Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – ‘Jungle Fever/ Tender Trap‘ Vinyl Single
Dillon & Paten Locke – ‘Food Chain‘ CD, Vinyl & Cassette
El Michels Affair & The Shacks – ‘Strange Boy/ No Surprise‘ Vinyl Single
House Shoes – ‘The Makings‘ Cassette
J Dilla – ‘The Diary (Instrumentals)‘ Vinyl LP
J Dilla – ‘The Shining: 10th Anniversary‘ Vinyl Single
Knxwledge – ‘WrapTaypes‘ Cassette
MindsOne & DJ Iron – ‘Phaseology‘ CD, Vinyl, & Cassette
Nolan The Ninja – ‘he(art)‘ Cassette
Suff Daddy – ‘Bird Songs‘ CD
The Concept Of Alps – ‘Fellin’ Satisfaction + Bloodwork‘ Vinyl Single
Vast Aire & Raticus – ‘The Heir Vast‘ Vinyl EP

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