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<!--2010061549-->Amp Live - 'Murder At The Discotech' [CD]
<!--2010061549-->Amp Live - 'Murder At The Discotech' [CD]
<!--2010061549-->Amp Live - 'Murder At The Discotech' [CD]
<!--2010061549-->Amp Live - 'Murder At The Discotech' [CD]

Amp Live

Murder At The Discotech


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Remember the early days of hip-hop, when b-boys and girls rocked the planet over electro grooves and space was the place to be? Amp Live does. The Bay Area-based producer, best known for his work with Zion-I, boldly ventures back to the genre's Afrofuturist roots on his new solo album, Murder at the Discotech.

Three years in the making, Amp says Murder at the Discotech is aimed at both Zion-I fans "and new ones, if they want to come along." The album wears its '80s influences on its cybernetic sleeve, yet it's more than just retro-futuristic nostalgia. This is the next generation of electrofunk; Amp Live is the man-machine with a (mostly) human soul, rocking the dancefloor at warp speed and setting his photon torpedoes to funkitize entire galaxies.
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