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Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (December Gator: Dead Broke)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla took 2 months off from the Gator$-n-Fur$ Mixshow to promote their Live @ The Liqua Sto album and while the record was fun and fresh, their current situation isn't. Like anything else, money (or lack thereof) has created a rift between these two knucleheads. The economy is screwing just about everybody at the moment and Zone and Chief are just 2 of millions of...screwcipients. In December 2008 they're Dead Broke! But will their financial woes and ensuing beef permanently destroy 21 years of friendship and 18 months of musical partnership? Is this the end of Gator$-n-Fur$? Highly possible. Can they reach an understanding? Let's hope so.
If they don't reconcile and this is the last show, they both want it to be known they greatly appreciate your support over the last 18 months. If they do reconcile, hopefully we'll see them back in the studio together soon. Survive the hard times or suffer with them with the Dead Broke! mixshow. Billionaire or broke, enjoy the mixshow.
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (September Gator: Dry Spell)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Unless you have no standards or you're famous, you've been there. Stop lying. The cylinders just ain't clickin' ladies & gentlemen. That best of Sade CD (or nowadays your "midnight passion" play list on the ipod) ain't been used in forever. Your hormones have you running through every number in your cel and emailing every loose strand you ever messed with (or never got a chance to mess with). Some people even go as far as to call up that ex fit for a Jerry Springer episode. Nightclubs are dead. So you join eharmony and after spending 3 hours filling out a profile, you're hit with a $20 per month fee to hook up with some hog named Ethel or some clown with 2 of his teeth left (and both are molars). It happens to the best of us, join the club. How do you shake a dry spell? Everybody has their own method, but check the September Gator$-n-Fur$ Mixshow (Dry Spell) and find out how Chief Chinchilla and I deal with it.
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (August Gator: Zooted)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Welcome back to the land of Gator$-n-Fur$! I took July off to tackle other obstacles life chose to throw at me and let you catch up on past Gator$-n-Fur$ shows you missed, but my co-host Chief Chinchilla just couldn't stay out of trouble. I never did smoke much weed beause a) I was too cheap and b) you never can tell what else is in it these days. Chief didn't get that memo and he's actin' a damn fool (more so than usual) as he's become a temporary drug addict due to some ruthless player hating. If you do drugs, then do so to this soundtrack. If you're a square like me, enjoy one hour of music dedicated to the world of narcotics, for better or worse...and watch the story unfold!
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (June Gator: VICTORY!)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: We did it! Gator$-n-Fur$ has put down one year of monthly mayhem with this June show , so we're gonna celebrate by playing whatever the fuck we want. No theme, just an hour of good music and insanity. In true anticlimactic fashion, we're taking July 2008 off from the show to clear our heads and catch up on real life things. Take that time to catch up on past shows you missed and we'll see you in August! But for now enjoy Victory, our one year anniversary show…
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (May Gator: Ladies First)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: May brings a lot of things. The spring semester ends, the NBA Playoffs finally get going (and Dirk Nowitzki goes fishing!), spring hormones have us men doin dumb sh*t we wouldn't do any other time of the year and of course Mother's Day. Well since 2 of the 4 have to do with the ladies, its only right we put this Gator$-n-Fur$ down for all the great and talented women in the world of music. No talent video ho's and non-singin cluckaroos with cute faces gets no love in these parts. So from Queens of Soul to Stars of Pop to Divas of Rap, this is strictly for the ladies! And to all the good mothers, Happy Mothers Day! Ladies, here's to you…
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (April Gator: Behind Bars)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: I'm short on words today so I'll make it brief. Jail ain't a place for 4 foot 3 Chinchillas...or for anybody for that matter. But Chief Chinchilla landed himself there like an ass. Oh well..."phone check muthafucka". Crime don't pay, unless the crime is to strangle one of these dumb asses that make up the 90% of the world's people that deserve to be choked (it's been that type of month for me). Then it pays dearly. Lights out!
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (March Gator: Child's Play)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Kids. The innocent future of the world or drooling, disease spreading, noisy ass brats that never seem to shut the f**k up and persist to be a nag? You either love em or hate em. Me and Chief Chinchilla are at odds over the issue, but whatver your opinion we got somethin for you. So therefore...we proudly present music for, by and about kids. Enjoy. and for the record, I love kids...for about 5 minutes. After that, I'm with my man Chief Chinchilla..."get these muthaf**kin brats outta my life!"
