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<!--2014021405-->Acrylick - 'Only Human' [(Black) T-Shirt]


Only Human




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  • 7.9 oz
  • Dark Green; Gray
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Acrylick
Nature has always made it difficult for equality. Each of us is created different in race, creed, color, language, religion and ideologies. Regardless of these differences, we share in our humanity. We are all able to think and articulate thoughts. We have a sense of right and wrong. We must use these gifts we were given and realize that we should treat each other with the respect we each deserve. Rather than discriminating based on the differences, we should come together and rejoice in our similarities. If we show hate or negativity towards others, we are really showing hate towards ourselves in the end.

- 6.0 oz 100% Cotton Regular Fit