I go by the name of Oddisee. Have been always. No other rap names prior. I'm a producer/emcee for Washington D.C. Now based in New York. Not based anywhere for too long these days but New York is where I call home. I guess I chose to move from D.C. to New York because of the proximity to industry. I didn't necessarily move here for hip hop. I wasn't ... I'm not here to quote unquote make it. More so to capitalize off of what I started already in Washington and New York is a great place for that.
You know, D.C. as amazing as it is for artists, it's not a place that nurtures artists and creativity outside of music. So, photographers, graphic designers, the other things that assist my industry and helping my career, you know, expand and progress. You hit a limit to somewhat in other cities. And you know, New York was so close. So, here I am where the majority of the interviews I do now I can ride my bike to or people just come over to my house versus them asking for an email to see when the next time I'll be in New York.
Touring constantly, all around the world. You know, I do a lot of gigs. Up to about 180 a year at sometimes. So yeah, I spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase, you know man?
Unknown Speaker: Yeah.
Oddisee: I produce, I rhyme, I mix, engineer. I show...I book my own gigs. I have always been a huge Native Tongue fan and specifically Tribe and De La. Those were like the groups that really spoke to me. You know, as a kid whose family moved from the inner city to the suburbs it was Tribe and the Native Tongues that let it be comfortable for me to embrace hip hop without it necessarily being street from a negative standpoint.
I definitely believe in being as direct to fans as possible so I'm very, very accessible. You can find me by just Googling Oddisee. O D D I S E E and the site will come up, the Twitter, Band Camp, et cetera. iTunes, et cetera, Last FM, you know, anything will come up on it if you just Google that name.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newest edition of What You've Been Missing. Straight out of Washington D.C., it's your man Oddisee, one third of the Diamond District. My new album, People Hear What They See, is everywhere right now. Get it where you can, get it how you can. And the name once again, O double D I S double E. This is a Last FM session. Peace.

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Producer Pete Rock (Peter Phillips) and rapper CL Smooth (Corey Penn) are a group from Mount Vernon, NY, known for their legendary use of jazz and soul samples mixed with pensive rhymes. They first met in the early ‘90s while attending Mount Vernon High, establishing themselves early on as a duo destined to make the hip-hop history books. Pete Rock was taken under the wing of DJ Marley Marl at New York City's WBLS, eventually earning his own airtime and catching the attention of Heavy D's DJ Eddie, who introduced the pair to various record labels in New York City. Following Pete Rock’s co-produced four tracks off Heavy D & the Boyz's sophomore album Big Tyme (1989), he and CL Smooth used that momentum to release their debut EP All Souled Out in 1991. From jump, the duo carved their own lane by juxtaposing Pete Rock's signature horn blares and renowned ear for obscure soul and jazz samples with CL Smooth's knack for waxing philosophical yet effortlessly profanity-free lyrical delivery. The duo's 1992 debut album, Mecca & the Soul Brother, gave the world their best-known single, "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)." Met with rave reviews, the project was praised as one of the greatest rap records of all time. Following critical acclaim, the pair scored placements on soundtracks for films Menace II Society, Who's the Man?, and Poetic Justice, as well as collaborated with Mary J. Blige for a remix of her track "Reminisce." In 1994, Pete Rock & CL Smooth reunited for The Main Ingredient, a project that would later become the legendary duo's last album together. After splitting in 1995, both artists went on to nurture solo careers and would later reconnect for occasional tour runs and public appearances. The year 2003 saw the release of their compilation record, Good Life: The Best of Pete Rock & CL Smooth, further fueling the demand for a proper reunion. In 2010, the death of hip-hop pioneer Guru acted as a catalyst for them to reconcile their creative differences in a new way, with the duo promising fans new music was in the works. The group promises a new project by the end of 2017.

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