Our initial pre-order was all claimed before street date but we finally got in restock of this highly sought after vinyl! Brand new exclusive cover artwork. “Masters of the Universe” is the 2000 Hip Hop Classic from the American duo Binary Star (One Be Lo/ OneManArmy, Senim Silla w/ Decompoze)! Tracks B3, B5, C2 & D4 were not on the original vinyl release/ Track A5 doesn’t appears on the back cover. This version of MOTU is a Celebration of Binary Star Music and production. The original WaterWorld album featured Decompoze songs like ‘What it’s all about’ and ‘Freakin’ Flo’s’, also produced by Decompoze. Those songs were not included on the 2000 Masters of the Universe version, but are now included on this 2016 bonus edition of MOTU. All Out is also included as a bonus track as well as a few more surprises. All songs produced by OneManArmy and Decompoze for the Trackezoids, remixed and remastered by the Autocons.

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