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Watusi - 'Planet Block'
Click here to watch the video or write a comment! Apathy (of Army Of The Pharaohs & Demigodz) feat. Blue Rasberry & Mike Shinoda (of Lincoln Park) - 'The Winter'
Click here to watch the video or write a comment! Necro - 'Re-Introduction To Chaos - Interview Trailer (At Rock The Bells - Columbia, MD - 7/18/09)'
Click here to watch the video or write a comment! Boom Vox (Al-J (of Blak Madeen) & Sam Scott) feat. Spose - 'Crave The Change'
Click here to watch the video or write a comment!
Watusi -
'Planet Block'
Apathy (of Army Of The Pharaoh... -
'The Winter'
Necro -
'Re-Introduction To Chaos - Int...'
Boom Vox (Al-J (of Blak Madeen... -
'Crave The Change'

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Koncept (of Brown Bag AllStars) - 'Getting Off The Ground'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 9, 2014
Views: 277
Video Director: John Coyne
Joey Bada$$ (aka Joey Badass) (of Pro Era) - 'No. 99'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 8, 2014
Views: 1,019
Label: Cinematic Music
Song Producer: Statik Selektah
Video Director: Rik Cordero
Amp Live (of Zion I) feat. Sol - 'The Formula'
(Music Video)

Released: Nov 11, 2014
Views: 515
Label: Plug Research
Song Producer: Amp Live (of Zion I)
Video Directors: Anthony Cole & Andrew Elsayid
Denitia & Sene - 'Runnin'
(Music Video)

Released: Oct 21, 2014
Views: 116
Label: RedBull Sound Select & RinseFM
Song Producer: Andrew Thomas Reid
Video Director: aaronisnotcool
Zion I (Amp Live & Zumbi (aka Zion)) feat. Mr. Lif (of Perceptionists) & Kev Choice & Opio (of Souls Of Mischief) & Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) - 'Get Urs'
(Music Video)

Released: Oct 1, 2014
Views: 441
Label: Ineffable Music Group
Song Producer: Headnodic
Video Director: Cory Ring
DirtyDiggs feat. Tristate (of Durag Dynasty) & Rasco - 'Never Change'
(Music Video)

Released: Sep 5, 2014
Views: 485
Song Producer: DirtyDiggs
Video Director: Rasco
DJ Rhettmatic (of Beat Junkies) feat. J57 (of Brown Bag AllStars) & Koncept (of Brown Bag AllStars) - 'Louis Vuitton Wallets'
(Music Video)

Released: Sep 2, 2014
Views: 469
Song Producer: DJ Rhettmatic (of Beat Junkies)
Video Director: John Coyne
Pyramid Vritra (aka Hal Williams) (of NRK & Odd Future) feat. Huey Briss - '224'
(Music Video)

Released: Aug 21, 2014
Views: 494
Label: Stones Throw Records
Song Producers: Pyramid Vritra (aka Hal Williams) (of NRK & Odd Future)
Video Directors: Mynameismoises & Complexcastles & Pyramid Vritra
NehruvianDOOM (Bishop Neeru & M.F. DOOM) - 'Darkness'
(Music Video)

Released: Jul 7, 2014
Views: 295
Label: Lex Records
Song Producer: M.F. DOOM
Video Director: Markel Scott
Actuator (elsphinx & Sime Gezus & Big Malk) - 'Good Ol' Days'
(Music Video)

Released: May 13, 2014
Views: 74
Label: Degenerate Gamblers Music
Song Producer: Big Malk (of Actuator)
Video Directors: Mike Scotto & Big Malk (of Actuator)
Killa Kali feat. Washeyi Choir - 'Deserted/ Manimal'
(Music Video)

Released: May 5, 2014
Views: 314
Label: Gold Chain Music
Video Director: The Black Scorsese
Passport Gift feat. Crooked I (of Slaughterhouse) & Skyzoo & Tito Lopez - 'Turn Em On'
(Music Video)

Released: May 5, 2014
Views: 587
Song Producer: Parks
Video Director: Brandon Cooklin (of The LXVII Company)
Mr. Brady (of Deep Rooted) feat. LMNO (of Visionaries) - 'Purple Leafs'
(Music Video)

