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<!--2012071752-->101 Apparel - 'Vinyl Athlete' [(Gray) Crewneck Sweatshirt]

101 Apparel

Vinyl Athlete


Crewneck Sweatshirt


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  • 101VNYLMSS
  • 10.8 oz
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  • 101 Apparel
This design is a take on the vintage aesthetics of baseball tees from the 1970s; a style that is a bonafide classic of the genre by this point. Taking that design concept as a template and adding our own urban record nerd twist to the mix by grafting 33 RPM as a stand in for the jersey number creates a fresh and unique shirt that will please those who like retro design work with a sporty feel. The text reads "Vinyl Athlete" with half a record show in between 33RPM and "Vinyl Athlete". This one is for the DJ's, record collectors, or those who take their vinyl seriously like an athlete.

- 100% Cotton.