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vinnie paz god of the serengeti
vinnie paz god of the serengetivinnie paz god of the serengeti

Vinnie Paz: God Of The Serengeti

3.6 Stars (227 customer reviews)
Price: $15.99
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Product Details


For more than a decade and a half, Vinnie Paz has been a mainstay at the top of the independent hip-hop scene. He is the frontman of both Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs and one half of the Heavy Metal Kings duo with ILL BILL. In 2010, he stepped out as a solo artist with his album, "Season of the Assassin," which featured the popular track, "End Of Days."

On October 22, 2012, Vinnie Paz releases his sophomore solo album, "God of the Serengeti," featuring guest appearances by Scarface, Mobb Deep, Immortal Technique, La Coka Nostra, Army of the Pharaohs, Kool G. Rap, R.A. the Rugged Man and more with production by DJ Premier, Havoc, Psycho Les (The Beatnuts), C-Lance, Marco Polo and others. The 18-track album promises to add another chapter to the growing legacy of Vinnie Paz's uncompromising brand of hardcore hip-hop.

Track Listing

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1. Shadow Of The Guillotine
featuring Q-Unique (of Arsonists)
Producer: DJ Lethal (of House Of Pain + La Coka Nostra)
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2. Slum Chemist
Producer: C-Lance
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3. The Oracle
Producer: DJ Premier (of Gang Starr)
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4. And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun
featuring Immortal Technique; Poison Pen
Producer: Tony Kenyatta
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5. Last Breath
featuring Chris Rivers (aka Baby Pun); Whispers
Producer: C-Lance
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6. Crime Library
featuring Blaq Poet (of Screwball)
Producer: Marco Polo
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7. Feign Submission (Interlude)
Producer: JBL The Titan
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8. Duel To The Death
featuring Mobb Deep (Havoc + Prodigy)
Producer: Stu Bangas
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9. Problem Solver
featuring Scarface
Producer: The Arcitype
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10. Battle Hymn
featuring Apathy; King Syze (of Army Of The Pharaohs); Crypt The Warchild (of Outerspace); Jus Allah (of Jedi Mind Tricks); Esoteric; Blacastan; Celph Titled; Planetary (of Outerspace)
Producer: Mr. Green
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11. Geometry Of Business
featuring La Coka Nostra (Danny Boy + DJ Lethal + Ill Bill + Slaine)
Producer: Havoc (of Mobb Deep)
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12. Jake LaMotta
Producer: Illinformed
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13. 7 Fires Of Prophecy
featuring Tragedy Khadafi
Producer: Beatnick Dee
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14. Cheesesteaks
Producer: Psycho Les (of The Beatnuts)
Click to listen!
15. Cold, Dark and Empty
featuring FT; Smoke
Producer: Jack Of All Trades
Click to listen!
16. Razor Gloves
featuring R.A. The Rugged Man
Producer: MTK
Click to listen!
17. Wolves Amongst The Sheep
featuring Kool G Rap; Block McCloud (of Brooklyn Academy)
Producer: C-Lance
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18. You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train
Producers: C-Lance; JBL The Titan
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Average Visitor Rating:
3.6 Stars (3.6 Stars )
Total Comments: 227
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 5/11/2015 3:17:00 AM; Partial IP: 120.251.83)
Location: NYC
Comment: Glad its not a one hit crap cd..... Currently best JMT effort except for the ''Servants in heaven, kins in hell''.
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/3/2014 4:39:00 AM; Partial IP: 224.52.140)
Location: deutschland
Comment: Vinnie is one of my favorite rappers, so I can't grasp how little effort he has put into this. I don't mind the repetitive flow at all, but the lyrics and add-lips (brrap brrap and the evil laughter) get ridiculous at times and the beats are boring to wack. The features are super off, they should have got Ill Bill, Jus Allah and Outerspace on there and leave it like that. I hope Vinnie comes back from this. I'm looking forward to Heavy Metal Kings 2.
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 5/12/2014 7:26:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: Caucasus
Comment: Such a decline every time, Vinnie Paz is dull-witted. Ikon the verbal hologram should occur again. Vinnie Paz= Worthless.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 2/23/2014 1:15:00 PM; Partial IP: 241.117.38)
Location: Orleans
Comment: This shit I'd dope but sounds exactly the same as all his last five albums. It's sad to see the man who brought us violent by design release this generic music. He isn't putting in the same effort he used too... Just pumpin out 2 CDs a year to make money. Still decent but I miss old vinnie.
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 1/16/2014 12:01:00 PM; Partial IP: 41.185.145)
Location: Birmingham
Comment: All I can say is I definitely missed Stoupe on this. Vinnie just isn't lyrically gifted enough to carry an album with beats as dull (and sometimes just plain crap) as this. That being said though "Cheesesteaks" is pretty sick.
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 12/9/2013 2:42:00 PM; Partial IP: .221.92.62)
Location: canada
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 6/20/2013 9:03:00 PM; Partial IP: .201.65.74)
Location: az/ hell
Comment: Salute the king of this hardcore hip hop!!
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 4/7/2013 8:55:00 AM; Partial IP: .111.67.53)
Location: Copenhagen
Comment: Album is banging, dont get those who say otherwise..
Name: (Posted: 2/19/2013 3:15:00 PM; Partial IP: 29.169.166)
Location: england
Comment: I meant albums released in last 2 years cos there is thousands of old shit that is awesome obviously. Just a question for anyone american on here. Have you ever heard of an english rapper called k-lash-nek-off or an english group called phi-life-sypher if so what do ya think? If not go check em out there worth a look. Also a rapper called plan b his strickland banks album is so shit cos he done a singing album but the ill manors and the first album he done who needs actions when you got words are well worth a listen. Some dark shit. He also done some tunes only released on net an not put to album cos they were too dark for people now if you can get hold of these there up there with anyones album youve heard I promise ya. Thats if you like vinnie bill necro people like these. safe
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 2/19/2013 3:01:00 PM; Partial IP: 29.169.166)
Location: england
Comment: I think most of you on here are fuked up dissin vinnie like you do. If someone can tell me a better album been released id love to hear it. Except bills shit with vin cos thats sick too. There has been a few obviously but how can anyone diss him in anyway his flow is so different from anyone ive heard he is fukin mixin with the best if not IS the best.
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 1/21/2013 12:17:00 AM; Partial IP: .110.87.82)
Location: Los Angeles
Comment: what happened to vinnie? his rhyme game is bland now! It doesn't matter if he's underground! when u become bland & repetitive, that's not good. btw, I aint a teenager, was raised by 90's hip hop. his last good album was visions of ghandi....
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 1/19/2013 4:17:00 PM; Partial IP: 29.119.135)
Location: croatia
Comment: Good shit
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 1/14/2013 12:27:00 PM; Partial IP: 28.111.208)
Location: new mexico
Comment: not the worst album, but probably vinnie paz's worst album! Don't buy it! I paid for this one and regret it, vinnie's verses feel mad lazy, the beats aren't great and even some of the better beats get ruined by vinnie's bland repetitive style n subject matter. Some exceptions are Cheesesteaks and Problem Solver feat Scarface, both those tracks are dope. The track with Immortal Technique would be dope but Poison Pen sucks up the hook BAD... totally kills it. To re-iterate... even the track with R.A. was whack, huge disappointment after "Nosebleed" on "Season of the Assassin". There's plenty of rappers putting out way more creative stuff than this, I recommend bootlegging this and giving your money to someone less established. I feel bad for giving vinnie money on this album, its only encouraging him to put out more lazy cd's.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 1/1/2013 5:44:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: VT
Comment: Oh Drama Vin Laden
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 12/10/2012 12:52:00 PM; Partial IP: .251.48.82)
Location: CTR
Comment: This is dope shit. Some of yall n*ggas must be deaf
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 12/8/2012 8:16:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.84.246)
Location: Anti boring
Comment: repit and repit and repit thymes
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 12/6/2012 10:05:00 AM; Partial IP: 183.38.152)
Location: texas
Comment: I can't find it's a crazy business by Vinnie paz but I saw a video on YouTube...which album is that song on?
Name: (Posted: 12/3/2012 1:48:00 PM; Partial IP: 16.168.101)
Location: Back in the day
Comment: From an old soul that use to live by VBD some 12 years ago, each release from Ikon the hologram stretches further from what use to be considered real.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 12/2/2012 9:12:00 PM; Partial IP: 30.110.135)
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Comment: Goes out to Namirre. Kid you are wacked. If you for one second Vinnie does not rock this CD? You are out of your F Mind kid. I would love to see your list on Itunes. I would bet you have some shit like dj fresh as your Fav. Break off this site as you have no idea what you are talking about. Stop sleeping and think before you write. DAM!