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (February Gator: Ain't No Love!)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: The hate parade brought by the hate brigade continues! Now it's Cupid's turn to get a crossbow shot in his a$$. Everybody knows February brings some nice things. NBA All-Star weekend (yo ESPN, license "A Friendly Game Of Basketball" from me again so I can make $ome mo money), me and Chief Chinchilla's birthdays and good deals on winter clothes. But unfortunately it brings the absolute worst holiday of all...Valentines Day. Chief Chinchilla and I are so disgusted at the thought of such a terrible awful holiday that we're dedicating an hour of our lives to make your Valentines Day as miserable as ours and we're letting the hate marinate for an entire month (February is short so the next show will come a week late in March). This one day is just a way for Hallmark to make some bank. But oh no no no, not in the land of Gator$-n-Fur$. Actually, we DEMAND all Gator$-N-Fur$ fans boycott Valentines Day this year and celebrate Black Thursday instead...meaning WEAR ALL BLACK on Feb 14. No red & white, absolutely not. If you're in a relationship, we aint hatin. Dinner is cool, but no big a$$ f**kin teddy bears, no candy, and lord jesus no cute HTML glitter myspace comments. I'm deleting those this year. If you and your partner are over 18 and have a myspace page just for yourselves as a're disqualified. You suck. Remove yourself from the land of Gator$-n-Fur$ immediately, you don't deserve us. If you're caught doing any of the above, you're off the team! Without further ado, from sad to savage, we present some of the best anti-love songs...
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (January Gator: Cop Hell)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Happy New Year! How the hell are ya?!?! OK now that we got all that cordial shit out the way, it's back to business Chief Chinchilla and myself. We didn't wanna start 2008 out on a serious note, but sometimes things don't go as planned. This special mixshow is for all of our "friends" at Dunkin Donuts...oops I mean Police Headquarters...that abuse their power day after day and will continue to do so because there's not much we can do about it. Dedicated to Elanor Bumpers, Sean Bell, Patrick Dorismond, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima and all of us who've been on the receiving end of police brutality. For all crooked cops...welcome to Cop Hell...where the cost of a glazed donut is high and a badge aint nuthin but a funny shaped pin-button.
Yeah and to those cops that made it routine to fuck with me and beat my ass in high school, I didn't forget y'all. Officer Brennan you punk ass rent-a-cop you ain't shit.
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (December Gator: Another Winter)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Fuck the holidays. Every winter is an exhibition in drama and bad luck. Bein we all family, y'all have to suffer with me. Chief Chinchilla tried to pull me into a Christmas theme, but my bad winter mood won't allow it. Car trouble, public transpo, freezing temperatures, relatives and exes seeking gifts, Black Friday traffic, crowded malls, snotnose kids in the stores being brats, god awful inescapable Christmas music, a sports injury, girl trouble or just going out to your car in 10 degree weather and seeing it's not there. I quit drinkin, so not even Christmas parties are the same. All I got is basketball til the spring comes, so all my scrooges, grouches and holiday haters in a bad mood from November to February, stand up. This is music to hate winter to…
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (November Gator: POLITIC$ AS U$UAL)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Yawn. Another November. More politics in your face. I don't care, its NBA time anyway. Chief Chinchilla and myself have never been ones for politics, but this theme is a timely and necessary follow up and change of pace from the ultra silly October edition of the show (FreaXXXshow). Don't get it wrong though. We're puttin many a politician on the Foreman Grill to fry over the perfect political soundtrack. Guaranteed to be unpleasant to jackasses, elephants and any other party that holds some type of office. Even PETA gets roasted...its only right with the name of the show being what it is. To quote Sams from Lean On Me "Yo Bitch, vote on this!" Oh, Chief Chinchilla wants you to know he will perform lude acts with interns too, and he ain't even a democrat. P.S. Don't post your political views on the myspace page. Any comments not dealing with the show itself will be deleted! Your vote is void in the land of Gator$-n-Fur$. This is ain't no damn democracy!
