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Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 44 (Axis Of Evil Version Pt. 2)
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: The last podcast was the first hour of the Axis of Evil version of Welfare Radio. This part is much of the same: hip hop that calls into question the system and structures that guide our lives. As important as you think you are, we are all disposable to the ruling class. Just sayin'. Anyway, look out for the second volume of the Axis of Evil mixtape, hosted by Jeru the Damaja, which I have FINALLY started piecing together. These podcasts are the rough skeletons of that. Anyway, enjoy and stand up!
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 43 (Axis Of Evil Version Pt. 1)
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: It was really interesting to see people get all sapped in patriotism on the 9/11 10-year anniversary two weeks ago. I mean, where is that sort of pride and unity on other days? I'm sure after people hung their flags they became more concerned with their fantasy football numbers anyway. Me, well, I had my terrestrial version of Welfare Radio that night so I put together two full hours of hip hop music that challenges the racist, classist capitalist system, and brings into question many of the things we take for granted. This is the first part of my Axis of Evil version of Welfare Radio. Enjoy and stand up!
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 42
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: There is no doubt that my production as a DJ has totally died off over that last couple years. Maybe a sporadic podcast or the even more sparse mixtape. It's kind of sad for me. The excuse has been the fact that I've been deep into school, so deep that I'm about to graduate with my Ph.D. The name is now Dr. DJ food stamp! Ahaha. Actually, I'm going to go by The Real Dr. Dré™ (my name is André). So, look out for Muffs™ by The Real Dr. Dré™, my line of overpriced earmuffs. I'll be teaching classes next year at the University of Oregon - enroll now!!!
Anyway, I wrote a 500-page dissertation on hip hop DJs and technology. I got to interview maaaaaaad hip hop DJs, people I grew up idolizing like Shortkut, Rob Swift, and DJ Craze (also, UGHH's CEO Quest got interviewed, although I didn't grow up jocking him). You should be able to find the project soon, it's called "Scratching the Digital Itch." I got some plans for the research, and the first thing is DJpedia (like us on Facebook), which is a non-profit organization concerned with providing free resources for DJs.
The point is, I'm hoping that I can find more time to make mixes, do podcasts, do cuts on songs for artists, do more free events, and all that DJ-related stuff I've been missing out on. After spending all this time researching and writing about this, which has definitely helped me in terms of understand DJing more broadly, the skill-set has suffered. But, be on the look for some new stuff coming soon.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 41
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: I won't lie, I was pretty drunk when I was doing this, so apologies in advance. What was I drinking? Guinness and vanilla vodka. I call the drink "Good Times," and if you like Guinness or vanilla soda then you'll be bout it. Anyway, the Internet have given rise to a ton of new ish: infinite porn, Twittering bullshit (yeah, I said "Twittering"), dumb ass celebrities who deserve no power or money, and something called "random rap." What the hell is this you ask? When I first saw it on blogs, forums and especially on eBay, I had no clue. Turns out that it is some sort of sales genre, which denotes small indie press 12"-only records (mostly with limited regional distribution) that were 80s/90s overlooked dopeness. A lot of these cuts were featured on mixtapes, and a lot of them are still viable and blast-worthy today. Some are just indie press records that suck and kids pay waaaaaaaaay too much money on, a lot of time cuz they conflate rare with dope.
So, this show is part one of a two-part series of some "random rap," or at least whatever that represents and records that, if you come across them in the dollar bin or the $5 bin or whatever, cop them! And, I won't front, I don't own all these, I'm just sharing, but probably 70% are in my crates. I'm not the type of dude who drops $50-$1000 on a hip hop 12", though, so some of these are out of the question unless my diggin' fate has some serendipity lined up. And, I don't "collect" their either; I buy them to use them. Some of these aren't really rare or very valuable either, but just "random." What joints on this tracklist do you got?