Released: Apr 30, 2014
Views: 646
Label: Urbnet
Song Producer: Mr. Brady (of Deep Rooted)
Video Director: Gina Nicol (of GVizionMedia)
innocent? feat. Ruste Juxx & Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah & Random Axe) - 'Silent Murder'
(Music Video)

Released: Apr 17, 2014
Views: 865
Label: T.H.E.M. Recordings
Song Producer: DJ Static
Video Director: Donald Robinson Cole III
Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.) feat. Pharoahe Monch (of Organized Konfusion) - 'Rap Life'
(Music Video)

Released: Apr 14, 2014
Views: 202
Label: Dymond Mine Records
Song Producer: Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.)
Video Director: Deacon the Villain
Homeboy Sandman - 'Bad Meaning Good'
(Music Video)

Released: Mar 3, 2014
Views: 601
Label: Stones Throw Records
Song Producer: Paul White
Video Director: Pacool
Shabaam Sahdeeq (of Polyrhythm Addicts) - 'Tranquilo'
(Music Video)

Released: Feb 3, 2014
Views: 1,276
Label: Below System
Song Producer: Harry Fraud
Video Director: Andy Martinez (of Uncommon ERA)
Sonnie Carson feat. Vado - 'Come on'
(Music Video)

Released: Jan 23, 2014
Views: 320
Label: Scream Entertainment
Song Producers: Heatmakerz (Rsonist & Thrilla)
Video Director: Alex Acosta
Ro James feat. Asher Roth - 'Lisa'
(Music Video)

Released: Jan 21, 2014
Views: 271
Song Producer: Blended Babies
Video Director: aaronisnotcool
Schoolboy Q (of Black Hippy) - 'Man of the Year'
(Music Video)

Released: Jan 17, 2014
Views: 734
Label: Interscope Records
Song Producer: Oxymoron
Video Directors: Dave Free & Fredo Tovar (of APLUSFilmz) & Scott Fleishman (of APLUSFilmz)
Confidence Presents GDot & Born (aka G.Dot & Born) feat. EDO.G (of Special Teamz) & Grap Luva (of INI) & Rob-O (of INI) - 'Living Legend (Pete Rock Tribute)'
(Music Video)

Released: Jan 16, 2014
Views: 1,591
Label: Audible Con Records
Song Producer: Confidence
Video Director: Marco Loco Films
Freddie Gibbs feat. Problem - 'One Eighty Seven'
(Music Video)

Released: Jan 8, 2014
Views: 604
Video Director: John Colombo
F. Virtue (aka Virtue) feat. Andrew Milicia & Juan Deuce - 'Stickers'
(Music Video)

Released: Jan 8, 2014
Views: 361
Label: Fake Four Inc.
Song Producer: Falside
Video Directors: Nicolas Heller (of Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys)
Meta P (aka Metaphysics) feat. Block McCloud (of Army Of The Pharaohs & Brooklyn Academy) & Fresh Jones - 'Animal (Stop Pitbull Abuse)'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 24, 2013
Views: 695
Song Producer: Sultan MIR
Video Director: Cooper Hammond
Border Brothers (Planet Asia (of Durag Dynasty) & Killa Kali) - 'Cha Cha Chain'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 17, 2013
Views: 885
Video Director: The Black Scorsese (aka Topaz)
Mark Deez & Kanis Lu - 'Musique'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 13, 2013
Views: 383
Label: Wicked City & iLL-Legit Records
Song Producer: Panik (of Molemen)
Video Directors: Mark Deez & Kanis Lu & Gram Cooke
Lupe Fiasco feat. Ed Sheeran - 'Old School Love'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 10, 2013
Views: 464
Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation
Song Producer: DJ Frank E
Video Directors: Coodie & Chike
Paranom & Purpose (of 7 G.E.M.S. & Tragic Allies) - 'Microphone Phenomenal'
(Music Video)

Released: Dec 10, 2013
Views: 747
Label: Ill Adrenaline Records
Song Producers: Purpose (of 7 G.E.M.S. & Tragic Allies)
Video Director: Pete Silva (of Solid Connect)
Chris Webby - 'Bar For Bar'
(Music Video)

Released: Nov 20, 2013
Views: 638
Label: Home Grown Music & Entertainment One
Song Producer: Rich Kidd
Video Director: Rik Cordero
Emilio Rojas - 'No Shame...No Regrets'
(Music Video)

