El-P: Also me.
Killer Mike: Yeah. We are Run the Jewels.
Speaker 3: Welcome to Lorne.
Killer Mike: Thank you.
Speaker 3: You guys fucking smashed it today. That looked like a lot of fun. How was it?
Killer Mike: It was a lot of fun.
Speaker 3: I mean performing up in the Grand Theater tent. I mean that room was just sweaty. Sweaty and buzzing.
Killer Mike: And that was on a cool day.
Speaker 3: Yeah, exactly. How long have you guys been here? Did you just get in today?
El-P: We just got into Australia yesterday. We've pretty much been smoking weed and sleeping.
Speaker 3: I see. Is that a good jet lag preventative?
El-P: We're cool. We're good.
Speaker 3: Excellent. Congratulations on the year that you guys have had. I mean that album.
Killer Mike: Thank you.
Speaker 3: Again, it's been topping best of lists on publications here. How are you guys feeling about it now that you've been out working into live sets and taking it around the world?
Killer Mike: Well the record's only been out 8 weeks so we got about what, 44 more weeks before we really feel a certain kind of way. Right now we're just caught up in the rapture of rocking shows and dropping flows.
Speaker 3: Yeah man.
El-P: Yeah, we're psyched. I mean the response has been incredible and the shows have been amazing. That's all we really want. That's all we really want so we're happy right now.
Speaker 3: The Run the Jewels -
Killer Mike: A couple million dollars we want to.
El-P: We want that.
Killer Mike: But we'll talk about that later.
Speaker 3: Yeah, we'll talk about that later. It will be for afters.
El-P: Like in an hour.
Speaker 3: The Run the Jewels kind of presence in Australia has been building quite strongly over the last few years. I mean have you noticed with each time you come out?
Killer Mike: We started this year in Australia. We were in Australia doing [inaudible 00:01:45] last January and we were talking about, "Man when we come back to Australia, it's going to be bigger," and we had no idea it'd be this. It was absolutely rabid out there today so I just want to thank Australia for being one of the cornerstones of the Run the Jewels movement dare I say.
Speaker 3: I mean it's fantastic to see, especially US artists because there is such a big distance in between our two fine lands so to see fine musicians like yourselves come out here a few times to display some work.
El-P: We can attest to that. In fact, we're filing an official complaint that we'd like to actually move our continents a little bit closer. It's a beautiful continent. It's very far. It takes a long time to get here and if we have anything to say about it, that'll change in the next 200 years.
Speaker 3: All right, cool. We'll work on that.
Killer Mike: I think Australia and America are like very distant, very close cousins. Australia has people that like to eat because the girls have nice asses here. Australia has an affinity for fast cars. Shouts out to Mad Max, you know what I mean? We're down with that and the beaches are wonderful. I really feel at home here and I hope to be here more so the 2 million dollars, let's get it.
El-P: Like America, Australia has kangaroos and koalas running wild through its forests.
Killer Mike: Yeah.
Speaker 3: After the next few [inaudible 00:03:14] festival dates, are you guys going to get much time to hang around? I know you're doing a few side shows, aren't you?
Killer Mike: Joey Bad Ass, shouts out.
El-P: Yeah, we're doing some side shows with Joey Bad Ass. Looking forward to that. That's going to be really fun. We were going to have a few days off I think to roam around and perhaps capture a wallaby. That's my personal dream, to capture, tame, train, and perform with a wallaby.
Speaker 3: it can be the mascot.
Killer Mike: I'm going to sniff glue with a roo.

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El-P (born Jaime Meline and originally known as El Producto) is a heavyweight producer-turned-rapper with over two decades working in the music industry. Growing up as the son of the jazz pianist Harry Keyes, young El-P was inspired to pursue a career in music of his own. That passion was congealed even more so after being expelled from several schools in New York City for having an issue with authority. The Brooklyn-born artist first got his start with Company Flow, a duo he formed alongside Mr. Len and later Bigg Jus, going on to secure a label deal with Rawkus Records and releasing their full-length debut Funcrusher Plus in 1997. Following a series of headaches at the label, El-P broke away to form his own imprint Definitive Jux, securing critically acclaimed releases such as Aesop Rock's Labor Days and Cannibal Ox's The Cold Vein (which El-P also produced), allowing the label to Rise to prominence. Balancing his career as both the head of the independent label and as a solo artist proved to work in El-P's favor, with his work ethic mixed with his hunger for creating music helping to sculpt his reputation as an innovative creator and businessman. As a producer, El-P is revered for his futuristic tendencies, drawing from his love for lo-fi sounds and his jazz influences alike. As a lyrical force, the rapper often questions the status quo and explores themes of existentialism, politics, paranoia, the nature of reality, and other topics commonly found in science fiction. With his latest venture Run the Jewels—supergroup formed along with Killer Mike in 2013—elevating his career to newfound levels of success, El-P is regarded as one of hip-hop's most vibrant and brilliant contributors.

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