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 40
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Word up! The holidays are basically over and we return once again to the grind with some gift debt to slave off, and hopefully some dope presents. You get anything nice? My favorite gift I got was a Robert Parish jersey. And, I'll be reppin' front-row action with my wife for the January 27th Trailblazers/Celtics game (btw, I copped the tickets from a Lakers' fan). I'll be right behind the Blazers bench, so if you got TNT then look out for us on the television talking smack to Greg Oden. But yo, I'm totally on geek mode and hope the Oregon Dux can grab this BCS title and chop down Newtown.
Anyway, like normal, when I should have been thinking about others I was coppin' records; this playlist is made of some old-new stuff. And, I must be buggin on Choclair because I put that ill "21 Years" on my last mix here (losing it people!). Also, got a good deal on a DJM 909, and this was my first whirl on that thing other than cuttin' it up. I don't know though, pretty much solidifies the fact that I'm a Rane fanboy and indoctrinated by their products' performance (anybody else feeling the 909, I know most of the Rane-sponsored DJs use the 909? LOL.). R.I.P to Teena Marie and I'll see you in 2K11.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 39
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: I was going to decidedly set this podcast off as a eulogy to the late Fat Beats record stores, in the sense that I was just going to play vinyl singles (also, buried 6-feet deep) in an attempt at cathartic relief due to events such as BET naming Eminem the greatest rapper of the 21st century (although we're only 10 years deep) and XXL naming Kanye, Dr. Dre, and Diddy as the top 3 best producers to grip the mic (of the top 10, the only credibility came in citing Diamond D at #6). In an untimely fashion, though, this homage to 12"s and Fat Beats was finished on the day that RSE emcee and battle phenom, Eyedea, left this earth. For a lot of people, his performance in the HBO Blaze Battle was nothing short of monumental!
Regardless of what some people may say about his catalog and their preferences, kid was one of the backbones of Rhymesayers Entertainment and the Twin Cities, and if you don't respect some of the roads he helped pave for that label and what it represents, well, you dumb! Just remember, for the most part you are (and, "we” are) consumers, maybe some of us are critics too, but at the end of the day we just buy stuff and talk shit about the stuff we don't buy on the internet. Point is, I've seen a lot of faceless disrespect for the deceased from a bunch of consumers about someone who helped create a lot of art that touched a lot of people. When YOU go, you'll be lucky if your family and friends care, never mind the global fan-base that you don't have. With that, enjoy this mix of some of my favorite "medium” school 12” singles. Rest In Power homey!
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 38
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Wow, so every time I come hella late with these podcasts I easily dig up some sort of a reason. The reality is that I just like to hold out on CEO Quest and maybe tease him a little bit with my half-cocked excuses. Point blank, I've just been quite unproductive on the DJ tip the last couple years. I don't know what it is. A lot of people say it's the music, but the playlist I got here is some of the new ish that I'm feeling and is proof positive of dopeness. Some people say it's the industry, the fact that I can only get a couple of these on 12" vinyl single just depresses me (even if I could get em, I can't go to the local record store, chill out and cop em. On a side note, R.I.P. Fat Beats NYC and L.A.!) Shit, I haven't made a true mixtape since my wedding tape two years ago (you can get it here in the FREE Stuff section of the Store, people).
I can't tell if I'm failing to adapt to the world of tweets and iPad DJs or if I'm just lazy, apathetic, and old. But yo, this playlist represents some of the things I'm optimistic about right now. No dubstep remix bullshit here and no gimmicks, just some good hip hop music. Of course, I had to use digital DJ "solutions" to make this possible, but at least no Ableton controller track-muting garbage. And yo, if you want to hear more of these podcasts then please tweet, Facebook, or email me and lemme know (ahahaha).. And yo, if you want to hear more of these podcasts then please tweet, Facebook, or email me and lemme know (ahahaha).
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 37
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Last week I turned 30 at the end of my terrestrial version of the radio show you are about to listen to. So, what I did was rock a show of all the joints that really touched me in my first 15-years on this planet. There is a lot missing from this set list, but these are the cuts that got me hooked when they actually dropped. I experienced most of these jams on cassette; more specifically, on cassette singles, so as I approached 30 I went on a HUGE eBay binge on sealed "casingles." It's sad how buying things makes you feel better about yourself, but having a massive grip of unopened cassettes laying around makes me feel like I'm 15 again. I got that Grand Puba '360' casingle for my 12th birthday and wore that tape out in a month; same with "T.R.O.Y."
