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<!--2014070344-->Acrylick - 'Lucy II' [(White) T-Shirt]


Lucy II




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Even with the world being as difficult as it is, we must admit that there are some things that make up for the hardships, briefly. Whether it may be seeing and hearing the rainfall from your window, or how beautiful the leaves are in fall, life can be described simply as a "Beautiful Struggle." This shirt is inspired by this idea. We display an image of a woman at war. She is a soldier and carries around 2 things, her artillery and headphones. Even though life is clearly a struggle for her, there is still beauty found in the music she chooses to listens to. This is her escape, and her natural beauty serves as a reminder that even in bad times, there is still beauty to be found. We gave this classic design new life by giving our heroine a more realistic depiction.

- 100% Cotton