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/29/2012 10:21:00 PM; Partial IP: .40.132.35)
Location: Boulder
Comment: Vinnie Paz lloks like Patton Oswalt. ROFLOFL!
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/21/2012 5:08:00 PM; Partial IP: 199.96.253)
Location: bronx
Comment: this album iz alright not from whut I expected from the pazman but its worth listioning to again most tracks on this shit iz dope some of em iz just corny im not gonna name any tracks cuz I don't have the album yet but from whut ive heard its worth coping still he's not aS HARD AS HES PAST WORK WITH JEDI SO IM SARTING OFF BY SAYING THIS ITS PRETTY SOILD THE FEATURES ON HERE THAT HE HAS ARE GOOD ARTIST BUT THE TRACK WIT MOBB DEEP COME ON ANY WAY NUFF RESPECT HOPE THE NEXT JMT ALBUM IZ MORE RUGGED THEN VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/21/2012 11:38:00 AM; Partial IP: 124.89.144)
Comment: same old sh!t ! lazy was hungry when violent by design was made so that was dope! now all you dk riders make it easy 4 vinny 2 make a $
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/20/2012 11:42:00 PM; Partial IP: 50.104.163)
Location: L.A.
Comment: very slow style get vinnie in every new album. he get lazy and just want make money? or forget how to rap propper with good rhymes and fluid. dont like this album
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/19/2012 12:41:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Pereira-Col.
Comment: me ha gustado bastante muchas veces uno se siente en medio de su exclusiva caratula.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/19/2012 11:37:00 AM; Partial IP: 190.55.122)
Location: stam town
Comment: i am with ASIA on this one. This just didn't feel like a solo album. it seems like more of a well developed mixtape than album effort. too many guest shots, not enough cohession, and no real personality on the album. dont get me wrong its better than any mainstream album out right now but I dont think its as quaity as other cureent UGHH releases like those by SOB, chino, & Ap.
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/19/2012 9:20:00 AM; Partial IP: .250.49.38)
Location: Drs
Comment: mmm maybe grab this but for free, no best of vinnie
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/19/2012 2:09:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: South Africa
Comment: Da lion KING,.........
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/16/2012 3:31:00 PM; Partial IP: 07.217.130)
Location: Aurora, IL
Comment: I've been a die-hard fan of Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, etc for years. But I was very disappointed with this LP. Out of 18 tracks 12 of the tracks have guest appearances on them. This is a "solo" LP not a compilation album. Vinnie came hard lyrically as always but some of the beats were sub-standard and just awefully bad. The beat with MOBB DEEP on it is the worst. It just seems like Vinnie got really lazy on this project and it was not worth spending my money on it. Nice Time... limit your guest appearences and get some better beats. This LP should have been 10 tims doper than it was. Peace
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/15/2012 7:29:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.89.238)
Location: carcol
Comment: 2 stars for the effort
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/15/2012 7:08:00 AM; Partial IP: .240.14.27)
Location: Hell with Celph the King
Comment: Vinnie came so strong. Wicked nice. Only critique is the jew enslaved the blacks for over 6000 years, the first 1 million slaves to Namerica were White slaves. The jew is trying to make the Blacks Hate the Whites and vice versa because they owned newport and they are more guilty than the porck chops who should run when they see blacks for what they did. Really Scot Irish and Brits are the best friends of Blacks.
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/13/2012 11:41:00 PM; Partial IP: 250.50.207)
Location: Drke
Comment: This is so so a fail album, really only goods sounds here is Crime Library, Cheesesteaks. The problem is big now, beats and paz rhymes is boring, think the old jedi never will back again.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/12/2012 4:08:00 AM; Partial IP: 97.157.140)
Location: istanbul
Comment: i'm a huge vinnie fan, I had big hopes on that album but.. I didn't like it so much. Slum Chemist, Last Breath and Cheesesteaks are good, the others monotone. beats must be better vinnie, I missed stoupe!
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/10/2012 12:47:00 PM; Partial IP: .79.115.72)
Location: Peg City
Comment: Tiresome mood throughout the album. Really liked "Cheesesteaks" though.
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/9/2012 10:13:00 PM; Partial IP: 50.148.116)
Location: No more
Comment: Tired of this cat and his voice
Name: (Posted: 11/9/2012 9:21:00 AM; Partial IP: .59.248.61)
Location: Cape.
Comment: Who says mula? What r u a Jew? I don't make beats I do engineer music for a living though, he is overrated I hate seeing dudes who get more shine then they deserve that's all... Al'tarba is easily the best in the underground but cuz c glance makes beats for bigger names he is better? Fuck outta here with that shit
Name: (Posted: 11/9/2012 12:45:00 AM; Partial IP: .92.28.185)
Location: dA bUrG, FL Chi-Town
Comment: @grimly who uses lol what are you a 8th grader teenie bopper. email me some of your beats dog I would like to see if they are better than C-Lance's.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/7/2012 7:34:00 PM; Partial IP: .59.248.61)
Location: Cape.
Comment: Lol @ free dog, c-lance is overrated too the fullest, last breathe was sick rest were annoying, dudes "hardbody" drums r annoying , gives his beats no soul, no groove, making 2 beats a day lol, should stick too one and learn how to give a beat some groove instead of headache pounding kicks and snares, take a note from a real producer like preemo or Pete rock
Name: (Posted: 11/7/2012 3:38:00 PM; Partial IP: 190.55.122)
Location: stam town
Comment: @ voodoomofobohohobo ...that is AWESOME!! I love how he attempts to drop 5 minutes worth of knowledge on the last track but doesn't know basic geography!! LMAO @ Paz
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/7/2012 11:27:00 AM; Partial IP: .92.28.185)
Location: dA bUrG, FL Chi-Town
Comment: Very DOPE album from start to finish. C-Lance did his thang on here. Slum Chemist is my fav on here. @MF I'm with you brother. If you like RAW HARDCORE REAL HIP HOP than this is for you. Salute to Vinnie Paz for always bringing that DOPENESS!!! Well worth the MULA!!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/6/2012 11:50:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: NNJ
Comment: There not many artists spitting over hard/raw beats like Vinnie Paz.. His ear for production is exactly what I want to hear- grimy get hyped boom bap style rap. For all you haters- Vinnie Paz is solo, this is not JMT rap! Get the fuck over it and btw I find it very entertaining to hear Vinnie explain how to kill someone in many different ways and to listen to his views of politics and religion over hard beats... If you cannot bare to hear it then stop listening to him, too many idiots take him literally- this is just entertainment and to me it is a lot more appealing to listen to than commercial/pop rap!
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/6/2012 4:12:00 AM; Partial IP: 255.102.45)
Location: chicago
Comment: Not a bad album but was disappointed with it, seasons is better IMHO maybe it will grow on me after a few listens but in the mean time I'm jamming to Journalist 103 - Reporting Live but GOTS isn't too bad maybe I had high hopes.
Name: (Posted: 11/5/2012 1:58:00 AM; Partial IP: 48.112.171)
Location: Oak
Comment: Ya I noticed that when I first saw the album cover. The serengheti is like 3000 miles away from egypt and its grasslands, not the Sahara desert.
Name: (Posted: 11/4/2012 10:52:00 PM; Partial IP: .151.92.47)
Location: Serengeti, Kenya
Comment: anyone notice that the album cover has pyramids and desert in it? The Sahara desert and Egypt have pyramids and desert not the tropical grasslands of the Serengeti in which he is God over. If he can't get the album name right what does it say for the rest of the album. Needs to do some research - hell book a flight go over to Kenya/Egypt/Sahara and find out what Gods they have in their townships then tell them that you are their new god while rapping like an angry horse - that shit is real
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/4/2012 3:58:00 AM; Partial IP: 48.112.171)
Location: Oakland
Comment: Faggot shit by a bitch ass wigger
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/3/2012 12:26:00 AM; Partial IP: .5.116.229)
Location: WASABI
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/2/2012 7:15:00 PM; Partial IP: .64.169.69)
Location: Miami,FL
Comment: Way better than Season of the Assassin
Name: (Posted: 11/2/2012 6:46:00 PM; Partial IP: .63.62.243)
Location: VA
Comment: Decent album.. Definitely not the best album to come out in awhile that's for sure.. Marco polo blaqpoet track is the illest... Go cop NEW styles of beyond and NEW Sean p albums.. Much better... p
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/2/2012 4:12:00 PM; Partial IP: 19.191.220)
Location: cracklanding
Comment: true hiphop best album to come out in a while must buy
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 11/2/2012 1:39:00 PM; Partial IP: 250.127.60)
Location: Out
Comment: No feel vinnie flow more, think him is gone and lack of fluidity
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/2/2012 12:39:00 PM; Partial IP: .216.3.215)
Location: perf
Comment: you cant be neutral on a moving train only real trak on the whole album by vinnie wit respect to some of the guest appearances RA, Q-unique etc
Name: (Posted: 11/2/2012 5:29:00 AM; Partial IP: .94.170.87)
Location: usa
Comment: fucking canadians shouldnt be allowed to comment on here....
