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What happens when three veteran power houses LMNO from the mighty Visionaries crew, Moka Only wlth over 50 albums deep in the game, and Musical work horse Mr Brady’s rawness let loose over madman producer extraordinaire Jules Chaz beats? You get the eagerly awaited project Spacesuits.

Spacesuits came to light when Moka Only introduced Jules Chaz to Mr Brady a few years back via internet. Jules Chaz sent Mr Brady about 30 beats that he sat on trying to figure out what to do to them. “they were so raw, genius, and out of this world I wanted to approach them right,” Mr Brady said. One day LMNO came to record at Mr Brady’s studio, and he let him hear the beats. He flipped out and they immediately knocked out a couple of tracks that same day. After listening to them, they hit up Moka Only to do a feature for one of the tracks. The three of them sounded so good together, and they have so much history together from Battle Axe Records in the past, it only made sense to ask Moka if he would be down to record the whole album wlth them. After all, Moka Only was the one to introduce them to Jules Chaz, so it made perfect sense. After listening to a few songs, and how out of this world they sounded, the name and the project spacesuits took flight.

There effortless cohesiveness is evident wlth Spacesuits. They bounce off one another, and jump in and verses like the veterans they are. Spacesuits shows their versatility and ability to adapt to Jules Chaz zany production. With Spacesuits, not only will you get raw lyrics and beats like the songs Speedy, and Meteor, but you will also get stories wlth songs like Heist and Chicks, as well as a array of spaced out joints and interludes. So grab your moon boots and get ready for lift off because Spacesuits is ready to take off!

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LMNO; Moka Only; Mr. Brady w/ Jules Chaz

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Vinyl LP Record




Jules Chaz

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