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (October Gator: The Freaxxxshow)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: What it is? Thanks to all that have shown love for the mixshow thus far. Chief Chinchilla & myself fully appreciate it. Being its getting chilly outside (at least where I'm at), it's only right we switch gators to furs. And being Halloween is in October, it's only right we dedicate this month to the freaks. Not necessarily ghosts, pumpkins and goblins, but human freaks. Like nympho freaks. From crude to cuddly, we got all the music you need. A lot of people were waiting for a return to the style of my Ign'ant Mix CD series...this is the closest you'll get to that! Be warned, it gets kinda crude and kinky at times. Slap a sticker on this one. Welcome to… THE FREAXXXSHOW!
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (September Gator: Back 2 School)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: September. Labor Day sales, the return of Monday Night Football and more importantly, school, for those of us still there. Even if you ain't, you got plenty of memories. To all the kids, stay in school or you'll wind up like my co-host Chief Chinchilla making rainbow sprinkles for a living. 60 minutes of school themed music for everyone from nerds to truants to med school kids that'll never pay off the loans those in college "just for the hoes" like dude with the pacifier from Boyz N Tha Hood. Word to 50 Cent's grape vitamin water (that shit is amazing...fortified bug juice...I'm hooked), get you a edumacation!
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (August Gator: On The Wagon)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Welcome back to the Gator$-n-Fur$ mixshow. Big up to all that have been supportin for the last few months.
Nothin to help cool off the summer like an ice cold 40 oz of S**rm Killer (aka malt liquor). Or maybe you like Billy Dee (Colt 45), Cisco or a bottle of Bacardi (what up Poison Pen). Ladies, maybe you dig a Cosmo or some other overpriced sugary umbrella drink. Whatever, drink one for me because yes...I'm gonna attempt to put my drinkin days behind me (insert boos here). For all that have seen me get tow up over the years, this marks the end of an entertaining era (you had to see me in action). I got my numerous reasons (explained in the mixshow), but that don't mean y'all can't uphold the tradition while I hop on the wagon...and it don't mean I can't pull up the perfect soundtrack to throwin back a few brews/shots/libations for the f**k of it...or throwin up all over the car. With the co-host help of my partner Chief Chinchilla aka Mr. Bad Influence aka Sean Kemp (cause he always has a "40" on him), we bring you The AUGUST GATOR: ON THE WAGON!
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (July Gator: Another Summer)
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Welcome to the second installment of my monthly Gator$-N-Fur$ Mixshow. Big up to all that supported the inaugural June Gator!
Bein' the summer is officially here its only right I do a summer theme for the July show. Whatever your situation is this summer, I'm sure there's a joint for you in there somewhere. BBQ's, racial tension, girl watching, summer school, being a knucklehead, hot, sweatin and mad for no reason...whatever, its all there. Enjoy the July Gator! And word to Masta Ace's BBQ chicken, anybody throwin a BBQ in the NYC area drop me a line cause free food is a staple in the Zone diet.
Click here to download the show!Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (June Gator: The Zone Life Soundtra
DJ's: J-Zone
Description: Welcome to my monthly mixshow, Gator$-N-Fur$. Now that I've put away the mic for focus on production and DJing, its only right I kick it off with a lil monthly mixshow for fun. Goin back to my roots as a college DJ -where I got kicked off the air a few times for playing N.W.A.'s "I'd Rather F*ck You"- was inevitable. Every show will have a different theme to keep shit fun, versatile and cohesive. Somehow, I'll find a way to cram funk, miami bass, gangsta rap, golden age hiphop, St. Ides commercials, hip house, etc. into my sets. Somehow... The theme of the first edition is the soundtrack to my life if it were a movie (and if I were famous enough to have my life made into a movie, haha). Influential songs, personal faves and background music for my life events...the songs that created the J-Zone we all love/hate. I even threw in a bonus for this first show. For those of you who wondered what a 16 year old J-Zone sounded like, I put my first hiphop demo I ever did in the mix (beats, rhymes and cuts by me) and I was straight trash! Y'all think I'm wack now? Ha. F*ck it. I put the first record I ever produced (the Preacher Earl joint) on there too. Enjoy…
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