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 36
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Welfare Radio is so much fresher now that it's all on wax, and, I mean, it's the only forum where I really fudge with vinyl. It's weird, you get so used to the "perfectness" of Serato that now I welcome the skips, crackles and f*ck ups of real analog discs. Anyway, I set this episode off on some, I dunno, Cinderfella or fairy-tale type ish, with this track "I'm Awesome" by this MC named Spose from my hometown of Wells, Maine. Here is the story in a nutshell: he sent me the track in October and I laid the cuts on the choruses in super-rush mode, his CD was out on Halloween, by January the track was all over the Portland, Maine market radio stations, Universal Republic took notice and signed him up for a low-risk investment in a regionally popular song to exploit nationally, and basically it popped on the Billboard 100 at #54 in its first week last week.
I mean, literally in about 5 months time and out of the blue this all cracked. Now granted, it's probably 12-year-old tweens downloading the sh*t out of it, and in short time it will roll off the lips of fratboys like fresh herpes, but who knows beyond that. And, along with all this, surely will come the hate and comparisons to the ultra-douchey Asher Roth. My point is, if this song and Spose really blow, I wanted to put my co-sign (if it's even worth anything) on the kid as a truly talented and "underground" MC, not just some gimmicky ginger (although, in this day and age, everything is a gimmick). Hopefully he can leave a mark on a pop industry that is truly pushing out more verbal sh*t than Bill O'Reilly. Anyway, take a listen; maybe you'll hate it, maybe it'll be a "meh" moment, or maybe it'll be an "aight" moment. Plus, you gotta think, when was the last time you heard a DJ integrally cut it up on a pop record? A minute, right? BTW, the music video will be on MTV Jamz very soon here and stars's own, DJ Jon, as DJ Food Stamp. Ahahaha.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 35
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: A few weeks back on February 10th Welfare Radio, like many others, paid homage to J. Dilla with a set in honor of the late great. I know, I'm such a conformist, but who could really resist? Anyway, what I thought was more important was celebrating the fact that Ma Dukes and fam got some control over Dilla's estate, name, and hopefully publishing rights and all that. My whig literally split last year when I read that article in Vibe exposing the typical industry and judico-politricks by the former executors of the estate. Hopefully this will give some push. So bump this show, light it up, and show some love. I'm sure this show is probably all the same stuff from all the Dilla shows I had done before, but this time it's all wax. Anyway, on a complete side note, Nate Robinson on the Celtics anybody? I just want someone who can block Shaq.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 34
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: I will tell you what, there is nothing that I love more than vinyl (don't tell my wife or dogs). It's weird, when I first got Serato back in 2005 my vinyl addiction came to a halt. Well, I really stopped buying new stuff (indie or mersh) and came out w/ the attitude that as the music waned in quality I didn't really want to have it on wax cluttering up my crib (I mean, who needs 50 Cent and Ja Rule records or the sub-par underground ish lining your studio?). I still believe this. I still think that most of the music that comes out these days is only worth the space it takes up on a hard drive (remember, I said "most"). Nobody will give a f*ck about 99.99% of it in ten years (maybe 10 months???). While I'm bummed that not too much hip hop is made on vinyl 12-inch singles, if at all, I'm not going to lament it or cry about vinyl being dead. In fact, vinyl is alive as all hell in the secondhand can thank the Kiwis at Serato and the people at Rane for this instead of pointing fingers...

