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Dub Specialist




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Dub, the one style of music that along with post-punk and early electronic music has probably had the most influence on the music of the last twenty years. The production techniques of dub can be heard in most modern producers repertoire and have formed whole new scenes on their own. A key figure in the development in Dub was Clement Coxsone Dodd aka the "Dub Specialist". Clement was already a respected figure in reggae and ska production circles and came up with the alias "Dub Specialist" as a way to keep up with guys like King Tubby and Scientist. This design pays homage to the recordings of the Dub Specialist along with the movement of Dub music that came out of reggae and ska in those early days of Jamaican music. This one is for the Deejays, producers, musicians and lovers of Jamaican sounds.

- 100% Cotton.