UGHH Deadstock program

Designed for independent artists and labels. We’ll help you sell your excess merchandise and split the profit 50/50.

Turn Your Dusty Records Into Cash

Our mission is to make buying and selling independent hip-hop albums easier for artists, labels, and hip-hop fans. Our Deadstock Program is designed for artists housing hundreds (or thousands) of excess albums that they still want to sell. Through placement on our website, promotion, and our dedicated community of hip-hop heads, we’ll help you turn those dusty records into cash.

How does it work? Simple:

  • Fill out the form below, and we’ll respond letting you know whether we’re interested in carrying your album/merch.
  • Once approved, you’ll ship your product to the UGHH office, where we’ll store it, promote it, and price it to move.
  • After 90 days, if we haven’t sold your merchandise, we’ll determine whether we want to buy your albums or send them back to you.
  • Anything we sell, you’ll get 50% of the profit.

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