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 11/1/2012 12:57:00 AM; Partial IP: 26.222.223)
Location: Florida
Comment: Just happy to hear The Rugged Man.
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/31/2012 9:57:00 PM; Partial IP: 50.218.109)
Location: Arabia
Comment: Oh yea is funny and curious how lot of reviews for this album when arround can find much better albums. a example last album of large pro is very solid and many others. hope one day vinnie can make again solid albums like firsts of jedi, with more dope beats and more fluid rhymes
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/31/2012 9:26:00 PM; Partial IP: 199.205.55)
Location: SFC
Comment: Over stand this dude is over
Name: (Posted: 10/31/2012 12:09:00 PM; Partial IP: 242.196.24)
Location: ny
Comment: good album but how does this have more reviews than sean p new album
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 10/31/2012 10:06:00 AM; Partial IP: 164.182.65)
Location: Toronto, Canada
Comment: if it wasn't for all the features and production, no one would mention this album. I'm sick of him and his shit, with lines like "I smash buildings like Osama on flights", how the fuck can you support that crap? Osama Vin Laden as well? Fuck outta here faggot wannabe
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/31/2012 12:27:00 AM; Partial IP: .128.33.15)
Location: uk
Comment: very average album 1 or 2 good tracks..too many beats sound alike..the havoc,primo and marco polo beats were average at best and c-lance was wack as usual..corny samples with ridiculously loud drums...season of the assassin was a much better album than this.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/30/2012 11:46:00 PM; Partial IP: .26.37.133)
Location: raleigh, nof cack
Comment: this is pretty dope some of the beats sound the same but vinnie is nice and hard like I like my hip hop!!!
Name: (Posted: 10/30/2012 6:57:00 PM; Partial IP: .63.62.243)
Location: Some Good Beats
Comment: Mostly all good beats... Tracks 1 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 .. 18 is alrite, I like how that tracks formed but the beats r nothin too special on it, first one in it done by JBL was the best,slum chemist beat has annoying drums repetitive sample, dueltothedeath is mediocre for a stu bangas beat I'm a fan of stubangas, terrible havoc beat on g.o.b, weak beat for kool g rap too b spitting on, another average c-lance beat amped with loud kicks and snares
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/30/2012 4:04:00 PM; Partial IP: .250.71.51)
Location: Only Goods Beats
Comment: Real Monotone
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/30/2012 12:12:00 AM; Partial IP: .140.230.3)
Location: morrocoo arabic country
Comment: real underground
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/29/2012 11:29:00 PM; Partial IP: .250.39.15)
Location: canada
Comment: JuiceCULT All his verses started to sound the same.... Is exact same that I feel, rally boring, vinnie get lazy and just used same rhymes all time. the only that save this album is somes goods beats like marco polo, now the question is vinnie will used agai same and same verses for future albums? if is so he will lost lot of fans
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/29/2012 9:23:00 PM; Partial IP: 48.207.221)
Location: boston
Comment: I was excited for Vinnie's new album and it got a little disappointing about 5 to 10 minutes in. All his verses started to sound the same. I loved his first album, it was incredible and so is all his Jedi Mind works. Overall it's a OK album, good production, most features are good but if you are a dedicated Vinnie Paz fan (like me) prepared to be a little disappointed.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/29/2012 12:19:00 AM; Partial IP: .63.62.243)
Location: NY
Comment: Decent album, good beats, few bangers.. Vinnie has too many gun bars, needs to stick to his aggressive lyrical Jedi mind shit.. I wouldn't say c-lance had the best beats, I liked last breath but the rest weren't anything special, the beat with kool g on it was wack, for a legend such as Kool G he deserved better.. Marco Polo had the best beat on the album.. I'm a die hard Jedi mind fan but without stoupe vinnies not as good straight up... Where's he shooting and stabbing dudes , on the way too the studio? C'mon...
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/28/2012 9:46:00 PM; Partial IP: 61.166.163)
Location: New Jersey
Comment: Vinnie really did his thing here! Production is great, especially C-Lance, the features were really good as well. This is definitely the best album to come out from Enemy Soil so far.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/28/2012 5:19:00 PM; Partial IP: 90.186.221)
Location: van nuys
Comment: honestly I agree with people on stoupe leaving cause violence begets violence was pretty weak. I only liked 3 tracks, but this God of The Serengeti is byfar the best album of the year. its just a well mature album theres tracks where he's just spitting nothing but facts and real shit. I love jake la motta sick beat and he just speaks real. cheesesteaks and the oracle and battle hymm bangers. I'm the god of the serengeti I'm a sinner of the seven deadly everything I do is hard and its legendary I spit 16 bars and its legendary.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/28/2012 2:24:00 PM; Partial IP: .96.203.77)
Location: Oklahoma!
Comment: Paz really surprised me with this joint. I have all of his albums but this is a straight banger!! How people are not giving this a straight 5stars??? Vinnie came with his "A" game on this one!! Definitely worth the LOOT!!!
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/27/2012 12:39:00 AM; Partial IP: 132.41.161)
Location: fdsalkj
Comment: I like bread and butter.
Name: (Posted: 10/26/2012 9:14:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: NY
Comment: Better since stope left? U must be 15.. Stoupe is a god son..and he didn't sell vinnie out for a brod u don't know jack homie.. He lost his passion for hiphop.. That and I think vinnie is a thief with the money.. Stoupe was the JMT sound, legendary That being said go fuck yourself
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/26/2012 5:07:00 AM; Partial IP: .94.170.87)
Location: philly
Comment: "I will never give it 5 stars without stoupe" wah wahh.....fuck stoupe he sold vinnie out for a people act like stoupe is a god.....a lot of people are going to get their panties in a bunch....but I think all their work since he left has been better...
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/26/2012 4:05:00 AM; Partial IP: 194.233.56)
Location: Cali
Comment: Solid album,on par with his first album and better than the last JMT album.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/25/2012 9:09:00 PM; Partial IP: 50.246.107)
Location: erca
Comment: Psycho Les , marco polo, dj premie and The Arcitype help for this album kame out good. all others sounds is abarage.. still good album
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/25/2012 7:01:00 PM; Partial IP: .37.237.85)
Location: underground
Comment: Yo I like this cat man he is the one and he will be the legende I have all his work JMT AOTP and solo projects man like 10 cd s or more and this motherfucker just killed it every time, and he did it again good job brother ... Keep it real Peace ....
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/25/2012 11:02:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: tokyo
Comment: yeah it is a nice album as vinnie's solo project. but I will never give 5 stars without stoupe.
Name: (Posted: 10/25/2012 11:02:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: Gaborone,Botswana
Comment: Yo is that PUNS SON on Last Breath he killed that track, dope track.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/24/2012 8:44:00 PM; Partial IP: .78.70.128)
Location: NY
Comment: The Cheesesteaks beat alone holds this album above 3 stars. Decent album overall. Vinnie needs Stoupe to get this to a full 5/5
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/24/2012 2:58:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: new bedford
Comment: im usually not a fan of vinnie's shit, but this is a fuckin solid release! the oracle is fuckin sick!!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/24/2012 2:15:00 PM; Partial IP: 182.161.84)
Location: pittsburgh
Comment: dope. hip hop needs Vinnie.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/24/2012 1:59:00 PM; Partial IP: .252.68.83)
Location: Norway
Comment: dope album much better then the last JMT album.... Peace Out !!!
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/24/2012 12:36:00 PM; Partial IP: 242.196.24)
Location: ny
Comment: crack good hip hop an thats comin from an 80s baby. 83 to be exact
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/24/2012 10:48:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: Gaborone,Botswana
Comment: No Doubt about this album its really good. Vinny been consistent since Violent by Design.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 9:24:00 PM; Partial IP: .231.18.85)
Location: Seattle, WA
Comment: i loved the songs with R.A., G Rap, Mobb Deep and Scarface. there were some really good songs on this, but some songs... like Geometry of Business, Cheesesteaks and Battle Hymn... they got boring. and the song Jake LaMotta didnt really fit Vinnie Paz's style imo... even though Vinnie Paz still made it work, which impressed me. but whoever produced that must have been confused like... "really? Vinnie Paz wants THIS beat? well okay...". and the song with DJ Premier was probably the best song on the album. it wasn't bad, just not as good as it looks on paper. I feel like unless you're a Vinnie Paz fan, you're not going to like this album.
