Speaker 2: So what brings you to town, my man.
Biz Markie: I'd doing some birthday party at Knockout.
Speaker 2: You're DJ-ing now, right?
Biz Markie: I been DJ-ing since 90, 91.
Speaker 2: I know Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest, he stated out as a DJ before he started rapping. Was it always your passion to be a DJ?
Biz Markie: I always wanted to DJ my DJ always DJs, so I always wanted to do it.
Speaker 2: Yeah man, to me, you're legendary. You probably hear this all the time, I'm one of your biggest fans, man, from Just a Friend to Vapors. I couldn't wait to go buy a piece of raggedy car just to ride around to I Got The Vapors or whatever. And then with the whole T-shirt, pajama, long T-shirt thing back in the day.
Biz Markie: Pants sagging.
Speaker 2: Yeah. There was a craze throughout the country. Everyone was wearing those shirts. I haven't seen that done since Cameron and the pink T-shirts, man. You are real hip-hop icon, man.
Biz Markie: I just like to have fun in hip-hop Hip-hop is a whole race to me. It's different type of language. Hip hop is what you live.
Speaker 2: Do you think there's been any drastic changes in hip-hop lately?
Biz Markie: I think it's more corporate now, and there's more followers instead of leaders.
Speaker 2: Right, right right. Because you were more or less like, the fun rapper.
Biz Markie: I was just different.
Speaker 2: Yeah, most definitely.
Biz Markie: A lot of people, they confuse hip-hop with the G rap and the party music, it seems like there are different levels of hip-hop now. That's why I was asking if you noticed any changes.
Speaker 2: Hip-hop aint like what we used to be when we were younger, but we're older now, so we're never gonna loo at how the young people look at hip-hop.
Biz Markie: I understand that. Are you on the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, anything like that?
Speaker 2: I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I got Yo Gabba Gabba.
Biz Markie: So the whole nine yards, huh.
Speaker 2: Yeah. We welcome you to our city man. We hope you come back and we hope you have a good time.
Biz Markie: Oh yeah.
Speaker 2: I gotta shake your hand on camera. I'm one of your biggest fans.
Biz Markie: Shout out to Nelly Nell, too.
Speaker 2: Exactly, exactly. So does Jackie want to say anything?
Biz Markie: Oh yeah, hold up hold up, my man plays for Saint Louis Rams.
Speaker 2: Okay.
Biz Markie: My man [inaudible 00:02:55]
Speaker 2: Here we have - [crosstalk 00:02:57]
Biz Markie: My hand, like this.
Speaker 2: Wow. So miss Jackie, happy holidays, how you doing?
Jackie: Happy Holiday to you.
Biz Markie: Come on in here baby girl.
Jackie: We got Biz Markie in the house.
Biz Markie: And I'm always coming here every time I land now, from now on.
Jackie: [inaudible 00:03:16]
Biz Markie: I can't tell everybody what I eat, because I'm on a diet, but it's the weekend, so I'm allowed to cheat.
Jackie: We appreciate you stopping in the world-famous Rib Shack.
Biz Markie: The food is incredible here.
Jackie: If you need limo service -
Biz Markie: He's the official driver.
Jackie: This is the best man. This is my guy Mr. Terry. You call him.
Speaker 4: Driver One Transportation.
Biz Markie: That's right.
Speaker 4: We only do the private people.
Biz Markie: You know.
Speaker 2: So, contact information, you give the phone number and let them know.
Speaker 4:314-5903-3208. I'm on Instagram, Driver One Transportation. I take care of my people.
Biz Markie: That's right.
Yo, this is Biz Markie and you're watching Block DVD, in the loop.
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