Random Man: CSPtv all day, 401 Providence, Rhode Island, man.
Smoker 1: CSPtv baby!
Smoker 2: That's what's up, [crosstalk 00:00:13] you already know what it is.
Smoker 1: Drastic Records all day every day.
Smoker 2: Smoking that shit.
Group in Unison: CSPtv!
Japan: CSPtv, make sure you go to the YouTube. Your boy Japan, you already know what it is.
Interviewer: CSPtv, man. It's like the deja vu, but with somebody else yo, we in the building. Providence, yo. This guy killed it, let 'em know bro, please tell them who you are.
Akrobatik: What up, Akrobatik, Boston, Massachusetts, perception is cool.
Interviewer: You from Boston, NOG and the [crosstalk 00:00:44] He's been on this show a couple times, man, have you ... What's up with NOG man?
Akrobatik: Arrow's my big brother man, in this rap game. Matter of fact, NOG is probably my favorite person in rap. His personality, I've been on tour with the man all over the world, and he's just one of the kindest individuals you come across. His skills is better now than they was back in the day. So he's just a real emcee.
Interviewer:[inaudible 00:01:08] You killed it, your thoughts on the crowd, man.
Akrobatik: The crowd was fun man, it's like people will get thoroughly entertained, you got pro wrestling, emcee battles, burlesque show, me coming out here and getting in the ring, freestyles, beatboxing. America's Got Talent.
Interviewer: Come on man, here in Providence man, big ups to [inaudible 00:01:29] putting it down man. [inaudible 00:01:31] in the building. Yo there were some flyers going on. You was ... I thought it was you on the flyer but you got like a wrestling belt, and then you screamed I'm not a professional wrestler. What's good man?
Akrobatik: I'm not, I'm not a professional wrestler, I went to [inaudible 00:01:45] wrestling camp back like 12 years ago for like ... had a cup of coffee there then I was done with it. And I also used to work with [inaudible 00:01:53] Company so I got some experience, but it's nothing like what those guys are doing. Man those guys are masters of their craft so I don't gonna sit here and act like just because we do the one little spot tonight like ahh, no those guys are doing what they do very well, very entertaining.
Interviewer:Yo, as he's saying like the lil spot, he like came in the ring told dude like step off, gave a couple kicks and the elbows and shit ... and then start rhyming in the building. So that's what's up man. So you was screaming on stage all the time. Gotta new project coming out.
Akrobatik: Yeah new solo album called Built to Last, new era for me. You know it's gonna be really interesting. I'm a free agent. I'm looking forward to taking the album around and seeing what's best place to put it out. But once that's out, I'm tryna hit every stage of the world that's open.
Interviewer:That's what's up, yo you um did a track off the new album. You said a lyric that really caught my ear something about jumping off the rope clothes line, compare to walking again or something to that extent.
Akrobatik: Oh, okay yeah that was just part of the freestyle you know what I'm saying, that wasn't off the album but, you know it just feels good to go from not being able to do much to being back in full strength.
Interviewer: Because you had some real shit happen to you.
Akrobatik: Yeah, I had to have an aortic dissection, I had to have open heart surgery, emergency open heart surgery. I got to the hospital, they didn't know if I was gonna make it or not. Everything turned out all right, so thanks to the surgery and the prayers.
Interviewer: Some shit like you must have a real real appreciation, even the minor shit
Akrobatik: Yeah I got an appreciation for sitting here with you and talking to you brother, I got an appreciation for everything and ... everything is magnified. Everything is 10 times more beautiful.
Interviewer:That's what's up man yo CSPtv, we developing a hip hop hall of fame. Who is your nomination though?
Akrobatik: Wow, I would have to go with DJ Kool Herc. Gotta start from the beginning.
Interviewer: Wow that's going ... oh my gosh that is way back
Akrobatik: Who goes in before him? That's the hall of fame.
Interviewer: That's what's up
Akrobatik: All right, this is Akrobatik, you heard it by now, you checking out CSPtv real hip hop lives right here, y'all? Peace out

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Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Producer Pete Rock (Peter Phillips) and rapper CL Smooth (Corey Penn) are a group from Mount Vernon, NY, known for their legendary use of jazz and soul samples mixed with pensive rhymes. They first met in the early ‘90s while attending Mount Vernon High, establishing themselves early on as a duo destined to make the hip-hop history books. Pete Rock was taken under the wing of DJ Marley Marl at New York City's WBLS, eventually earning his own airtime and catching the attention of Heavy D's DJ Eddie, who introduced the pair to various record labels in New York City. Following Pete Rock’s co-produced four tracks off Heavy D & the Boyz's sophomore album Big Tyme (1989), he and CL Smooth used that momentum to release their debut EP All Souled Out in 1991. From jump, the duo carved their own lane by juxtaposing Pete Rock's signature horn blares and renowned ear for obscure soul and jazz samples with CL Smooth's knack for waxing philosophical yet effortlessly profanity-free lyrical delivery. The duo's 1992 debut album, Mecca & the Soul Brother, gave the world their best-known single, "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)." Met with rave reviews, the project was praised as one of the greatest rap records of all time. Following critical acclaim, the pair scored placements on soundtracks for films Menace II Society, Who's the Man?, and Poetic Justice, as well as collaborated with Mary J. Blige for a remix of her track "Reminisce." In 1994, Pete Rock & CL Smooth reunited for The Main Ingredient, a project that would later become the legendary duo's last album together. After splitting in 1995, both artists went on to nurture solo careers and would later reconnect for occasional tour runs and public appearances. The year 2003 saw the release of their compilation record, Good Life: The Best of Pete Rock & CL Smooth, further fueling the demand for a proper reunion. In 2010, the death of hip-hop pioneer Guru acted as a catalyst for them to reconcile their creative differences in a new way, with the duo promising fans new music was in the works. The group promises a new project by the end of 2017.