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 8:27:00 PM; Partial IP: .52.235.59)
Location: Roy, Utah
Comment: Dope album...Really like the collabos and producers featured on this album. Vinnie is a beast and this is better than The Season of the Assassin.
1 Star
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 1:27:00 PM; Partial IP: 250.92.130)
Location: kolo
Comment: well is a decent album, 5 stars is so much, I give 1 cause already ppl give more that really deserve
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 1:11:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Columbus, OH
Comment: Wow this album is fire! This is Vinnie's best yet. This is what hip hop supposed to sound like unlike that Drake BS!
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 11:05:00 AM; Partial IP: .46.82.245)
Location: EARTH NY
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 9:10:00 AM; Partial IP: 179.57.188)
Location: Maine
Comment: Just As dope as I expected. The Arcitype beat is one of the illest on the album
Name: (Posted: 10/23/2012 1:16:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: CA
Comment: Best tracks 3 4 6 9 12 13 14
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 11:09:00 PM; Partial IP: .19.133.10)
Location: mississippi gulfcoast
Comment: good album...vinnie always brings it correct for the hardcore fans
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 9:32:00 PM; Partial IP: .237.74.15)
Location: korea
Comment: 1 good song
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 9:11:00 PM; Partial IP: 53.117.250)
Location: Rochester, NY
Comment: Been bumping this on loop all day. Better than his first solo! Best of the album are tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 14, and 16.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 7:15:00 PM; Partial IP: 15.132.194)
Location: Killa, Kali
Comment: Very solid album and Vinnie doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon! Keep bringing that Hardbody boxcutter rap!!!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 3:42:00 PM; Partial IP: 74.189.193)
Location: usa
Comment: vinnie paz released another incredible album. he never fails to deliver a quality listen. say whatever you want, his albums are always an event. there's even ppl that come out to say they don't care. really loving the song with big pun's son. vinnie paz has conviction thats what separates from so many others that think it's as easy as finding dark beats and rapping loud. great features too. scarface, prodigy, kool g rap, tragedy khadafi, ill bill. they all rip it. paz man sets the plate. he keeps going.
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 2:21:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Parede
Comment: Good Album!!Some bangers in here.
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 12:28:00 PM; Partial IP: .112.135.3)
Location: Delaware
Comment: This is by far the best solo effort by Vinnie and some of his best work overall to date. I'm really diggin' this LP a lot.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/22/2012 11:33:00 AM; Partial IP: 28.107.171)
Location: Denver
Comment: Vin Vin Vin Pazienza the ruler! Vin Vin Vin and y'all are just haters! Album of the year by a landslide! Track 10 is worth the purchase itself 6 minutes of blazing fire! AOTP all day.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 11:57:00 PM; Partial IP: 55.224.207)
Location: london
Comment: vinnie paz ill deal
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 11:44:00 PM; Partial IP: .226.7.180)
Location: t-dot canada
Comment: like a commet rolling through the universe nothing u can say or do will deter its direction, this guy may contradict himself, especially over 20 years of music, but dont we all, we grow and change and evolve, vinnie may be all about punch lines and simple beats, but u aint a fan since 92, thats all we real fans need vinnie to do, so fudge off, he aint looking for fa%got new fans, this shit is for certain few, and not for you, like I said commenting on vinnie good or bad, is like commenting on rotation of earth, its gona happen weather ur shit ass is here to witness or not, ill agree jmt will never be like back in the day, but we need to move forward, liking new sound of this album,
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 7:07:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: miami FL
Comment: Dope ! Congrats Vinnie excellent joint !
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 5:46:00 PM; Partial IP: 75.146.168)
Location: Newzealand
Comment: Fucking Dope! Ill shit!
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 5:37:00 PM; Partial IP: .66.65.247)
Location: fuck it
Comment: man I am disappointed....soft beats maybe 2 good songs. Was expecting better but it is full of watered down uncapturing beats. He is ill as fuck at ryhming but what a fucking let down with tha beats...fuck.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 4:36:00 PM; Partial IP: 163.74.183)
Location: Raleigh NC
Comment: OFFICIAL! I gotta cop this... Salute Vinnie Paz!!!!
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 3:14:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: DC
Comment: Had anther round of listens dope album.. Fav tracks are Problem Solver, Crime Library, And Your Blood Will Blot OutTheSun, Battle Hymm and Last Breath in that order
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 1:05:00 PM; Partial IP: .71.117.42)
Location: North Carolina
Comment: Boxcutter Pazi! this album is definitely sick from the beginning to the end. salute to Vinnie Paz.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 8:08:00 AM; Partial IP: 17.223.190)
Location: New York
Comment: This album is a banger like the new Chino XL album,but I defently need a new Tragedy Khadafi album he is one of the greattest Queensbrigde rapper!!!
2 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 4:47:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.85.162)
Location: Rmania
Comment: very decent album with few good sounds, not as good as it was in its begin jedi, but still can listen it
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/21/2012 3:19:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: DC
Comment: Problem Solver & Crime Library BEST TRACKS ON THE ALBUM!!! SIIICK SHIT. Dope Album. Some real bangers... Some beastly producers and features on here... Preemo.MarcoPolo.MobbDeep.Tech.Scarface.TragedyKhadafi.MrGreen.PsychoLes.JOAT.MTK.JBL....NUFF SAID!!!!
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 9:52:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: 80210
Comment: About as good a the last one.
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 6:24:00 PM; Partial IP: .250.76.58)
Location: Africa
Comment: 6. Crime Library Producer: Marco Polo... 9. Problem Solver Producer: The Arcitype... 14. Cheesesteaks Produce Psycho Les.... best sounds of album. no crazy good album for give 5 stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 2:35:00 PM; Partial IP: .59.227.72)
Location: SANMI
Comment: @s2tro the content is basically all the same thru out.. minus a couple tracks.. fuck ya life homie
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 2:34:00 PM; Partial IP: .59.227.72)
Location: SAN
Comment: dope album...two of the most underrated producers = JBL The Titan & MTK... straight up.
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 1:27:00 PM; Partial IP: .59.227.72)
Location: Mi
Comment: Content = dope? Lol... How? @pulcra. So if someone doesn't like a certain someone for whatever reason there automatically a hater? Get off his nuts faggot dude is repetitive to the fullest, same simple shit with loud drums. 4 bar loop and that's a beat for him.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 9:38:00 AM; Partial IP: 15.237.155)
Location: novi,mi
Comment: beats=dope lyrics and content=dope, guest app=dope, this could easily be a classic. best vinnie work to date. I can't wait for the new AOTP AOTP AOTP
3 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 9:37:00 AM; Partial IP: .250.76.58)
Location: Here
Comment: no way for 5 stars, never... will give 3 for few nice sounds like 6. Crime Library featuring Blaq Poet (of Screwball) Producer: Marco Polo. that is best of album.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 3:08:00 AM; Partial IP: 113.205.47)
Location: ny
Comment: Dope as fuck. Might be Vinnie's best work yet. Loving it.
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 1:23:00 AM; Partial IP: .89.153.53)
Location: troy, mi
Comment: haters. c-lance had some dope bangers on this album. kid is dope . stop hatin
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/20/2012 12:31:00 AM; Partial IP: 07.171.119)
Location: Melbourne
Comment: CRAZY CONTENT! mad respect paz most definitely gon cop this piece, wont spoil of it now.
Name: (Posted: 10/19/2012 6:03:00 PM; Partial IP: .59.227.72)
Location: TheSun
Comment: not bad, not amazing tho thats for sure, not 5 stars... fuck outta here c-lance get ya egotistical head out ya ass sun.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/19/2012 3:20:00 PM; Partial IP: .89.153.53)
Location: troy, mi
Comment: C-lance is that really you???
Name: (Posted: 10/19/2012 1:55:00 PM; Partial IP: .149.68.77)
Location: Everywhere
Comment: Vinnie Paz, a COLORED(Caucasian) Man, making an album called "God of the Serenghetti"...lmfao...more like "God of the Caucuses"(if EVEN that!)...what else will he do to get a pass in the hiphop underground??? this dude is rididuclous.. just like the devil to come in and try to make claim on the root of civilization which belongs to the original people, for his personal gain...This grafted devil has been utilizing religions and the culture of the wise and civilized to add that extra "flavor" to his hiphop music since VBD, b.u.t. in all reality, he is EMPHATICALLY not right and exact...his shit is all over the place, since Violent By Design, he was talkin like he was muslim, b.u.t. then he was talkin about Casting Stones at christ...HE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT A MUSLIM...sun just utilizing the name of the righteous to shield his wicked ways...the devil comes in the name of Allah or religion to shield their filthy religion(way of life)...Vinnie Paz is a devil and has always been a false flaggin hiphop muslim...i DO NOT support him, and I suggest anybody that is about representing THE REAL, stop supporting this fucking clown...and this is coming from the TRUE AND LIVING GOD... -Almighty Now'Allah Ceeking out of Love Why, Master Allah(Lynn, Massachusetts)
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/19/2012 11:25:00 AM; Partial IP: 35.106.145)
Location: mom's house
Comment: Album is sick, why no one likes me??
