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Vinyl LP Record [2LP]


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Digitalism has done a mix for the legendary K7! DJ Kicks series. And it is not a lie, on the fromcontrary, it is nothing short of the truth to say, this is a dream come true for two young fellows Germany. Twelve years ago, when they orginaly met, two record store workers in Hamburg, admiringly selling the DJ Kicks series to their customers adoring not just the event of each release, the dexterity of the mix but most importantly the protagonists behind each release, the artist, the DJ, the mixer. Their favourites over the last two decades are Tiga’s (“His mix was a great essence of edgy and cold electro-techno.”), Trevor Jackson’s Playgroup (“More really playful stuff.)” and Erlend Oye (“Cause he sung over a lot of stuff and had some favs like Jürgen Paape, the collab with Morgan Geist and Avenue D (2D2F) on it.”). Summer 2012 is their time, now they have to prove it themselves. To make it short, this mix has it all! They move sometimes slow and easy, in other moments ecstatic and without second thoughts through the tracks. Thereby their attitude jumps between impetuous and cocky, as the sounds hit challengingly between electro rock and synth-pop, new wave and trance, techno and disco punk and pop glamour. On this journey they include tracks by Opptimo, Alex Gopher, WhoMadeWhoe, Kölsch, Vitalic, to name a few, alongside exclusive tracks and new material from the band themselves. Moelle and Tüfekçi wanted to represent their past as DJs, their “sonic universe” as they call it. The target was to unite new Digitalism music and “timeless pieces that describe us and our sound.

But how did they start with chosing the other tracks for the mix? Like everybody else would do: They made a list of all the magic tracks coming to mind over the last decade. As they used to work in a record store, they of course have it all on vinyl, but at home, and as the Digitalism were quite busy touring the last year, with 90 performances all over the world, they had to do it the internet nerd way and google themselves into a trance. The Majority of the chosen music is from friendly associated labels and producers, cleverly mixed up with tracks by models of the past. “Some stuff that we chose from the early 2000s clash era got lost in a jungle of major label licensing buerocracy, and for one or two years we’ve been playing our edit of Simple Minds’ “I travel” and would have loved to finally pass this on to the outside world, but you know, bootleg things you’ve done with the real big names are usually just off the table.” But they were both absolutely happy with the final material they got for the mix. From that point on intuition took over and led them into a very melodic mix, perfect for “a sundowner drink” as they say themselves. “We can imagine this running around late afternoon/sundown. By the time it gets dark, you can dive deeper into the music.”

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Vinyl LP Record [2LP]




Digitalism; Michi Lange

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