We are down to our last 5 copies! Here’s a quick story about the CD version of this album. UGHH was at Scribble Jam in Ohio back in like 2004(?) and we purchase around 20 copies of this CD directly from the Masta himself. He gets our cash, we get our CDs, all is good. We get back to UGHH Headquarters in Boston and go to play a copy and it’s BLANK. We pop in the next one – it’s BLANK! Every f*cking copy was BLANK! Was Ace trying to pull a fast one on us? Highly unlikely but we were out of over $120+! Clearly the most money we ever spent on blank CDs ever. I actually think he might have paid us back years later when he visited our store but if not… Ace, where’s our money! Lol. Hits U Missed is a compilation that features a number of singles released during Masta Ace’s MIA period between 1996 and 2000, as well as a few B-Side songs from past singles.
Includes features from Eminem, Guru, and Buckshot.
Vol. 2 also available on vinyl.

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