4 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/18/2012 10:43:00 PM; Partial IP: .59.227.72)
Location: BK
Comment: Fuck Outra here keva... I'd give t five Stars but I can't because c-lance is an overrated hack who gt most beats on this album and vinnie got too repetitive... Get that dude the fuck outta here
Name: (Posted: 10/18/2012 8:39:00 PM; Partial IP: 248.41.199)
Location: kevas dome
Comment: Can I get a dl link to this
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/18/2012 1:28:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: heLL
Comment: BRAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! its dope.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/17/2012 9:43:00 PM; Partial IP: .101.79.19)
Location: canada
Comment: better then the last, good album.
5 Stars
Name: (Posted: 10/17/2012 7:54:00 PM; Partial IP: .52.235.59)
Location: Roy, Utah
Comment: I'm really feeling that DJ Premiere joint...shit is fire kid!
Name: (Posted: 10/16/2012 8:02:00 PM; Partial IP: .63.53.175)
Location: BWaters
Comment: Vinnie p a beast son, slowed down the flow but he's in a darker place now, murderous satanic kill ur dam shit... Beats were mostly sick, preemo joint mad iLL. Features were dope, scarf ace surprised me how proper he came wit it... Production : marcopolo, Mr.Green, PsycoLes, Preemo, jackOfAllTrades, BeatnickDee,Havoc, Illinformed, MTK all murdered it.. Rest was ok at best, lethal had a mediocre beat, tonyKenyatta had a ok beat, c-lance had maybe one ok beat rest were weak, just overcompensating loudness, don't make it a "banger".... O ya PaulNice also killed it. Peace.
Name: (Posted: 10/16/2012 5:12:00 PM; Partial IP: 05.195.108)
Location: nj
Comment: Im feeling the preemo joint which I didnt think I would. I hope its not a let down like his first one.
Name: (Posted: 10/16/2012 2:45:00 PM; Partial IP: .45.76.222)
Location: DMV
Comment: Same old Vinnie imma big fan if his old shyt but he sound more different as in super slow raspy voice yes im very disapointed its like he sounds drunk the whole time he rappin he needs to get bak to his old style and set fire listening to him jus make me wanna take a nap ASAP lol the beats are more slow maybe to fit the way he flowin now ?? who knows??
Name: (Posted: 10/14/2012 3:15:00 PM; Partial IP: .63.49.173)
Location: Beantown
Comment: I agree with Freddro, production was too up and down... Vinnie held his own although he is getting repetetive.. features were bananas.. straight up.. Id cosign with the producers Freddro mentioned , they killed it, rest were meh.
Name: (Posted: 10/11/2012 12:15:00 AM; Partial IP: 59.250.163)
Location: PA
Comment: Production was too up and down... Features were crazy I can't front on that, they were sick...production lacked tho straight up..preemo, marcopolo, JOAT , Arcitype, psycholes,, paulnice came correct , rest was mediocre... Paz was dope on most tracks.. Same ol shit tho not sugar coatin what I think about it comin from a big Paz, jmt fan.
Name: (Posted: 10/10/2012 12:37:00 PM; Partial IP: .197.71.40)
Location: manchester, uk
Comment: i've heard the snippets and from what I've heard it sounds far from disappointing. Production and features are sick!
Name: (Posted: 10/8/2012 10:27:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.250.163)
Location: PA
Comment: Marco polo and the Arcitype killed it.. Scarf ace kool g and tech killed it too.. Very dope
Name: (Posted: 10/8/2012 10:25:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.250.163)
Location: PA
Comment: I heard the snippet too... Where did u get amazing from? I'm a HUGE vinnie Paz jmt fan but I am disappointed from what I heard... Yes there are some straight bangers but not many... Amazing? Far from.. Very disappointing ..
Name: (Posted: 10/8/2012 1:52:00 PM; Partial IP: .92.28.185)
Location: dA bUrG, FL Chi-Town
Comment: Just heard the album snippets on DJ Premier's site. Album is AMAZING!!! All you bitch ass niccas talking shit is real LAME cuz your gonna buy the album regardless. Dumb internet wankstas haha yall some keyboard warriors haha
Name: (Posted: 10/7/2012 11:43:00 PM; Partial IP: 251.85.235)
Location: LA
Comment: his shadow boxing/bag work leads me to believe he can't fight and that he's straight gimmick... (2:07) left jab, right cross, and then a right hook??? (if you don't know, from an orthodox stance, that isn't a real combination i.e., a right hook isn't a real punch from an orthodox stance, unless, of course, a fighter uses footwork to create angles, which, of course, "Box-Cutter Pazzy" was not doing )
Name: (Posted: 10/7/2012 6:10:00 PM; Partial IP: 130.102.63)
Location: uk
Comment: probably listen to this a few times then throw it in the cyber trash..jmt have lost everything that made them great and paz seems to be disappearing up his own ass.
Name: (Posted: 10/7/2012 2:55:00 AM; Partial IP: 59.250.163)
Location: 548
Comment: Fuck yeah vinnie p.... Ah just allah new album all produced by that dude? Fuuuck... Don't like the dude too cocky for a noob to the game
Name: (Posted: 10/5/2012 8:29:00 PM; Partial IP: 77.165.107)
Location: Toronto
Comment: gotta comment on that "jus allah killed vbv" da fuck? I mean jus is decent for sure, but shit young zee's one verse bodied all of jus's...I was excited for his solo project untill I found out c lance handles alllllll the production every fucking track, not even gonna you tube a fuckin track
Name: (Posted: 10/2/2012 7:12:00 AM; Partial IP: 15.130.131)
Location: darlo
Comment: beats is cool but please stop acting the hardman as you couldnt box eggs u silly fat muslim,,,,and sort that haircut out ,its reeediculous,,why cut ya hair like a lego man and then put a bandana on that exactly the same as ya stupid hairdo lol
Name: (Posted: 9/30/2012 4:14:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: jo'burg,south africa
Comment: i think cuz is dope irrespective of his monogamous flow.his rhymes are sharp,making haters to think again before commiting verbal suicide....and thats whats left for hiphop....LYRICS GET IT.
Name: (Posted: 9/29/2012 1:27:00 PM; Partial IP: .121.55.39)
Location: NNj
Comment: This is goon music with propane beats- fuck the haters! Vinnie thunder clap!
Name: (Posted: 9/28/2012 5:03:00 PM; Partial IP: 112.36.111)
Location: New Jork Eberyteen!!
Comment: I hear what you are saying "L"..BUT I would like Vinnie to cease the whole "religion bashing" vibe..& just stick to his signature battle lyrics & raw instrumentals. You'd be surprised how many more fans he would acumilate if he just kept his religious beliefs out the studio. At the end of the nite, this is hip-hop, not a visit to a Mosque. My old buddy moved to Philly & is presently a good friend & neighbor to Vinnie, & he talks nothing but nice about him so...i sure aint bashing him..Just hoping he sticks to business when he attacks the vocal booth. Nuff said.
Name: (Posted: 9/28/2012 4:25:00 PM; Partial IP: 134.188.96)
Location: Baltimore
Comment: What trips me is that cats will post on this joint just to hate, or dump on it. If you're not a fan of dude - keep it moving, you really got something to say - find dude, and say it to his face instead of hiding behind the keyboard. --- The track listing looks dope. I didn't pick up the last release, but this one I will have to check it out.
Name: (Posted: 9/28/2012 10:11:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: mecca
Comment: another stupid fuckin muslim droppin weak shit. Vin Laden? I wish they woulda crashed them planes in his stupid fuckin mouth. religion is for the weak, this little midget muthafucker couldnt box his way outta paper bag. hold them guns close, because I got kids that would beat tuff guy's ass
Name: (Posted: 9/27/2012 5:52:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.231.198)
Location: SnatchCity
Comment: Vinnie always dropping bangers just look at the track list woooow .. @TfG I was turned off of c-lance because of the shit he posted, not just cuz of his beats which is sad... Some ppl are really egotistical , sucks cuz if he was as humble as he claims too be I'd be a fan
Name: (Posted: 9/27/2012 4:36:00 PM; Partial IP: 70.157.233)
Location: hamilton,ontario canada
Comment: likin the cheesesteaks track,fuckin banger, always liked anything paz has done and will definately cop yhis when it comes out.
