Speaker 2: Yeah yeah I seen all the interviews the whole guests in the house of hip hop, the Macklemore, the one with Kanye, I saw all of those Jamar interviews.
Speaker 1: Okay so being a respected white rapper, what's your take on Jamar's comments?
Speaker 2: Well a lot of stuff that Lord Jamar says is honesty and true, and he speaks from his heart and says things that you're not supposed to say. Publicly because right now everything's politically correct. As a [inaudible 00:00:44] everybody knows that hip hop is black culture, its black music. He made a good point on twitter, he said what is mariachi music isn't Mexican? Salsa isn't this and that, why cannot hip hop be black music? Hip hop is black music, its part of black culture. You know, white folks we come in and we love the craft and we study it and we learn it ... You know we're allowed to be there, but to a certain degree I agree with Jamar saying we're guests in the house of hip hop, because you know it is a black culture.
Same way Elvis and Buddy Holly came and did black music, they weren't the creators, but they learned the craft, and they got great at their craft. Its the same way a white emcee can come into a black culture, and learn the craft and be great at the craft ... That's my take on it, so to a degree I think that Jamar was right on a lot of the stuff he was saying, as well as his points he made about Macklemore, and a lot of the stuff he says about Kanye, he says a lot of true honest stuff. He says true honest stuff about people who have a lot of fans, so I see all the hate, you know. Jamar is a legendary hip hop personality, and brand new being one for all off of one album, is top five greatest hip hop albums in the history of hip hop. So I see some people that don't know who Jamar even is talking about "oh fuck this dude I don't know who he is, fuck who is this dude?". So your research first and Jamar is a legendary figure in the game and you gotta respect his truthfulness, at least what he believes is true, you gotta respect his opinion at least.
Speaker 3: But that's Drake rapping ... When he raps he's one of the best, he says shit I've never heard before.
Speaker 4: You don't, like I cannot go in somebody else's house, even though they let me wear their clothes and eat their food, that's not my house.
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