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<!--2007050856-->Afrika Bambaataa - 'Death Mix 3' [CD]

Afrika Bambaataa

Death Mix 3


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Juxtaposing classic breaks, funk and disco with random rap & old school, a unique perspective on a key period in music: 1974-1989. Paul Winley ecords is one of the great unsung labels, considering how important it is in Hip Hop history- the "Super Disco Breaks" series (six volumes) are/were ssential crate fillers for any DJ in the 80s through to the 90s. Now fetching loot on eBay, his "Death Mix" by Afrika Bambaataa is a holy grail among vinyl collectors, and his back catalogue of gospel and soul just add cred to his legendary status.
This collection is primarily about the just-unearthed Death Mix 2", but fleshed out with Winley Catalogue key cuts: Cymande "Sweet Talk" and "It's Magic", Ann Winley "Remember Me and the Good imes", Master Don Committee "Funk Box Party", Rap Dynasty "Street Rock", Tanya & Paulette Winley "I Believe in the Wheel of Fortune", Osibisa Oranges", and Martin Disco Band "Disco Circus".
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