Name: (Posted: 9/27/2012 10:14:00 AM; Partial IP: 74.189.193)
Location: usa
Comment: c-lance is a fucking tool bag. look at his twitter page. most desperate attempts of networking and piggy backing off of others i've ever seen. he's always retweets some wack producer named Hit Boy that pays 0 attention to him and he tries engaging him in conversation just because he worked with Jay-Z. Incredible leeching skills. Horrible producer. Loud repetitive sample and hard drums. DJ adds scratches, beat's done. Talk the beat up on twitter for a month even though the track will be one of the weakest beats on the album. C-lance gets out performed on every project. Vinnie killed half his fanbase putting him on. Stoupe must laugh at the garbage Vinnie gets from C-lance.
Name: (Posted: 9/25/2012 10:09:00 PM; Partial IP: .71.172.12)
Location: The bunker
Comment: @Asen, Yes sir,,, it's Misseda Flow. Rootz Records in the building. peace fam.
Name: (Posted: 9/25/2012 1:31:00 AM; Partial IP: 59.254.246)
Location: Ghostown USA
Comment: Excited for the features and some production... Vinnie says the same shit now, few new solid tracks here and there but a lot of "punch ur face in" type shit.. Gets repetitive.. Features are solid tho.. Not too mention primo, lethal,, marcopolo,havoc, JOAT, psycholes...fuck outta here wit c-lance cut that bum out, I don't get why vinnie signed him or y big underground heads fuckn wit him...:S
Name: (Posted: 9/23/2012 4:04:00 AM; Partial IP: 14.125.205)
Comment: This album should be called God of fagotry and wackery. Vinnie paz suck, jihadist wannabe pussy. Fuck them wack n*ggas
Name: (Posted: 9/18/2012 5:24:00 PM; Partial IP: 46.155.171)
Location: canada
Comment: fuck all u haters! respect to real heads! thanx @stu for the track list looks like dope prod and banger collabs.1
Name: (Posted: 9/17/2012 11:37:00 PM; Partial IP: .192.102.2)
Location: Shit Packing Plant
Comment: Vinnie wishes he could back his shit....into a large black mans cock. Pint sized wanna be gangsters. Clown shit. Enjoy bitches. Gay shit from a gay rapper.
Name: (Posted: 9/17/2012 10:05:00 PM; Partial IP: 50.138.149)
Location: Killa Cry
Comment: Straing Crap, no will lost my money in this garbage
Name: (Posted: 9/11/2012 12:02:00 PM; Partial IP: 190.55.122)
Location: church
Comment: are a fuckin clown shoe. I will beat your skull in with a log of bologna. salaams and duas...youre fucking hilarious
Name: (Posted: 9/11/2012 12:09:00 AM; Partial IP: .23.86.226)
Location: Times Sqaure
Comment: Haven't listened to Vinnie in a number of years, gonna check this one out.
Name: (Posted: 9/10/2012 11:10:00 PM; Partial IP: 49.214.203)
Location: illyuwn
Comment: salaams and duas to my brother. gonna support, insha allah. keep bangin, the filthy mushrikeen comments mean nothing. long live the blasphemy laws. BLAM !
Name: (Posted: 9/10/2012 4:35:00 PM; Partial IP: 158.64.215)
Location: MA
Comment: @YoungYonk @ Minister... crap? lol..far from.. I know vinnie isnt like his old jedi mind self but c'mon.. its 2012 and hes still very consistant.. a little repetetive.. but very consistant for dropin bangers... hes got preemo,lethal,marcopolo,JOAT,mobbdeep,koolgrap,tech... wtf else u want.. fuck outta here
Name: (Posted: 9/10/2012 12:09:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.78.206)
Location: Jial 1
Comment: cant wait for this crap and then laugh, funny how the fans not stop kissing vinnie ass
Name: (Posted: 9/9/2012 1:44:00 PM; Partial IP: .136.240.5)
Location: NNJ
Comment: Boxcutter rap!
Name: (Posted: 9/8/2012 3:51:00 PM; Partial IP: 137.60.172)
Location: Eugene,OR U.S
Comment: The last album had so many bangers on it and it didn't even have as many different appearances by other artists. This Album the track listing just got dropped and it looks dope as fuck. Get out of the way if you like some gay faggot ass mainstream shit. Preorder a copy to preserve the raw grimy underground hip hop scene peace Hey YoungYonk you dont know real hip hop when you hear it. Vinnie is raw and fuck and a veteran, how could you even say it will suck when only two tracks have been released and they are fuckkin bangers! You suck dick queer go listen to kanye west fag
Name: (Posted: 9/8/2012 12:41:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Calgary
Comment: this is gonna suck so much
Name: (Posted: 9/6/2012 4:40:00 PM; Partial IP: 68.245.185)
Location: PT
Comment: you cant be neutral on a moving train is a book by Historian Howard Zinn, check that shit !!!
Name: (Posted: 9/6/2012 3:07:00 PM; Partial IP: 190.55.122)
Location: 203
Comment: DAMN!!! Battle Hymn sounds like Battle Cry follow up....FUCKING DOPE!
Name: (Posted: 9/6/2012 12:09:00 AM; Partial IP: 59.247.244)
Location: MA
Comment: O man... im so excited for this just because of that tracklisting! I mean fuckk... q..lethal..technique..marcopolo..babypun..mobbDEEP..stubangas..scarface..preemo..JBLtheTitan..AP.ESO..MRGREEN..LCN..Havoc..Khadafi..PSYCHOLES..JACKofALLTrades..R.A...MTK..KOOL.G... not a fan of c-lance get out the game homie .. thing I thought was hilarious was the title " You cant be neutral on a moving train" haha... funny name.. none the less gonna be SICK AS FUCKKK!!
Name: (Posted: 9/5/2012 11:11:00 PM; Partial IP: .89.153.53)
Location: troy, mi
Comment: thx. tracklist looks dope
Name: (Posted: 9/5/2012 4:54:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.247.244)
Location: MA
Comment: 1. "Shadow Of The Guillotine" f/ Q-Unique (produced by DJ Lethal) 2. “Slum Chemist" (produced by C-Lance) 3. “The Oracle" (produced by DJ Premier) 4. “And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun" f/ Immortal Technique & Poison Pen (produced by Tony Kenyatta) 5. “Last Breath" f/ Chris Rivers (aka Baby Pun) & Whispers (produced by C-Lance) 6. “Crime Library" f/ Blaq Poet (produced by Marco Polo) 7.“Feign Submission" (Interlude) (produced by JBL the Titan) 8. “Duel To The Death" f/ Mobb Deep (produced by Stu Bangas) 9. “Problem Solver" f/ Scarface (produced by The Arcitype) 10. “Battle Hymn" f/ Apathy, King Syze, Crypt the Warchild, Jus Allah, Esoteric, Blacastan, Celph Titled & Planetary (produced by Mr. Green) 11. “Geometry of Business" f/ La Coka Nostra (produced by Havoc) 12. “Jake LaMotta" (produced by Illinformed) 13. “7 Fires Of Prophecy" f/ Tragedy Khadafi (produced by Beatnick Dee) 14. “Cheesesteaks" (produced by Psycho Les) 15. “Cold, Dark, and Empty" f/ FT and Smoke (produced by Jack Of All Trades) 16. “Razor Gloves" f/ R.A. the Rugged Man (produced by MTK) 17. “Wolves Amongst The Sheep" f/ Kool G. Rap & Block McCloud (produced by C-Lance) 18. “You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train" (produced by C-Lance & JBL the Titan) 19. “Kingdom Crusher" f/ Block McCloud (produced by Paul Nice) *****BONUS TRACK
Name: (Posted: 9/5/2012 4:54:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.247.244)
Location: MA
Name: (Posted: 9/4/2012 4:44:00 PM; Partial IP: .67.38.143)
Location: Los Angeles
Name: (Posted: 9/2/2012 2:52:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.150.54)
Location: Trast out
Comment: Fuck boring voice and rhymes, repit same and same shit every time, dont care of track list or feat. anyway will be the same boring shit
Name: (Posted: 9/1/2012 6:41:00 PM; Partial IP: .96.203.77)
Location: Oklahoma
Name: (Posted: 8/31/2012 10:36:00 PM; Partial IP: 134.27.177)
Location: Trendy obscure
Comment: Paz has an annoying voice, is an annoying 5' 5" wannabe thug, and has always been a bitch in the game.
