Aaron: And action.
Dave Skylark: "It's hell to be Shady. Yesterday I yelled a degrading insult at an elderly lady. Then I asked her how it felt to be 80. F-word, a senior citizen. Suck a wiener, sit and spin." [crosstalk 00:00:51]
Aaron: "Suck a wiener, sit and spun."
Speaker 3: It's funny.
Dave Skylark: "And why you drive so slow for? Don't you want to get where you're going faster since you'll probably die tomorrow, you old whore? Die, old bitch, die, before I murder you." What do you mean by this, Em?
Eminem: Well, first of all, I feel like when I rap, like, people twist my words.
Dave Skylark: Okay, but can you see how an old person might say, "I think what this guy is telling me, this Eminem, is that I should go kill myself. And I, you know, I don't like that."
Eminem: I mean, I don't necessarily rap about the things that I hate. It's more about the things that I fear.
Dave Skylark: I get you.
Eminem: You know, it's like, if I say something about women or whatever ...
Dave Skylark: Yes.
Eminem: ... I think a lot of that is more or less me just dealing with issues with, you know, old issues with my mom or whatever.
Dave Skylark: With your mother.
Eminem: Yeah, or you know, when I say things about gay people or people think that my lyrics are homophobic, you know, it's because I'm gay. When I rap about violence, [crosstalk 00:01:57]or, you know ...
Dave Skylark: Wait.
Eminem: It's not like I'm promoting violence. [crosstalk 00:02:00] I think that, uh, you know, it's more or less [crosstalk 00:02:03]because ...
Speaker 3: What?
Aaron: What? What? What?
Eminem:... you know, it's kind of about me just, you know, confronting it.
Aaron: What did he just say?
Speaker 3: Wow.
Aaron: Can we ...
Speaker 5: He said he was gay.
Aaron: Did he just ...
Speaker 7: Dave. Dave.
Speaker 3: Did he just say he was gay?
Aaron: We're pretty sure in the booth, we just heard him say he was gay?
Dave Skylark: Em. Let's just back it up a moment. You just said that you were gay? Um, and I'm just curious what you meant by that, exactly.
Eminem: I mean, I'm gay.
Dave Skylark: Ah, I'm just a little confused here because "gay" can mean a lot of things.
Eminem: I am a homosexual.
Dave Skylark: Meaning ...
Eminem: I like men.
Speaker 3: What the fuck just happened?
Aaron: Eminem just said he was gay. Four times. That's what the fuck just happened.
Speaker 3: Holy shit.
Aaron: Holy shit. Eminem's gay on our show.
Speaker 3: Eminem's gay on our show.
Aaron: Oh my god. Camera 2. Camera two. [crosstalk 00:02:57]
Speaker 6: Gay twitter ... Gay twitter's blowing up. Holy shit.
Aaron: Change the chyron. "Eminem gay" question mark, exclamation mark. Dave, keep him talking.
Speaker 6: [crosstalk 00:03:03] Oh my god. This is ...
Speaker 3: Holy Shit.
Aaron: Push in on gay Eminem. This is the greatest moment in gay history.
Dave Skylark: ... are probably shocked by what you're saying right now.
Eminem: I'm more shocked that people haven't figured it out yet. I mean, it's kind of like I've been playing gay peekaboo.
Dave Skylark: Gay peekaboo.
Eminem: Yeah, but um ...
Aaron: Shit. Camera one. Camera one.
Daryl: This interview is over. Shut it off.
Aaron: No.
Daryl: Shut it off.
Aaron: Get the fuck out of here, Daryl.
Daryl: I am Marshall's publicist, and I'm telling you to pull the fucking plug, right now.
Aaron: No. This is gold. I am not cutting this interview off. This is the best interview we've ever done.
Daryl: Then what happens if I just do this?
Aaron: Get out.
Daryl: Stop.
Aaron: [crosstalk 00:03:32]
Daryl: Shut it off. Shut it off.
Aaron: Get him out of here. Get him the fuck out of here.
Speaker 3: I'm gonna murder you and everyone you love.
Aaron: Thank you. Dave, look. I got the lyrics. Say what I say.
Dave Skylark: What did you mean when you rapped:
Aaron: "I said nice rectum, I had a ... "
Dave Skylark: "vasectomy Hector. So you can't get pregnant if I bisexually wreck ya?"
Eminem: I've pretty much just been leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness.
Dave Skylark: I see that now.
Eminem: You know. But, yeah. Actually, Hector, Hector was a real person.
Dave Skylark: Hector and his rectum were real.
Aaron: Holy shit.
Speaker 9: [crosstalk 00:04:07] Hector and his rectum is real.
Aaron: [crosstalk 00:04:10] Yes. Dude. Dude.
Dave Skylark: Aaron. Bring it in.
Aaron: Oh my god.
Dave Skylark: Bring it in, big boy.
Aaron: Oh my god.
Dave Skylark: What the heck just happened.
Aaron: The real Slim Shady just stood up. That's what the fuck just happened.
Dave Skylark: This is like Spike Lee just said he's white.
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