Neke: 92Q jams the most hip hop and R&B. Got Common in the studio.
Common: What's up? How you feeling, Neke?
Neke: What's going on, babe?
Finding Forever dropped, what, like two weeks ago?
Common: Yeah, about a week ago.
Neke: You know the decline of the record sales just across the board, period. Are you happy with the success of Finding Forever so far?
Common: Yeah, definitely. This has been my first number one album, you know. It hit number one in the country and it's been 14 years of making music and this is my first time, so I'm very happy.
Neke: I thought Be was number one, too.
Common: No, Be came in at number two.
Neke: Top five? That's ... Okay.
Common: It was number two.
Neke: I could've promised you I thought it was number one.
Common: Yeah, some rock group, I forgot who it was, but they topped me that.
Neke: Was it Maroon 5?
Common: It was some ... No, it wasn't Maroon 5. Forgot the group, though. But I remember doing a show with them, like, "Man, they topped me," you know? But it's cool. You know, the impact of BE was so good for me.
Neke: Right, absolutely. And this album is great.
Common: Yeah, thank you.
Neke: And we've been telling people, like, "If you want a good album, you got to get this album, Finding Forever." Not only that, Rod Madd Flava ... You know him from Rap Attack, right?
Common: Yeah, yeah.
Neke: He's always walking around the building. He gets so frustrated. "Where's hip hop? If you see hip hop, tell him ... send him my way, because I need to find him. I'm looking for him."
Common: Yeah.
Neke: So if you looking for hip hop, you got to pick up the album, because you will find hip hop on that album.
Common: Yeah, thank you, yeah. You know, when I make a album, I want it to be an album, an experience, and a story that you can play from front to back, you know, and just ride out and feel all the emotions that you may feel as a person, whether it's ... Sometimes you feeling spiritual, sometimes you feeling rugged and want to fight, sometimes you feel in love, you know, so ...
Neke: You feel rugged? Never.
Common: Ah, come on, Neke. I'm the man. You know, I got that animal in me too sometimes, so I just try to express it through the music. But the album is largely produced by Kanye West, and also a track by will.i.am, and my guy J Dilla, who passed before the album came out.
Neke: Right.
Common: But that's the production-wise, and as far as guest appearances, I have a song with D'Angelo on there and Bilal sang on a lot of tracks. And a lady by the name of Lily Allen from the UK sang on a song called "Drivin' Me Wild," which we just shot the video for. But we really going to be probably go on the radio with "I Want You," that, which would be the next single to the radio.

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