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<!--020080923014908-->Blank Blue - 'Dive EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080923014908-->Blank Blue - 'Dive EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080923014908-->Blank Blue - 'Dive EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080923014908-->Blank Blue - 'Dive EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Blank Blue

Dive EP

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record


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As we launch the beautiful video for "All The Shallow Deep" Blank Blue drops an EP that includes brand new mixes and music, including folked-out versions of "Sonic What!?" and "Up", a Flying Lotus remix of "Blank Blue" (in both vocal and instrumental formats) and an exclusive unreleased tune.

The video for "All The Shallow Deep" is influenced by psychedelic classics like Easy Rider and Nicholas Roeg's The Man Who Fell to Earth and was put together by noted video producer Dean Fernando. It was shot on locations in Long Beach and Palm Springs and is enhanced by visual art from Kime Buzzelli.

The Dive EP is available in strictly limited vinyl and as a digital download. The album versions of "Sonic What?!" and "Up" have been stripped down and had new life injected into them by way of breezy acoustic guitars, vibes and strings. Elvin Estella and Niki Randa (collectively known as Blank Blue) were so happy with these re-workings that they see this sound as theirs for future recordings.

Flying Lotus, on the other end of the sonic spectrum, takes the album version of "Blank Blue" and drags it through cosmic grit and dirt, before spitting out an extra-terrestrial banger. "Finer Grains" is an instrumental exclusive made just for this EP. "All The Shallow Deep" will be available only on the digital-version of this EP.

The Blank Blue album is a concept record built around the fictional and futuristic account of a massive earthquake that separates the West coast off from the rest of the United States.
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