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<!--2013021940-->101 Apparel - 'Boogie Down' [(Blue) T-Shirt]

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Boogie Down




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Dance music culture has been a big influence on the ethos and designs of 101 Apparel. And when we mean "dance" we mean it in every way. From salseros in NYC, to disco heads at the Paradise Garage, to samba dancers in Rio, to breakers in the Bronx, to Jamaicans getting down to dub and lovers rock in Kingston, right up to acid house and techno that has birthed the electronic scenes in Europe and the US; it all comes down to that primal need for movement and rhythm. "Boogie Down" is a classic discofunk tune by Eddie Kendricks, one of the earliest founder of The Temptations, and a song that personifies the later hip-hop street vibe of NYC as seen in Boogie Down Productions of Krs-One fame. This design takes that early disco/hip- hop dance aesthetic and transforms it into a shirt with a font taken from cassette and boombox speakers.

- 100% Cotton.