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Hip-hop is everywhere. From the music wafting in the elevator at work to the biggest releases this summer. While hip-hop is expanding, the deep cuts and lyricism are here to stay. True hip-hop fans are still rocking to their #faves, while discovering the best and boldest of the newest artists.

Ways Hip Hop Fans Can Make Money Online

It’s this voraciousness that makes it easy for hip-hop fans to turn their love and passion for music into a side hustle. The internet has changed the way we listen, buy and engage with music, and brands and companies are working hard to provide the best music services to avid listeners. But they need you.

From tools to help discover new artists to transcription, here are 9 ways hip-hop lovers can make money online while listening to their favorite artists.

1. Transcribe Lyrics

Rhyming and wordplay are at the core of what makes hip-hop so exciting. Welocalize, a professional translation and localization service, pays passionate music lovers to transcribe the lyrics of the songs they already know and love with an app called Snap. Fans can make up to $4 per completed song, or around $20 an hour, while diving into the lyrical intricacies of some of the best in underground music. Whether you just need extra cash or are looking to make it full time, it’s up to you how much you make. Plus, you can do the work from anywhere at any time. Currently, users need a Mac to get started, but word on the street is that they’re launching a Windows app soon.

2. Sell Music

Music is the most powerful vessel through which hip-hop artists transmit their ideas and connect with fans. Selling music through platforms deeply rooted in the culture and history of underground hip-hop provides artists with the most direct way to share their product. For those who engage with Undergroundhiphop.com, the reward is twofold, as the website is both a platform for artists to sell records and a space for fans to discuss the music they love.

3. Review Music

For those who love sharing their ideas about the latest and greatest in hip-hop and analyzing every lyric and beat reviewing music online is a great way to interact with the rich network of upcoming artists and avid listeners. Slicethepie, the web’s most extensive music review engine, pays users to evaluate the music they listen to.

4. Discover New Artists  

If you have your ear tuned to the latest sounds in hip-hop, what better way to discover new artists than to make money in the process? Music Xray provides users with underground music content curated to their tastes. The platform allows upcoming musicians to share content and connect with receptive, passionate listeners. If you’re a hip-hop head looking to engage with the scene and make a little extra cash, platforms like Music Xray are the way to go.

5. Predict Who’s Up Next

Do you consider yourself a personal barometer of what’s fresh in hip-hop? HitPredictor allows users to shape the future of the scene by reviewing music and predicting the next big hip-hop hit. Users receive points for each song they rate. These points can be used to cash in on prizes like CDs, gift cards and raffles.

6. Teach Music

The universal networks of the web have created educational platforms “sans-frontières.” Access to even the most niche tutorials are just a click away. Platforms such as Udemy are optimal for those who have the urge to share their hip-hop-oriented skills, from beat production to wordflow, with others. Udemy allows users to take in-depth online courses or get paid to create courses of their own. Through these online courses, users can help shape the vibrant global hip-hop community and improve the musical literacy of those interested in the genre.

7. Make Your Music Subscription Based  

Hip-hop, despite its resonance with people around the globe, is personal. If you’re looking to share creative content and engage with the culture in an intimate, personalized way, creating a subscription-based platform is a great way to monetize the strength of a dedicated fanbase. Patreon provides a space for users to do just that, allowing creators to create personal pages to upload subscription-based content.

8. Host an Online Concert

To perform or listen to hip-hop live is to experience the genre in its most visceral form. For those who wish to create live experiences without the logistical red tape of traditional live musical performances, online concerts are a perfect medium. Websites like Concert Window allow musicians to broadcast concerts live for free across the globe and receive 70 percent of the a concert’s revenue the next day. Now you can spit rhymes to fans in the comfort of your own living room!

9. Create Hip-Hop Merchandise

Hip-hop is more than music, it’s a culture, and the biggest artists curate everything from their sound to their look. Merchandise is a great way for artists to integrate their music and style and, in turn, for fans to show love for their favorite artists. Websites like Merchify enable users to create original merchandise and streamline both the sale and shipping of their products.

Hip-hop has evolved from its humble beginnings into a worldwide industry. For passionate fans and aspiring artists, it has never been easier to tap into the ever-expanding genre. With new online services, those who live for music can earn cash while engaging with what they love.

Listen and get paid. Make $4 per song with the Snap app – connects right to your iTunes. Sign up and start transcribing lyrics today.

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