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Joell Ortiz (of Slaughterhouse) - 'Freestyle # 2 (Live At The Retail Store - 4/28/07)' (Performance)

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  • Released: Jun 9, 2007
  • Full Screen Resolution: 480x270
  • Views on UGHH: 1,450
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Total Comments: 9
Name: F5THC (Posted: 12/15/2007 5:18:00 AM; Partial IP: 57.183.149)
Location: Auckland N.Z
Comment: That's definitely Freestyle... Respect Due...
Name: Manji (Posted: 7/17/2007 5:22:00 PM; Partial IP: .12.78.177)
Location: Chicago
Comment: dude's nice, he aint fuckin wit guilty simpson, but dude's nice
Name: ya (Posted: 7/4/2007 9:31:00 AM; Partial IP: 92.185.219)
Location: ummm
Comment: that aint freestyle. not at all. ill rhymes tho
Name: DIZYONE (Posted: 6/26/2007 10:24:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: SAN DIEGO CA
Comment: STR8 Chill FreeSTyles
Name: Jake (Posted: 6/16/2007 11:38:00 PM; Partial IP: .16.77.146)
Location: Carlsbad NM
Comment: Naw c homeboy he ain't reppin for the latinos or the chicanos or the mexicanos or whatever u wanna call us, he's reppin for HIP - HOP WORDians everwhere. WHAT WHAT WHAT, REWIND THAT 'HAD TO PLAY IT TWICE' shyt that he spit. No colors only people and words.
Name: nappo (Posted: 6/12/2007 7:23:00 AM; Partial IP: .0.193.111)
Location: dirty jersey
Comment: wut a beast!!!!! reppin da latinos hard!!!!
Name: Screwgis (Posted: 6/11/2007 3:41:00 PM; Partial IP: 90.156.224)
Location: Phoenix
Comment: This guy.....brutal!
Name: NANO (Posted: 6/11/2007 9:12:00 AM; Partial IP: 218.219.69)
Location: BRIGHTON
Name: gUILTY (Posted: 6/10/2007 10:53:00 AM; Partial IP: 147.200.18)
Location: Beantown
Comment: WORD!!! Joell is the Truth, sick ass freestyle,

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