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<!--2007101612-->Bird Peterson - 'Hot Noise' [CD]

Bird Peterson

Hot Noise


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Texas producer Bird Peterson is the man responsible for that super blogged, "seizure inducing" Wu Tang Joint, returns with Hot Noise (the follow up to 2001's Give Em Hell, Bird!) Mr. Peterson jacks it up a few notches with his hot blend of Electro / Crunk / Bmore / Breakbeat / Keyboard-Rock that is "guaranteed to break some legs on the dance floor". With guest appearances by newcomer Mugsy Flowz, 215: The Freshest Kids, Houston's own Wisdo and Berta from The Big Weapon Scholaz, and special remixes by Vyle, Yppah (NINJA TUNE), Cousin Cole, Vex One, and Beeper City, this album is sure to be an instant classic! Snatch it while it's hot!
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