Vol. 3

BY One Track Mind



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San Francisco has always attracted cats from other parts of the country. In terms of graf writers, this trend started in the 80’s, steam rolled in the 90’s and is still happening to this day. The writers that have come from other areas have influenced us in many ways big and small. It’s just how shit works. One particular area that has made a solid connection with Frisco is Chicago. The Chicago-Frisco connection started around ’87 when Orko first came out to the Bay. He laced writers out here in a big way and left a definite mark on our graf scene.

Much later, Zore came out to the Bay and did the same thing, lacing writers with his signature Chicago style and his old school knowledge. In 2003, the Bay had been blessed with a couple of visits from another legendary Chicago writer known as Rafa. He was able to rock some incredible productions while shocking us with his amazing characters and distinctive style. There is no doubt in my mind that these Chicago writers, plus many others, have influenced our graf scene here in the Bay for the better. Much respect to them and their city.

This issue right here is dedicated to our style. Style means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Thus, we decided to use our microscope on different style crews. Crews like TDK, TWS and AWR and writers like Deen, Jster, and Twist prove that style is not something that can be predictable or only one certain way. Like Dream said, “It’s a form of identity.” It’s something that shapes each writer in his or her own way. The Bay Area is filled with all different kinds of folks from all different parts of the globe and that’s another reason why we’ve never been limited in the department called style. Thanks to old school legends Rif, Cuba, Zest, Nize and others, we’ve been able to build from their original statements by branching out to newer realms in tagging, bombing, and piecing. To everybody still doing shit nowadays, just remember what my man Dug said back in the day, “How can you be king with no style?” Style is everything in this thing called graffiti.

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