Seriously, one of the most important things about music is circulation; when people hoard or covet musical objects, it tends to maybe only benefit them for selfish reasons. Go to your local record shops (if they are still open), eBay, or the next record fair and you'll see that all those dope "golden era" 12-inches are out there for sale and at a reasonable price. In the digital age, those old jawns simply aren't as scarce anymore; DJs have trimmed the fat from their collections, sold them entirely, or quit the game, disheveled by all the sucker "microwave" DJs out there (you can also thank Serato for that). So, you may ask, "Stamp, why the diatribe?" Simple, I copped a good grip of this week's show at a busy local Eugene record show (or a second copy of joints I could only buy one of waaay back). Man, record collectors, ya'll got to spend less money and time on wax and more on hygene...I trenched through fart clouds produced by aging metal heads, the armpits of the douches looking for import Rolling Stones records, and the nasty dragon fire breath of the white-kid soul nerds who live on coffee, cigarettes, and the dream that they'll find The Invaders LP, to pick up some of these records. To be honest, I spend way more dough now on wax now than I did in vinyl's "heyday"...maybe you should too (Rane and Serato will get my thank you letter soon).
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 33
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Man, with so much effed up in the world right now it's sad that my descriptions of these shows are usually about sports, the sh*tty radio station setup (this is actually that new exclusive topical ish) and the douchebagery displayed in sections of American culture - not anything related to the music itself. This week I figured out that I'd tie it in a bit. First off, it was nice to see the Celtics beat the Magic on Xmas but the next week was sad; this show features the "2009 Rap Up" by Skillz, which I think is one of his most on-point in a minute; then, well, word up to 2K10; and yes, I watched the MTV countdown show in moderate disgust on my DVR (ahaha) after my NYE gig at like 4AM; and man, there is no way I can front on one of the greatest pieces of cultural anthropology in decades: MTV's "Jersey Shore" and the most skilled turntablist I've seen since DJ Craze in DJ Pauly D!!! No wonder UNICO wants it off the air; hip-hop DJs and turntablists should demand the same for different reasons.

For real, this is what DJing has come to? Is the audience that dumbed down that this dude is getting burn, paid, and pie (of the hair version), while some of the dopest DJs out there play for a few drink tickets or have had to quit the game altogether? Man, it was just 10 years ago on MTV that I watched DJ JS-1, Slynke, and Skribble kill it for the 15 minutes before the ball dropped in 2000, live as all hell. Now, Lindsey Lohan and everybody w/ some sort of cultural brand is DJing somewhere or even faking mixing to a pre-fab iPod mix half-naked. I'm perplexed. Welcome to 2K10 suckas...where do you think DJing and music will be in ten more???
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 32
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Hmm, Celtics are winners of 11 straight; Sox just made two good signs in the offseason; and the Pats are seemingly lost; but tis the season for sure!!! Aside from that, it's holiday time, which means time to buy stuff (hopefully from Be like me, shop on the Web; or, get really faded and go to the mall on Saturday afternoon to peep consumption junction for yourself on some bug out ish; or, listen to this version of Welfare radio (maybe some sort of hybrid). But yeah, don't know what was going on in the radio station and the levels on this, but such is life (our decks are hard wired a bit oddly so each channel doesn't respond right when you go through the mixer). Honestly, who cares about all that clean sound perfectt type ish. Anyway, hope ya'll have a stressless holiday. I need doubles of most these joints, so hit me up if you got wax for sale.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 31
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Have you been missing Welfare Radio? Is your life not complete without it? Do you hate it? Do you not give a f*ck? I've sort of been feeling all of these, but I've finally gotten it together enough to bring you a new installment of the show with the hopes of being more regular with it. The new plan is for me to record my "real" weekly radio show (also called Welfare Radio) that I do out here in Eugene, Oregon, give it a little edit love to it, and then put it in your ear piece with some regularity. My "real" radio show is straight up analog: I use all vinyl all the time and do so on some busted college station setup. So, the new version of WR will come complete with all the skips, the make-shift blends and juggles, and sometimes way-off levels - truly a section 8 masterpiece. I cut out all of my diatribes and the William Nelson pro-ganja PSAs, but leave in all the other mistakes, so it's less of a polished "Serato" mix. Ahahaha.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 30
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: First off, Kanye, man, if you were making dope music you could have pulled off that little song and dance the other night at the VMAs. For real though, dude ain't nothing but a fish stick eating gay fish!!! Second and more important, as a little kid in 1984 I was introduced to b-boyin' through a news report on "Wild Style." Soon thereafter, I got to see the film and then one of the neighbors taught me how to toprock. After this, I was subsumed with the dance, and, of course, hip hop music. So, this show goes out to the b-boys and b-girls out there!!! Mad love to all the dancers out there who respect this form of dance at its core and aren't just about acrobatic power moves. Most of these joints are latin soul and breaks - tracks I never got to get down to when I was a kiddo (for lack of knowledge, resources, etc.) - but I also threw in some MJ, Af Bam, Stevie and The Gap Band for fun. If you break, you can just put this edition of Welfare Radio on and let it fly; if not, just enjoy the drums!
