This new gem by Apathy is in stock and shipping now on all physical formats! Apathy is that dude. Not only is he one of the best out there on the mic, but he produced this entire album as well. He’s good looking, his wife looks like a super model (I’m still waiting for the wifey swap invite, Ap), and he has fans all over the world. Best of all… he’s been good friends with us here at UGHH for over 16 years. He is the only hip hop artist to invite me (Quest) to his wedding where I got to smoke blunts with Celph Titled and Motive, sing “Dwyck” at the top of my lungs with Ryu (of Styles of Beyond), and much more… a memory I will never forget. If there is anyone in hip hop you should support, it’s Apathy (and Celph Titled of course). Apathy is a class A rapper (see what I did there?).
Vinyl LP and Cassette Translucent Green also available for pre-order.

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