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<!--120140603063532-->Amadeus The Stampede - 'Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor' [CD]
<!--120140603063532-->Amadeus The Stampede - 'Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor' [CD]
<!--120140603063532-->Amadeus The Stampede - 'Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor' [CD]
<!--120140603063532-->Amadeus The Stampede - 'Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor' [CD]

Amadeus The Stampede

Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor




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Boston hip hop legend Amadeus The Stampede emerges from the underground with his newest full-length album. 10 years after his debut release, Amadeus returns to his original sound with this commercially viable record. He sticks to his hard, intricate lyrics over club and radio friendly production.

After years of cultivating a hip hop scene in his hometown, The Stampede puts together a piece of work that focuses on social awareness. He has gained recognition as a soloist and as a member of several groups including Born Losers, Pain Killer Crew, Zombie Death Squad, and Greater Good. The album is 8 years in the making and has been whispered about in the industry as well as amongst fans. Following the release of 5 previous projects that are deemed classic, his latest work will prove to be game changing. "Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor" is the first official release since 2010's "The Devil Made Me Do It". Recognized as the most feared artist in hip hop, Amadeus puts his extensive skills to use and is releasing this project on his own label, Stampede Media. "I make music for connoisseurs," says Amadeus. "My body of work is conceptual and a historical account of my life." The LP is eclectic, cinematic, and powerful. Amadeus The Stampede contributes his own production to the project and also engineered and mixed the album himself.
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