This is gonna have to be something that's worked out politically in my mind. Because nobody wants to see a nuclear war over the Ukraine. I think it will be a lot of money on the table to political parties. I think there would be tons of bribery, but hopefully the end result would be Ukrainian people getting a self determined ability to rule themselves. If they're fixed in with what Russia wants, then that's fine. But it shouldn't be determined by war commissioners what the Ukraine does. That's my philosophy.
You couldn't join unions, couldn't get room security.
My only hope is that there could be a peaceful solution that comes to mind, that people can stop war mongering and pretending that it's gonna be a war that ends early. It's not. It's gonna be a horrible tragedy. We need to avert that. I think we still can. I'm praying for a diplomatic solution. And hopefully there will be one because I know that when people stop talking, they start shooting. Hopefully, we can keep them talking so no one's shooting.
...wasn't just troops that we sent to Iraq...
...We are one, regardless of our birth place.
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