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DJ Muggs (of Cypress Hill) - 'Interview Pt. 1 (At Rock The Bells 2007 - New York, NY - 7/29/07)' (Interview)

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  • Released: Feb 1, 2008
  • Full Screen Resolution: 480x270
  • Views on UGHH: 1,991
  • Views on YouTube: 5,118
  • Views on UGHH+YouTube: 7,109


Part 1 of 3: The wacky and mischievous Van$tylez of catches up with the legendary beatsmith behind the Cypress Hill crew - DJ Muggs!! In part one of the interview Muggs talks about his relationship with the Beast of Boston, Slaine. They also talk a little about his history with the Psycho Realm and his methods at tackling a production job. Part 1 will make the doubters realize - Muggs is as real as real gets.


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4.1 Stars(4.1 Stars)
Total Comments: 8
4 Stars
Name: frank (Posted: 6/29/2008 4:25:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: jersey city
Comment: this guy is fuckin real, he's not making music for money, he's doing it for fun
3 Stars
Name: DJM (Posted: 3/23/2008 10:00:00 PM; Partial IP: 28.185.127)
Location: SALEM MA
4 Stars
Name: bios (Posted: 2/21/2008 2:04:00 PM; Partial IP: 07.177.162)
Location: Australia
Comment: muggs influenced Rza, idon't care what anybody says. he is just as dope as him too. I think part of the reason Muggs doesn't get the respect he deserves is because he came up during an 'anti-latino' phase in the game, and also, because Sen and B-Real were limited mc's. imagine if he was producing for better rappers throughout the 90's? B is dope, don't get me wrong, but imagine if he produced a few of this wu solo albums during the late 90's? u know, the ones with the crappy beats and dope rhymes.
5 Stars
Name: Prince (Posted: 2/8/2008 3:39:00 PM; Partial IP: 249.75.254)
Location: London ON
Comment: well said, that last 20 seconds is just filled with some real shit
4 Stars
Name: BIG D O (Posted: 2/7/2008 1:41:00 PM; Partial IP: .70.19.104)
Location: Colorado Springs
Comment: Muggs is a real ass cat who has never gotten the respect he of my all time favorite producers ever....
5 Stars
Name: James (Posted: 2/3/2008 1:14:00 PM; Partial IP: 209.25.222)
Location: CT
Comment: What brand is Muggs' Tshirt? Its dope as hell.
3 Stars
Name: akash (Posted: 2/1/2008 5:06:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: northwestyesyes
Comment: damn son the s"o"ns bright,bright minds tuff times the light shines in these dark times find the signs be the light wise aum.11:11
5 Stars
Name: Teflon Ron (Posted: 2/1/2008 12:34:00 PM; Partial IP: 12.117.142)
Location: Bronx, NY
Comment: Muggs is one of the most underrated producers. His creative process/work ethic/integrity is crazy....

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