High Performance (A Collection Of All Original Blends & Mash Up’s)




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The term ‘mash up’ is about as cool as the term ‘turntablism’, which in turn in also about as cool as the term ‘trip hop’….if you havent caught on, they are all god aweful terms….see the thing is the term ‘mash up’ is more of a ‘buzz word’ these days, than lets say the term ‘blend’ might be….lets keep shit really rill, you put the word “blend’ on a one sheet, anyone younger than 21 is going to start scratching there heads, while heading to blog sites posing the question, ‘what is a blend’….see back in the late 80’s early 90’s DJ’s like Kid Capri, Juice, Chill Will ect…would put an accapella over a beat, and it was simply known as a blend….but once the mid 90’s hit, and there was that fork in the road where Hip Hop got too hot for some, there was a large community of people who were jettison, off to search for their musical utopia in electronica and ‘dub’, two more gay ass terms, but anyway….fast foward a few years, y2k hit, a strapping young man, or mang, depending on how cool u are, named Lil Jon is ruling the charts, records are too heavy to carry,mp3’s are getting passed around more than ‘that girl who’s down for whatever’ if u know what I mean, and people are jonesing for the best of both worlds….enter the term ‘mash up’….I mean, trust me it makes sense,it’s a kick ass term, on this cd for example you take a young upstart named Smitty, who hails from a part of Miami known as “little Haiti”, and throw him on top the bhangra funk of Daljit Mattu(who?) you got yourself a “mash up”…The Birdman rocking with Human League on their only post “Don’t U Want me” hit, the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis laced “Human”,…squalley!! you got some mashing the fuck up right thurr ….I mean it’s great, it clicks, your just cluster fucking 2 songs that never would be found on the same i pod in a million years…but enter ‘that’ kid, you know, too Hip for his shirt, 90 pounds wet, 3 fingered ring, Diplomats T Shirt but wouldn’t know “357” if u played in a powder blue Bentley with Cam’ron in the passenger seat bleeding with gun shot wounds through both his writsts(damn son!)…c’mon, you know ‘that’ kid, Ric Ross on heavy rotation, but wouldn’t be caught dead in a ‘Hip Hop” club….yeah that ‘kid’, he throws ‘mash up’ around more than than the term “Chinese Democracy” on a G n’ R Fan site….and then you start to think, ‘gawd, I can’t be as herbavacious as this kid” and you get sour on the word ‘mash up’….you hate it…..but then your at your local record shop, and the there is a new release section of ‘mash up’s’ that you cant help but run to, and buy….if it read ‘blends’ you would feel lesss excitement,probably just blow your load over in the Reggaton section and call it a day, the word ‘mash up’ can ring those bells, even still, no matter how played the term is… lets be honest…it’s the sad reality….to put things in a more specific context, if the phrase “Stop Jocking James” comes up, you are brought back to MCM suits, high top fades and Shirt King Tee’s, and you hear the word “blend” and know what time it is like a Kool Moe Dee song….but if it doesn’t, your longing for the phrase “Hoody Hoo” and a guy named David Banner, who is said yo have bad table manners while the latest Wolfmother is tearing through soundsystem….well then “mash up” is your cup of pepto….what the point of all this I forgot….oh, this cd, is a collection of all original mash up’s and or blends, depending on what you prefer, and they are really good..and on beat, and really well done… and not too pretencious, kind of like I should have been in this paragraph should have been….enjoy….

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