Released: Nov 5, 2013
Views: 554
Song Producer: M-Phazes
Video Director: Court Dunn (of Restless Films)
Paranom & Purpose (of 7 G.E.M.S. & Tragic Allies) - 'Dayz Go By'
(Music Video)

Released: Nov 5, 2013
Views: 1,055
Label: Ill Adrenaline Records
Song Producers: Purpose (of 7 G.E.M.S. & Tragic Allies)
Video Director: Pete Silva (of Solid Connect)
Jared Evan feat. Action Bronson - 'Pro Create'
(Music Video)

Released: Oct 29, 2013
Views: 545
Song Producer: Statik Selektah (of 1982)
Video Director: Rik Cordero
Hopsin - 'Hop Is Back'
(Music Video)

Released: Oct 22, 2013
Views: 1,034
Label: Funk Volume & Empire Distribution
Song Producer: Hopsin
Video Directors: Hopsin & George Orozco
Natti (of Cunninlynguists) feat. Sha Stimuli & Substantial - 'Architecture'
(Music Video)

Released: Oct 9, 2013
Views: 625
Song Producer: Deacon The Villain (of Cunninlynguists)
Video Director: Deacon The Villain (of Cunninlynguists)
Mic Daily (of Bound By Honor) & Ganjak - 'Art Of Work'
(Music Video)

Released: Sep 29, 2013
Views: 390
Label: Daily Dose Records
Song Producer: Ganjak
Video Director: Clement Ducourty (of Sunshine Productions)
Akir (of The Reavers) - 'New York'
(Music Video)

Released: Sep 19, 2013
Views: 810
Label: Viper Records
Song Producers: Akir & N.Dale
Video Director: Court Dunn (of Restless Films)
Seek (of RADIx) - 'First Laid Eyes'
(Music Video)

Released: Sep 17, 2013
Views: 856
Song Producer: Symphonik Bang
Video Director: Court Dunn (of Restless Films)
Sicknature (of Snowgoons) - 'Wild Nature'
(Music Video)

Released: Aug 31, 2013
Views: 592
Label: Goon MuSick
Song Producer: Sicknature (of Snowgoons)
Video Directors: Jacob L. Andersen & Laust Strange
Supastition - 'Best Worst Day'
(Music Video)

Released: Aug 18, 2013
Views: 499
Label: Reform School Music
Song Producer: Dirty Art Club
Video Director: Shamus Coneys
The Child Of Lov - 'Fly'
(Music Video)

Released: Jul 24, 2013
Views: 555
Label: Double Six Recordings & Domino Recording Company
Song Producers: The Child Of Lov & Damon Albarn
Video Director: PENSACOLA
Gensu Dean & Planet Asia (of Durag Dynasty) - 'Bar Mitzvah'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 24, 2013
Views: 665
Label: Mello Music Group
Song Producer: Gensu Dean
Video Director: Rasco (of Swannworks Films)
Freddie Gibbs - 'Eastside Moonwalker'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 17, 2013
Views: 1,063
Song Producer: GMF
Video Director: John Colombo
Wordsmith - 'Living Life Check To Check'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 16, 2013
Views: 326
Label: Ingrooves & Fontana
Song Producer: Jon Kitto
Video Director: Govinda Collective
Dyme-A-Duzin - 'Father's Day'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 14, 2013
Views: 474
Song Producer: Plain Pat
Video Director: Court Dunn (of Restless Films)
Megadon feat. Ruste Juxx & Smif-N-Wessun (Tek & Steele) & Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) - 'Canon'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 14, 2013
Views: 1,080
Label: Duck Down Music
Song Producer: Megadon
Video Director: Donald Robinson Cole III
Nappy Roots feat. Michael A Smith & Buffalo Stille & Renzo - 'These Walls Revisited'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 12, 2013
Views: 382
Song Producers: Michael A Smith & Jonathan Hay & Kanye West
Video Directors: Josh Needing & Colorey Kizer
Clipping feat. Baseck - 'Bout.That'
(Music Video)

Released: Jun 7, 2013
Views: 557
Label: Sub Pop Records
Video Director: Cristina Bercovitz
Notes To Self - 'Recoil [Crimson]'
(Music Video)

Released: May 29, 2013
Views: 436
Label: Decon Records
Song Producers: Bronze One & Book
Video Directors: Benjamin Young Hart (of Greenwood Yard Productions) & Matthew Bronson (of Course of Study Creative)
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