Name: (Posted: 8/27/2012 1:07:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.196.253)
Location: queens
Comment: yo this vinnie paz track is crazy son can't wait to hear the album man whean I get a iphone ima have it on there too nuff said vinnie is back with he's rugged flow so hopefully I won't be let down like on violence begets violence that was a good album but it was less dope so im waiting man nuff said
Name: (Posted: 8/26/2012 11:44:00 PM; Partial IP: 158.79.234)
Location: VA
Comment: I miss the old Vinnie... I mean, hes not bad at all, its just all repetitive shit now... he used to be known for that raw flow with the crazy worldplay.. now its slowed down flow with alot of punch your dog and knife your mother bullshit.. Hes always consistant in his music but the material and flow are not even close to what it used to be.. Bring back stoupe :-(
Name: (Posted: 8/26/2012 9:03:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.69.127)
Location: marte k
Comment: Luke, totally agree with your comment, Paz is nothing in comparation with his two first albums ***
Name: (Posted: 8/25/2012 3:56:00 PM; Partial IP: 166.126.99)
Location: AllDamOniT
Comment: Yo Steve I Kill you just for that unopenend Jedi Record Bitch! GIve me the one up!! Slice the boxcutter Pazzi!!
Name: (Posted: 8/25/2012 11:49:00 AM; Partial IP: 103.117.49)
Location: Right behind you
Comment: Some of these mu fukaz need to explained dopeness. Rip shit up and break em off a piece Vinnie. Waitin for this shit to drop.
Name: (Posted: 8/25/2012 8:46:00 AM; Partial IP: 162.198.16)
Location: Australia
Comment: I wasn't impressed by "Cheesesteaks". What ever happened to the Vinnie Paz back in the Violent By Design days? A rough, rugged and raw lyricist. His flow is really boring and simple now. And his bar structure is weak. I don't like it.
Name: (Posted: 8/24/2012 11:14:00 AM; Partial IP: .227.94.96)
Location: New Yittiiiiiii
Comment: You all are pussys like Lil Wayne you hate just on the internet fuck y`all bitch ass n*ggaz JMT Vinnie Paz forever its not music for soft guys go and listen to lil wayne gucci mane or wacka flocka!!!!
Name: (Posted: 8/22/2012 11:42:00 AM; Partial IP: .99.100.61)
Location: Canada
Comment: I mean I dont get it. His flow is nice and knowledge is tight. But does he take himself too seriously? Yes. Vinnie you are a runt and you know it. Even your so called religion is a joke. Morehamhead is a diddler. So epsofacto your a runt diddler. Ill bill, vinnie outerspace all fat and lazy. Not quick not ready to dance with me. Get tired too quick no fun to kill !!!
Name: (Posted: 8/20/2012 11:21:00 PM; Partial IP: 127.246.78)
Location: location
Comment: He IS the best emcee to me and many more. Other emcees may have a few crazier lines or some really specific talent but Paz blends everything to make RAW BANGERS. He's been in the game over a decade and is crazy consistent.
Name: (Posted: 8/20/2012 5:00:00 PM; Partial IP: .72.88.253)
Location: New Jersey
Comment: I'm def looking forward to this album. Should be interesting to hear Vinnie on a DJ Premier track.
Name: (Posted: 8/20/2012 10:21:00 AM; Partial IP: 50.152.235)
Location: Grece
Comment: Funny how lot of guys put Paz like a god, like if is best ever mc, him all time used same thymes, talk of same shit. he has released goods albums but now no more, really nothing innovative or exciting doing lately
Name: (Posted: 8/19/2012 11:24:00 PM; Partial IP: 77.184.143)
Location: phila
Comment: its crazy to see all the hate for nothin....the cheesesteak jawn is a BANGER. video is sick too....some nerd ass dudes people need to appreciate when somethin dope comes around....its funny people still cry about the old JMT...put on VBD n chill out
Name: (Posted: 8/18/2012 12:51:00 PM; Partial IP: .52.235.59)
Location: Roy, UT
Comment: Can't wait for this album!! Paz is a beast and this album is gonna be better than his first album. The sooner it drops the happier I'm gonna be… Steve you are a fucking idiot!! Your comments are nothing but fantasy world shit and your life seems like it is too. Respect Paz and his music cause shit is sick so kill yourself while listening to the Paz man you lil' bitch!
Name: (Posted: 8/18/2012 11:07:00 AM; Partial IP: 171.58.182)
Location: Sydney
Comment: You cunts are still talking shit, fuck. Steve you are fucked in a head talking about knuckling up and shit, id never get sick of hitting you hippie fuck and I know where you live you fucking dog!!!This album is gonna be extra fucking brutal,especially if Paz reads some of the comments . So in a way thanks to all you faggots asking em to drop soft shit and other crap because on 10/23/2012 you all be getting dropped. I'm out!
Name: (Posted: 8/17/2012 11:33:00 PM; Partial IP: 126.170.61)
Location: u ruin hip hop
Comment: pretty sure you the guy Jessica Elizabeth Mehrhoff said I reminded her of shit brain. " you remind me of Vin" " he had alot of pain in his eyes" I think your wasting time not being a better man....that u could be....and be of more service POSITIVELY with your influence on all these fuckers. have fun masterbating and complaining while you rhyme about it and lie about being some kind of royal guy. You're not. I took that spot. A lot of guys like you who just need a thorough embarrassing and nice punch in the face. You are small. That Jedi Mindtricks album with the awesome art on the cover...of that guy running....the elemental spirit thing....I got that album and never opened it. But for arts sake I collected it...think JMs first offering...iono...think so.....I knew u kids were evil tho....even tho a few listens I had as I was coming up appreciated the talent way back then.....we were parallel. Hip Hop could be alot more if u fools gave me a reason to do more. At this point though I will just control you yackin asses while you sleep and keep a distance from all your bullshit cause I don't need to go to jail again. where is the body in this cover art? that much blood can't drip off the knife blade alone....unless the guy speed walking with the turban or whatever stabbed himself.....I think you should stab yourself. Angry dickhead....pawning all these sucker dumbasses....lieing like you all powerful.....yawn.... ya fans saying u use to be better.....I don't really ever listen to your shit but they probably right. the artwork you regularly use is stellar and that's cool....but you have an imbalance of darkness and evil which shows you are a bitch who sucks the devils cock regularly.....puttin ya weight in evil so your bitch ass can continue complaining.....lame shit... have fun blocking this God you stupid fucking asshole. I don't care. fans or not....I got people over you who can kill you. Unless you ever wanna knuckle up so I can record your awakening on youtube. get a fucking life. you are no longer aloud to talk about pharaohs or pyramids and all that crap. yeah orisons belt built on earth....a reflection of a sucker warrior imprinted on earth....a place of hell and stupidity and false bout knocking that shit off and doing something worth living for.....if you so damn miserable then shut up and kill yourself....these children need real leaders and real help and NY city is ass. how many of Yous tried to kill me for caring. A lot. you heard a me.
Name: (Posted: 8/17/2012 5:05:00 PM; Partial IP: .98.137.79)
Location: south florida
Comment: Ghari.... Jus allah did steal the show on violence begets violence. vinnie was solid, but give the album a close listen. vinnie used the same lyrics twice on three different tracks. scottie pippen reference, mel gibson ref, and I forget the third... but wasn't as creative as usual. listen to the track Chalice....vinnie didn't even really rhyme. used the word "here" repeatedly. not hatin, jus sayin everyone is under rating Jus Allah. anyways, theres no doubt this is gonna be a solid album
Name: (Posted: 8/17/2012 5:01:00 PM; Partial IP: .98.137.79)
Location: south florida
Comment: Ghari.... Jus allah did steal the show on violence begets violence. vinnie was solid, but give the album a close listen. vinnie used the same lyrics twice on three different tracks. scottie pippen reference, mel gibson ref, and I forget the third... but wasn't as creative as usual. listen to the track Chalice....vinnie didn't even really rhyme. used the word "here" repeatedly. not hatin, jus sayin everyone is under rating Jus Allah. anyways, theres no doubt this is gonna be a solid album
Name: (Posted: 8/16/2012 9:45:00 PM; Partial IP: .63.55.228)
Location: MA
Comment: I like paz alot no hate here.. I understand alot of ppl not liking the new production like c-lance etc.. but move on stoupes gone... gone :( lool
Name: (Posted: 8/16/2012 3:48:00 PM; Partial IP: 44.222.201)
Location: m city
Comment: Is That roots record store Mr flow
Name: (Posted: 8/16/2012 1:19:00 PM; Partial IP: 171.58.182)
Location: Sydney
Comment: Nooooo! 1st comment I made just before right at the end was meant to say em apart not me, fucking iPads. Now I look like some you other dickheads on here but at least I know my hip hop. I knew I shouldn't start writing shit but got to much respect for Paz to let all that shit slide and I'm off my fucking head, that's prob the main reason. Anyway, Now I'm done!
