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Dillon & Paten Locke - 'Food Chain' Vinyl Shipping

Their 2nd LP, 'Food Chain' is a musical menagerie of rap running the gamut from grimy to gloomy to glorious. Paten Locke's elusive loops & dusty grooves lay the foundation for rapper, Dillon to bring his 'straight talk' style of writing & delivery. No gimmicks, no punches pulled. The album contains an all-star cast consisting of bonafide rap legends (Black Sheep Dres, Count Bass D), modern day hip hop heroes (Homeboy Sandman, Von Pea) & emerging eccentrics (Tone Tank, Willie Evans Jr). CD is a double CD (with 2 front covers) packaged with the instrumentals. This will be the only way album instros will be available.
Cassette and CD also shipping.

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