Random Man: CSPtv all day, 401 Providence, Rhode Island, man.
Smoker 1: CSPtv baby!
Smoker 2: That's what's up, [crosstalk 00:00:13] you already know what it is.
Smoker 1: Drastic Records all day every day.
Smoker 2: Smoking that shit.
Group in Unison: CSPtv!
Japan: CSPtv, make sure you go to the YouTube. Your boy Japan, you already know what it is.
Interviewer: CSPtv, man. It's like the deja vu, but with somebody else yo, we in the building. Providence, yo. This guy killed it, let 'em know bro, please tell them who you are.
Akrobatik: What up, Akrobatik, Boston, Massachusetts, perception is cool.
Interviewer: You from Boston, NOG and the [crosstalk 00:00:44] He's been on this show a couple times, man, have you ... What's up with NOG man?
Akrobatik: Arrow's my big brother man, in this rap game. Matter of fact, NOG is probably my favorite person in rap. His personality, I've been on tour with the man all over the world, and he's just one of the kindest individuals you come across. His skills is better now than they was back in the day. So he's just a real emcee.
Interviewer:[inaudible 00:01:08] You killed it, your thoughts on the crowd, man.
Akrobatik: The crowd was fun man, it's like people will get thoroughly entertained, you got pro wrestling, emcee battles, burlesque show, me coming out here and getting in the ring, freestyles, beatboxing. America's Got Talent.
Interviewer: Come on man, here in Providence man, big ups to [inaudible 00:01:29] putting it down man. [inaudible 00:01:31] in the building. Yo there were some flyers going on. You was ... I thought it was you on the flyer but you got like a wrestling belt, and then you screamed I'm not a professional wrestler. What's good man?
Akrobatik: I'm not, I'm not a professional wrestler, I went to [inaudible 00:01:45] wrestling camp back like 12 years ago for like ... had a cup of coffee there then I was done with it. And I also used to work with [inaudible 00:01:53] Company so I got some experience, but it's nothing like what those guys are doing. Man those guys are masters of their craft so I don't gonna sit here and act like just because we do the one little spot tonight like ahh, no those guys are doing what they do very well, very entertaining.
Interviewer:Yo, as he's saying like the lil spot, he like came in the ring told dude like step off, gave a couple kicks and the elbows and shit ... and then start rhyming in the building. So that's what's up man. So you was screaming on stage all the time. Gotta new project coming out.
Akrobatik: Yeah new solo album called Built to Last, new era for me. You know it's gonna be really interesting. I'm a free agent. I'm looking forward to taking the album around and seeing what's best place to put it out. But once that's out, I'm tryna hit every stage of the world that's open.
Interviewer:That's what's up, yo you um did a track off the new album. You said a lyric that really caught my ear something about jumping off the rope clothes line, compare to walking again or something to that extent.
Akrobatik: Oh, okay yeah that was just part of the freestyle you know what I'm saying, that wasn't off the album but, you know it just feels good to go from not being able to do much to being back in full strength.
Interviewer: Because you had some real shit happen to you.
Akrobatik: Yeah, I had to have an aortic dissection, I had to have open heart surgery, emergency open heart surgery. I got to the hospital, they didn't know if I was gonna make it or not. Everything turned out all right, so thanks to the surgery and the prayers.
Interviewer: Some shit like you must have a real real appreciation, even the minor shit
Akrobatik: Yeah I got an appreciation for sitting here with you and talking to you brother, I got an appreciation for everything and ... everything is magnified. Everything is 10 times more beautiful.
Interviewer:That's what's up man yo CSPtv, we developing a hip hop hall of fame. Who is your nomination though?
Akrobatik: Wow, I would have to go with DJ Kool Herc. Gotta start from the beginning.
Interviewer: Wow that's going ... oh my gosh that is way back
Akrobatik: Who goes in before him? That's the hall of fame.
Interviewer: That's what's up
Akrobatik: All right, this is Akrobatik, you heard it by now, you checking out CSPtv real hip hop lives right here, y'all? Peace out

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While MF DOOM (born Daniel Dumile) is highly regarded as one of the most inimitable figures in hip-hop, part of his legacy also lies within his collaborative work and in his eccentric half-dozen alter egos. Of those experimental projects, his partnership with Danger Mouse (born Brian Burton) is one of the most celebrated. Their debut project, The Mouse and the Mask, was released to critical acclaim in 2005, utilizing the collective moniker DANGER DOOM. The project was released in the UK through Lex Records, as well as in the United States through punk label Epitaph Records, marking the latter imprint's third foray into hip-hop. Best known for his work with the Gorillaz, Beck, the Black Keys, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Grammy Award-winning producer Danger Mouse handled the instrumentation, while DOOM focused on the animated vocals and eccentric lyrical direction. For DANGER DOOM‘s debut, Danger Mouse chose to sample exclusively from various animated shows airing on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's late-night programming block—with a handful of cartoon characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force making appearances on the album, in addition to the likes of Cee-Lo Green, Talib Kweli, and Ghostface Killah. With support from the network and famed comedian Dave Chappelle alike, the project was released in October 2005 and quickly became a cult fan favorite. While the album sparked several noteworthy talking points, MF DOOM's diss against his former collaborator, MF Grimm, undeniably stood out. The Monsta Island Czars (M.I.C.) member later responded with the track "Book of Daniel," during which he accused DOOM of selling out. With many hailing the seemingly unlikely pairing of MF DOOM and Danger Mouse as an undeniable success, DANGER DOOM delivered once again the following year, releasing their 2006 EP, Occult Hymn, exclusively though AdultSwim.com. Although DANGER DOOM has not reunited since 2006, their small-but-impactful body of work remains heralded as one of the most experimental and pleasantly absurdist collaborations to come out of the 2000s.