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<!--120090818017788-->Black Wall Street - 'Wall Street Generals: Based On A True Story' [CD]
<!--120090818017788-->Black Wall Street - 'Wall Street Generals: Based On A True Story' [CD]
<!--120090818017788-->Black Wall Street - 'Wall Street Generals: Based On A True Story' [CD]
<!--120090818017788-->Black Wall Street - 'Wall Street Generals: Based On A True Story' [CD]

Black Wall Street

Wall Street Generals: Based On A True Story




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The Black Wall Street is committed to the social and economic development and advancement of the Hip Hop community and takes its name from the historical Black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Black Wall Street was once the most affluent, all-Black community in America, born from the oil boom of 1910, but was bombed and burned to the ground in a matter of hours on June 1, 1921. Whereas this major Black economic movement was quickly snuffed from existence, The Black Wall Street of today is unwavering in their resolution to continue this pursuit and despite the teetering market in Manhattan, this West Coast Wall Street is stronger and more determined than any bronze bull.

The Black Wall Street is back with another all new official studio album, Wall Street Generals, sixteen tracks of brand new, unreleased material from the Game's extended family. The Black Wall Street brings the best from the East and West together under their General, rapper and co-founder of the movement, The Game. Prominently featured on Wall Street Generals are Juice, who earned his spot spitting hot 16's when he met The Game in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. The Oakland-based Clyde Carson who has already achieved commercial success with the singles "Doin' Dat" and "2 Step" is back for another round. Overseeing the entire project, Park Slope, Brooklyn's DJ Haze as both DJ and producer. Nu Jerzey Devil is also on board and though he earned a name for himself working behind the boards with such artists as Fat Joe he's just as comfortable with a mic in hand. New talent in The Black Wall Street roster also appears in the form of XO, Germ Ghee, Broadway, Southside and Ya Boy.
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