Immortal Technique (born Felipe Andres Coronel) is an American rapper of Afro-Peruvian descent who is as well known for his activism as he is for his socially conscious (and oftentimes controversial) lyrics. Emigrating from Lima, Peru as a toddler, he gravitated towards rapping at the age of nine and later began to take the craft seriously in high school. Tech was accepted to Penn State University, but before he could graduate, he was arrested and spent a year in prison. During that time, Tech devoted himself to studying the teachings of revolutionaries such as Che Guevara and Malcom X dedicating himself to weaving themes of politics, socialism, class hierarchy, religion, government, institutional racism, and more into his music. Gaining momentum in the underground battle scene, Tech began to hone his style aggressively delivering freestyles and solidifying himself as a ferocious battle emcee before going on to refine his songwriting talents. In addition to his career in music, Immortal Technique has a long resume of charitable work, including partnering with Omeid International to build an orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan and making prison visits to speak with the youth. He has made a career out of making music that is personal, passionate, and tells a story of sacrifice, full of historical and political references. As someone who has built a name for himself in the music industry by drawing from real life, Immortal Technique represents an authenticity that has inspired countless others over the years, solidifying himself as an influential rapper despite only having released three studio albums.

Ill Bill (born William Braunstein) is a rapper and producer from Brooklyn, New York. He was also a member of hip-hop collectives Non Phixion, Circle of Tyrants, La Coka Nostra, and Heavy Metal Kings.

Following the release of a few demo tapes, Ill Bill got his start as part of Non Phixion in 1994, when then-popular MC Serch decided to create a group consisting of Bill, DJ Eclipse, and Serch’s protégé Sabac Red. Rapper Goretex rounded out the group six months later, after getting the opportunity to freestyle for Serch through his childhood friendship with Bill.

The group’s debut single garnered 25,000 worldwide sales, and they were able to secure a record deal on Geffen. Following the release of their debut album in 2002 and its 2004 follow-up, the members focused on solo projects, resulting in the release of Bill’s 2004 debut, What’s Wrong With Bill? The following year, Bill and Goretex released an album with Bill’s brother, Necro, and Mr. Hyde as The Circle of Tyrants. Non Phixion then decided to take a hiatus before working on their next release (which never came to fruition), so Ill Bill joined forces with Danny Boy, Slaine, and a few members of House of Pain to form La Coka Nostra. To date, the collective has released three studio albums.

As a solo act, Ill Bill has released four solo albums. He also released one album as a collaboration with DJ Muggs, two albums as part of Non Phixion, three albums as part of La Coka Nostra, and one album as part of Heavy Metal Kings, a duo formed with rapper Vinnie Paz.