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<!--2014080807-->101 Apparel - 'Beats Per Minute' [(White) T-Shirt]

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Beats Per Minute




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Beats Per Minute is how DJ's and producers figure out the tempo and pulse of a style that they will be playing out that night. Back in the old days, BPM within the dance and hip-hop community was used to seek out records that were similar in pace so they were easier to beat match. Whole styles of dance music have centered around BPM like slo-mo disco, drum and bass, hardcore, and techno. Once Serato came into play it made mixing tracks with varied tempos as easy as clicking a button - a BPM game changer. This design pays tribute to BPM as it's had a huge influence on how tracks are produced and how DJ's have used BPM to manipulate dance-floors.

- 100% Fine Jersey Cotton T-Shirt, made in USA