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<!--120080624013968-->B. Dolan - 'The Failure' [CD]
<!--120080624013968-->B. Dolan - 'The Failure' [CD]
<!--120080624013968-->B. Dolan - 'The Failure' [CD]
<!--120080624013968-->B. Dolan - 'The Failure' [CD]

B. Dolan

The Failure




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Somewhere at the darkest fringe of the griot tradition exists B. Dolan, effortlessly shifting shape between poet, musician, clown, activist and performance artist. Since 2001, a series of gritty, spectacular performances have earned Dolan considerable notoriety; both for their controversial and challenging subject matter, and the brutal intensity with which they are delivered. "The Failure," Dolan's debut release, represents the most comprehensive collection of his recordings, works, and performances to date.
2003 saw the first release of "The Failure," [at the time] a two-disc, homegrown demo full of Dolan's earliest work. What "The Failure" lacked in execution, it made up for in rawness, concept, and novel approach; 200 copies of the cd were distributed in jewel cases without covers.
In the midst of developing the ragged, breakdown aesthetic seen in his most recent work, Dolan conceived (and co-founded) the website with former slam teammate and friend Sage Francis. Dolan joined Francis on The Tour in 2005 in support of the project, which is when Francis expressed interest in releasing a revised version of "The Failure" on Strange Famous Records (SFR.) Faced with the original demo's wide scale release, Dolan undertook the task of completely reworking the 2 year "Failure." The new "Failure" has been trimmed down by a disc, and doesn't have a single track in common with its predecessor. Only the story remains same; we begin our listen alone in a fallout shelter, and are taken on a manic, unflinching voyage into the heart of the last man standing.
Since signing to SFR, Dolan has appeared on Sage Francis' Death Dance Tour and Buck 65's International Situation Tour, captivating audiences from coast to coast and announcing himself as a formidable new presence in the worlds of lyricism, performance art, and political action.
From cave to the stage, this sociopathic man-ogre took 8 meticulous years to complete his debut album "The Failure." The beast is out. He's not going away. And there's hell to pay.
Album features Sage Francis, Sole, and production from Alias, Reanimator, and The Skyrider Band.
This version of "The Failure" is mastered with new artwork (in digipak format) and features reworked versions of "Heart Failure", "Bombzo For Baghdad" and new song "Young Americans" (featuring Sole).
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