, with his unique flow & lyrics, & wacked out videos & concepts. We ALL read the mag articles, bought his tapes/ CDs, saw all his video interviews etc,... KK is a cool cat in person, (who for the record, have told him directly to his face that I am not much of a fan of his present work, & he was 100% understanding & professional) so stop dick riding, everyone has the right to their own opinion. BUT since YOU love KK so damn much. YOU pay the $15.97 for the cd! & good with that kid.
Name: (Posted: 5/1/2014 1:06:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: USA
Comment: People saying Keith doesn't flow or is off-beat are slow on the lyric tip. He's not just talking. He's hitting off-beats and pushing rules of rhyme you babies still can't comprehend. most innovative emcee ever. Not for simpletons though.
Name: (Posted: 4/30/2014 7:48:00 AM; Partial IP: .157.35.92)
Location: Ontario,Can.
Comment: I grew up listening to the eccentric streetwise Keith,the last good album he did was the collabs tape with DJ Junkaz Lou, just last week I ran the Four Horseman cassette and it still sound better than most of the crap he put out. Sorry Keith, this album gets 1 star, and please lose the trance beats.
Name: (Posted: 4/29/2014 8:40:00 AM; Partial IP: 84.247.167)
Location: New Jork
Comment: I honestly think it's dope how many die hard KK fans stick & defend this dood to the death. But, you'd have to pay me a huge amount of sushi for me to actually sit down and listen to more than 1 of his songs without dying to walk out the room. How fans can stomach bragado/ off beat verses over awkward electronic instrumentals, I don't f'n know. Keith sounded almost his best with the NY Luv project(s) when he was rhyming over jazz beats & came off sounding natural. Other than that, as usual, he sounds like he's just talking over background music. Still, this kid been break-dancing emceeing since the alpha & I aint mad that he is still making albums and you can still catch him at local bars in Manhattan.
Name: (Posted: 4/28/2014 8:56:00 PM; Partial IP: 57.126.165)
Location: Ontario,Can.
Comment: @ zigzag - You don't have a clue what is fresh or dope. When I started listening to this sh*t, you weren't even born yet so relax your ass!
Name: (Posted: 4/28/2014 9:04:00 AM; Partial IP: 50.161.152)
Location: ...
Comment: @Popeye. I'll probably give it a 5 once I hear the full album. I don't care about samples. Am I the only one to think they sound fresh though?
Name: (Posted: 4/24/2014 5:18:00 PM; Partial IP: 250.221.63)
Location: ...
Comment: @popeye shut up troll. This album is 4 stars minimum. I'll buy it when it comes out on wax. Stop trolling on here if you're not supporting Kool Keith.
Name: (Posted: 4/24/2014 6:11:00 AM; Partial IP: 57.126.165)
Location: Ontario,Can.
Comment: What a waste of a dope album cover, this CD gets 1 star. C'mon Keith, what the hell happened to you?
Name: (Posted: 4/23/2014 7:54:00 PM; Partial IP: 250.221.63)
Location: ...
Comment: Keith is the King,is it going to be released on wax?
Name: (Posted: 4/13/2014 8:11:00 AM; Partial IP: .57.126.68)
Location: Zurich
Comment: "Strip club" sounds terrible as most of his recent work but "Paradise" promises that this man could do it better if he wants to. But who can follow the mind of such a unpredictable persona? Do I... we'll see?
Name: (Posted: 4/11/2014 10:39:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Pa
Comment: I am really hoping this is not a disappointment like his last couple of albums. He needs to stick with Kurt and Tomc3. I thought Love and Danger was his last album. This better be good, I've been itching for another masterpiece!
Name: (Posted: 4/8/2014 3:06:00 PM; Partial IP: .25.124.75)
Location: uk
Comment: Production sounds like everything since Dr. Doom - terrible!
Name: (Posted: 4/5/2014 12:20:00 PM; Partial IP: 47.120.143)
Location: Barry & Spaulding
Comment: This looks interesting. Kool Keith hasn't had a dope album in a long time. His ear for production is horrible. The cover looks RAW. We'll see if this album delivers because I had stop checking for Kool Keith a long time ago.
Name: (Posted: 4/4/2014 3:12:00 PM; Partial IP: 57.121.164)
Location: Ontario,Can.
Comment: The album cover looks dope, let's just hope the actual album's dope too!
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