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 29
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: Michael Jackson was a huge influence on me growing up, but maybe in a different way than most. When I was five years old I saw MJ grabbing his junk on television as part of his choreography. A couple tugs on the old nilly to a spin move was the sickest dance move I had ever seen and I new I needed it in my repertoire. I worked tirelessly to grab my fruit basket with precision. But I was no dancer. No, MJ's patented move became my rebuttal to authority: "Stamp, clean your room"; "Stamp, go to the office"; "Stamp, go apologize" were all answered with a series of razor sharp nut grabs and me spinning and then running away. It was perfect! So perfect, that even last year when I got married and we did a dance number to "P.Y.T." I strong-armed myself in front of 250 people.
Okay, so I thought it'd be dope to do an MJ tribute show like every other sucker out there; but, instead, I'd rock the hip hop joints that sample MJ and the Jackson 5. Motivation slipped, and now your left with this luxurious edition of Welfare Radio. In all reality MJ did a lot of dope shit and you have to respect that, even if the media and his pops really tweaked him out. Plus, he made grabbing your sack to a legitimate dance move.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 28
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: There comes a point in your sports fandom when you know that you've reached an all-time low, which, of course, follows crying into your Paul Pierce jersey and trying to punch a hole in the wall only to selectively hit a 2x4 stud. This pit is when your team has been eliminated from the playoffs and all you can do is root AGAINST teams. Although the media and the NBA want a Bron/Kobe Finals, I'd rather eat a fresh batch of turd than have to watch my two least favorite teams battle it out and then one of them get a banner. I've hated the Lakers since Magic's sky hook, and Kobe just adds fuel to the fire. While Cavs fans actually love their star (Lakers fans, c'mon you know you dislike bitch ass Kobe) and they've always sucked so much balls that I could really give an eff about em, I still could never get behind them bringing home a title to the place they call a city. All my fan bitterness aside, go Nuggets and Magic! I mean seriously, I can't believe I even uttered those words, but I cannot not watch the playoffs, so I'm stuck. Man, I wouldn't even be diatribing like this if KG stayed healthy and we'd be hanging banner 18! Anyway, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late edition of Welfare Radio here. Occasionally I do a mix featuring new heatrocks; this is one of those shows.
Click here to download the show!Welfare Radio Vol. 27
DJ's: DJ Food Stamp
Description: I'm currently on my 9th college spring break and I ain't doing sh*t but surfing the web and watching ball. This is not The Grind and there is no DJ Skribble or Eric Nies, and especially no bikinis in rainy ass Oregon. The only thing I got in common with most students' break is the binging component. Anyway, the NBA playoffs are upon us and KG is back baby. The C's are gonna beat on people in the playoffs while Cavs will be exposed…mark my words. This edition of "Welfare Radio" is as random as its description, but features some of the joints I've been bumpin' lately (can you tell that I'm musically stuck somewhere?). Enjoy this edition and Buckwild remixes that I had to pepper in.
Click here to download the show!Halftime Radio Show - 11th Anniversary Pt. 1
DJ's: DJ Eclipse
Description: Part 1 Of 2.
Click here to download the show!Halftime Radio Show - 11th Anniversary Pt. 2
DJ's: DJ Eclipse
Description: Part 2 Of 2.
Click here to download the show!Live From HeadQCourterz Pt. 1
DJ's: DJ Eclipse
Description: Part 1 Of 2.
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