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<!--020080513013470-->Blank Blue - 'Western Water Music Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--020080513013470-->Blank Blue - 'Western Water Music Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--020080513013470-->Blank Blue - 'Western Water Music Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--020080513013470-->Blank Blue - 'Western Water Music Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Blank Blue

Western Water Music Vol. 2

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record


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Elvin Estela, aka Nobody, met Niki Randa at Fingerprints, an indie record store in Long Beach, California, where they have worked together since 2001. Estela was mulling over ideas for a sequel to Pacific Drift, his 2003 release on Ubiquity, and had realized that the album he wanted to make needed only one vocalist. He had often heard that "Niki can sing!" and eventually would give Randa a CD-R of beats and tracks that he was considering for his new album to see if she was interested in being the one. In December 2006 the first of their collaborations was finished and given the working title "Sonic What?!" Excited with the results, Estela immediately told Randa about the concept for an album which had come to him in a series of nightmares. Shortly after, the two ventured to a book store during their lunch break, grabbed a book blindly, opened randomly, and put Randa's finger to a page which read "Blank Blue." The god's had christened their project and for the next twelve months, Estela and Randa would eat, sleep, drink and smoke Blank Blue. Blank Blue is the surreal story of an Armageddon born out of a massive earthquake off the west coast of the United States and set sometime in the future. The quake triggers a separation of the west from the rest of the country, creating a whirlpool of devastation in its wake. Millions die. Thousands survive. Survivors eventually sink and drown from the sinking lands, only to have scores of poison mushrooms waiting for them underneath the earth's masses, loosened from centuries old trees. The poisoned water gives them their first gasp, and miraculously they are able to live and breathe underwater. The album tells the story from various points of views, from an all-knowing narrator, to a psychic fish that warns people via their dreams, to random characters who watch their loved ones drown or ask the others underwater how to find the ability to breathe. The confusion and sadness is balanced by the fascination of having to start everything all over again; learning how to breathe and swim etc. "I started to think about making an album that I would want to listen to, that reflected the music that I love to put on and space out to. I loved albums where one vocalist takes you through a journey through different sounds and styles. I trusted Niki with my idea for Blank Blue and her voice matched the music perfectly. It also helped that we have worked together at a record store for 7 years so we were official record store geeks," says Estela. Nobody presents Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol. II is the official follow up to the 2003 album Pacific Drift: Western Water Music Vol. I. In the five years between albums, the 31 year old LA producer has travelled the world touring with the likes of The Mars Volta, Prefuse 73, Battles, Edan, Dntel, and Flying Lotus. He has also released 2 records on Plug, and 1 on Mush, and remixed Postal Service, Phil Ranelin, The Free Design and Her Space Holiday. The new album features guests: Josh Teague, Ben Knight (The Tyde) Dave Scher (Beachwood Sparks) and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (string arranger for Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Carlos Nino and Daedelus) Hard pressed to pigeon-hole the album Estela says "I would describe it as psychedelic bass music because these are the two things that matter to me when I'm listening to music. Gotta' love the bass, gotta' love the layers, and my third eye's gotta love it too."
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