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Bomshot (of Devilz Rejects) - 'Bidness' (Music Video)

Hit the 'Pause' button and let the video progress bar load if the video is choppy or audio is stuttering.
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  • Released: Sep 25, 2010
  • Full Screen Resolution: 480x270
  • Views on UGHH: 814


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Average Visitor Rating:
1.8 Stars(1.8 Stars)
Total Comments: 19
Name: Kevin Spacey (Posted: 10/28/2013 7:02:00 PM; Partial IP: .61.206.24)
Location: DC bitch
Comment: The video needed more bitches some those raps are tight
5 Stars
Name: QUAZR (Posted: 10/26/2013 2:22:00 PM; Partial IP: .60.66.172)
Location: BOSTON
Comment: IF YOU are from outside of Boston, if you rep the suburbs you are a loser scrub. I have known Bom for almost 20 years. He is talented but misunderstood. Anyone hating on Bomshot is a little bitch. Peace! 617!
5 Stars
Name: Quazr (Posted: 10/1/2013 8:11:00 PM; Partial IP: .61.206.24)
Location: BOSTON
Comment: Bomshot lives it. You just speak of it. Face the mirror.Go Celtics!
3 Stars
Name: QUAZAR (Posted: 9/24/2013 1:36:00 AM; Partial IP: 94.189.146)
Location: BOSTON
Comment: Any body that hates on Bomshot does not know Bomshot. Period. Or you got served by Bostonia. Y'all Hater Bitchez. GO RED SOX!
Name: Critikal (Posted: 9/20/2011 3:59:00 PM; Partial IP: 33.111.125)
Location: Salisbury MA
1 Star
Name: boogar wolf (Posted: 6/29/2011 7:09:00 PM; Partial IP: 17.198.245)
Location: hell
Comment: Bumshit is the worst...I wish Jus and Cloud wouldve never givin this clown the shine that they did. straight up garbage!
1 Star
Name: yHATE (Posted: 5/12/2011 11:25:00 AM; Partial IP: .185.176.5)
Location: dA bUrG, FL Chi-Town
Comment: This shit is wiggity wack. He on some wigger shit. How is this kid affiliated with the Wu???? GARBAGE!!!!!!
1 Star
Name: Kremation (Posted: 5/9/2011 6:14:00 PM; Partial IP: 60.151.138)
Location: lONG BEACH, CA
Comment: Woulda gave him two stars if he changed his shirt.....
1 Star
Name: rakeem (Posted: 4/13/2011 8:56:00 AM; Partial IP: 112.170.65)
Location: Beantown
Comment: I actually used to kinda like this guy (back at least 6-7 years ago when he sounded alright and was reppin' the bean. wtf happened? give it up
1 Star
Name: Mnyf (Posted: 4/3/2011 5:02:00 PM; Partial IP: 241.17.223)
Location: Raaaaf
Comment: Haha...silly ass white boy. I couldn't listen past a couple lines talkin about buckin shots at cops, and selling rocks, and other shit this goofy white kid has never done outside of a video game he played in his mommys basement.
1 Star
Name: What A Mad Cunt (Posted: 4/1/2011 10:19:00 PM; Partial IP: 166.141.24)
Location: Brisbane
Comment: Bomshot is a joke. He went from riding Jus Allah's dick and bitting off his style & concepts to riding and biting off Max B, what a fucking faggot. Look at him in this video trying to front like he is getting money from rap, that's laughable, don't you just wanna punch him in his face?
1 Star
Name: Jon (Posted: 3/3/2011 5:36:00 PM; Partial IP: 189.209.84)
Location: Brooklyn
Comment: sorry, but no. What's wrong with this cat?
Name: erwece (Posted: 3/1/2011 5:16:00 AM; Partial IP: 237.151.34)
Location: EUROPE
Comment: what a f? a pokemon?
Name: emptypenz (Posted: 3/1/2011 1:35:00 AM; Partial IP: 165.181.17)
Location: Portland, OR
Comment: I suck at making music, but damn dude...
Name: Cory (Posted: 2/26/2011 12:13:00 AM; Partial IP: .35.39.250)
Location: Alb. NM
Comment: Fuck this dude! I have hated this clown from the first time I heard him. It sounds like he is getting worse over the years. Do us all a favor and drop it bro. Get your job back @ BK and just quite. The game has too many fake heads already. FUCK YOU!
Name: holocaust in (Posted: 2/25/2011 1:52:00 PM; Partial IP: 94.174.112)
Location: bomb's mom's ass
Comment: dude is wack .....sounds like some wack shit from twelve yr's ago
1 Star
Name: ionut (Posted: 2/24/2011 2:33:00 PM; Partial IP: 118.244.89)
Location: ca
Comment: this clip is 0, what the f... is so cool to film half of clip in a supermarket ?
1 Star
Name: J77 (Posted: 2/24/2011 4:23:00 AM; Partial IP: 124.151.67)
Location: UK
Comment: Wack as always!
1 Star
Name: name (Posted: 2/23/2011 7:18:00 PM; Partial IP: .74.87.166)
Location: ca
Comment: woooooooooooooooowwwwww greatest of all time

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