Name: (Posted: 8/16/2012 12:56:00 PM; Partial IP: 171.58.182)
Location: Sydney
Comment: First comment I've made on this site and been on it easily over 5 years. I'm just so pissed off with more then half off this gay ass comments by people that don't know shit about hip hop and how the fuck did you even hear about this site. Vinnie has been my top 3 as far as I remember and definitely the most consistent. Yeah stoupe is fucking excellent but time to fucking move on and there are fuck loads of djs making sick beats atm-al-tarba, kommander, grim reaperz, etc. and the beat on cheesesteaks by psycho les was one of the best beats I've heard in a long time. So to anyone with shit comments fucking die and peace to the rest. Ps. (carnal) you are a faggot eat shit and die cunt!!! Good luck with the album Paz! Keep tearing me apart! Many more names could be dropped here but you shit cunts aren't worth my time, so fuck off with your whack comments and find another site, like MTV or something. Don't Fuck with Paz!!! I'm done.
Name: (Posted: 8/16/2012 11:18:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.105.84)
Location: 18
Comment: i like a lot his firsts two albums when paz voice sound good, no like a dog that is how sound now, no understand why he exchange his voice so much. well anyway hope good luky for paz with his projects, I will keep listen his old stuff better that I can enjoy a lot
Name: (Posted: 8/15/2012 11:57:00 AM; Partial IP: 55.224.207)
Location: Jedi Mind tricks!
Comment: Looking forward to this sh*t!
Name: (Posted: 8/15/2012 12:19:00 AM; Partial IP: 250.52.128)
Location: Best Era
Comment: album of the year ?? LOL now every new release is albums of yeard. funny guys
Name: (Posted: 8/14/2012 7:52:00 PM; Partial IP: 127.246.78)
Location: NJ
Comment: This album isn't even fully produced by C Lance so even if you dont like the dude the album will be crazy. I miss stoupe too but remember Season of the Assassin? It had incredible beats with a few c lance bangers too. And I hear there's a primo track on here... Beats and rhymes will be dope. Will probably end up my vote for album of the year
Name: (Posted: 8/14/2012 3:27:00 PM; Partial IP: .247.74.91)
Location: Romania
Comment: dope dope dope !!!
Name: (Posted: 8/13/2012 9:55:00 PM; Partial IP: .158.78.45)
Location: NY
Name: (Posted: 8/13/2012 7:19:00 PM; Partial IP: .78.163.54)
Location: Port Richey, FL
Comment: Awesome. Incredible writing.
Name: (Posted: 8/13/2012 2:03:00 PM; Partial IP: 164.12.109)
Location: chitown
Name: (Posted: 8/13/2012 1:16:00 AM; Partial IP: .95.134.33)
Location: Cali
Comment: 1 hour, Lazy photoshop collage for the album cover- Knife is leaking blood like a faucet (write that one down for a track) and pyramids dont belong in the serengeti.. Make up with Stoupe and bring the classics back. Still, much love tho. lol
Name: (Posted: 8/12/2012 11:26:00 PM; Partial IP: .158.78.45)
Location: DC
Comment: Jus Allah stole the show? Hahaaa jus Allah was good on vbd that's it dudes voice is beyond irritating and his rhymes are stupid as fuck... Stoupe is legendary maybe it wasn't him losing passion for hiphop.. Maybe it was him getting tired of vinnie fuckin him outta money
Name: (Posted: 8/12/2012 1:56:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: south florida
Comment: jimmy cheese.... the best thing Vinnie did was gettin rid of stoupes ass. he was fallin off. the last real tight shit he did was visions of ghandi and maybe rip the jacker. after that...inconsistent. move on dude.
Name: (Posted: 8/12/2012 1:54:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: south florida
Comment: anyone that the strings or whatever sounds like RZA's tragedy? shit is tight. btw, I dont care what anyone says..Jus Allah stole the show on violence begets violence. cant wait for his solo to drop.
Name: (Posted: 8/11/2012 11:10:00 PM; Partial IP: .1.156.181)
Location: vancouver
Comment: can't wait, always dope beats
Name: (Posted: 8/11/2012 12:42:00 PM; Partial IP: 200.61.251)
Location: istanbul
Comment: amýna koyayým stoupe ols þimdi nede güzel olurdu albümü uçururdu. hep o pezevenk c-lance yüzünden.
Name: (Posted: 8/10/2012 1:47:00 PM; Partial IP: 59.254.246)
Location: PHILLI
Name: (Posted: 8/10/2012 1:25:00 PM; Partial IP: 252.66.166)
Location: Norway
Comment: this will be dope, I agree with @Jimmy Cheesesteaks bring back stoupe!!!
Name: (Posted: 8/9/2012; Partial IP: 20.215.154)
Location: asgahf
Comment: I like Paz but I think he should make more track like uncommon valor, shadow buissnes, razorblade salvation even track like the one on his last album produce by the beatminers. His raw track all sound the same lyricaly. At least he have a good ear for beats..
Name: (Posted: 8/8/2012 9:06:00 PM; Partial IP: 49.249.244)
Location: Norristown, PA
Comment: Last album had all kinds of good cuts. Just know this is gonna be just as hard!!
Name: (Posted: 8/8/2012 1:10:00 PM; Partial IP: 197.71.202)
Location: manchester
Comment: Seriously can't wait for this. Pazienza is a legend!
Name: (Posted: 8/8/2012 1:03:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Denver
Comment: I think the rappers like working with C-Lance because he doesn't charge top dollar. His tracks on the new LCN are okay. But it's a pretty big disappointment when you expect an album to be produced by Rob The Viking or DJ Eclipse, but instead they outsourced the job to C-Lance. Sometimes his beats even sound outsourced and cheap, even if it's okay. So I can see why people are pissed. C-Lance isn't a cunt like Solar though.
Name: (Posted: 8/7/2012 9:57:00 PM; Partial IP: 158.66.218)
Location: PHILLI
Name: (Posted: 8/7/2012 8:30:00 PM; Partial IP: 77.165.107)
Location: Toronto
Comment: @shogun, think its just pyramid shaped bro, doesnt look like a pyramid in regards to brick structure an what not lol....its just a complete reverse of the last album cover, I think its dope
Name: (Posted: 8/7/2012 8:12:00 PM; Partial IP: 249.193.10)
Location: chi-town
Comment: the serengeti is no where near the egyptian pyramids.
Name: (Posted: 8/7/2012 6:28:00 PM; Partial IP: .22.13.125)
Location: Stamy
Comment: @ Misseda Flow...true bro, I didnt see Jimmy's, Pat's, or Genos!
Name: (Posted: 8/7/2012 5:50:00 PM; Partial IP: .22.13.125)
Location: Stam Town
Comment: CAN NOT WAIT!!!! October can not come soon enough
Name: (Posted: 8/6/2012 10:14:00 PM; Partial IP: .89.153.53)
Location: troy, mi
Comment: cant wit. but whats up with the new AOTP vinnie??
Name: (Posted: 8/6/2012 6:44:00 PM; Partial IP: .229.42.21)
Location: Fl.
Comment: The Cheesesteaks track has nothing to fuckin' do with "Cheesesteaks". The productions dope though. I hope the albums more promising.
Name: (Posted: 8/6/2012 6:32:00 PM; Partial IP: 55.224.207)
Location: Sweden
Comment: Jedi mind baby!
Name: (Posted: 8/6/2012 4:24:00 AM; Partial IP: 195.97.122)
Location: South Africa
Comment: Dope shit
Name: (Posted: 8/5/2012 11:46:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Planet Earth
Comment: That video was Dope. The two main things I got from it was that you don't want to F@#K with Vinnie Paz and also I now have a craving for Philly Cheese Steak...
Name: (Posted: 8/5/2012 11:38:00 PM; Partial IP:
Location: Planet Earth
Comment: Real Dope! AOTP!
Name: (Posted: 8/5/2012 3:34:00 PM; Partial IP: .49.176.61)
Location: BOSTON
Comment: I can't wait for this one, definitely copping the cheese steak joint was hot
Name: (Posted: 8/3/2012 7:09:00 AM; Partial IP:
Location: South Africa
Comment: well well,...............dope
Name: (Posted: 8/3/2012 1:13:00 AM; Partial IP: .84.65.128)
Location: son
Comment: Looking forward to this. I like This cat's music.
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