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<!--120130528060756-->Bil Basmala - 'On The Edge Of Forever' [CD]
<!--120130528060756-->Bil Basmala - 'On The Edge Of Forever' [CD]
<!--120130528060756-->Bil Basmala - 'On The Edge Of Forever' [CD]
<!--120130528060756-->Bil Basmala - 'On The Edge Of Forever' [CD]

Bil Basmala

On The Edge Of Forever




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Independent recording artist, Hasan Robinson has turned in his second album under the banner of Bil Basmala. He sits comfortably in the left field / electronic genre showcasing a more original adult contemporary and smooth jazz mixture. 'On The Edge Of Forever' contains all the essential blends of artistic 'strangeness' of style. "The production. Dusty. Intricate loops and samples. Hard jazz, deep funk sounds, but taken so far and so deep from the source as to be absorbed and transformed. From some alternate reality where Dolphy and Mingus invented the MPC and jazz never ended, kept on going." (Elmattic) Will that 'level' be reached in Bil Basmala's 'On The Edge Of Forever', Hasan's release-ready album for 2013? Well, the scope remains open for conjecture. But what we do hope is that this brings him his due acknowledgement. Will his style translate to the stage? That is the discussion of another day. As of now, we keep our fingers crossed along with Hasan for Bil Basmala On The Edge Of Forever.
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