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<!--120120417043365-->Battles - 'Dross Glop' [CD]
<!--120120417043365-->Battles - 'Dross Glop' [CD]
<!--120120417043365-->Battles - 'Dross Glop' [CD]
<!--120120417043365-->Battles - 'Dross Glop' [CD]


Dross Glop


After a series of 12"'s containing highly-touted remixes from Battles 2011 album Gloss Drop, Warp proudly presents all eleven re-works, available for the first time in one place - Dross Glop. Remixers include a who's who of iconic music production from around the globe - from Scotland's Hudson Mohawke to Seattle's Shabazz Palaces. From one of the original UK bass music pioneers - Kode9, to noise pop's darling producer Brian Degraw (Gang Gang Dance). Each track from the critically acclaimed 2011 album sees a stunning re-work here, from dance-floor ready bangers to ethereal minimalism- a tough task with a sound as iconic as Battles, but a truly successful endeavor.
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