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<!--020131015059625-->Boldy James - 'My 1st Chemistry Set (M.1.C.S.)' [CD]
<!--020131015059625-->Boldy James - 'My 1st Chemistry Set (M.1.C.S.)' [CD]
<!--020131015059625-->Boldy James - 'My 1st Chemistry Set (M.1.C.S.)' [CD]
<!--020131015059625-->Boldy James - 'My 1st Chemistry Set (M.1.C.S.)' [CD]

Boldy James

My 1st Chemistry Set (M.1.C.S.)



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Detroit holdout Boldy James presents My 1st Chemistry Set [M.1.C.S.], his first longplayer and fully collaborative project with LA superproducer The Alchemist, due October 15th on Decon, the label heavily involved in newly relaunched media hub Mass Appeal. Boldy isn't one to flex his vocabulary or quick tongue, instead instilling weight by deadending each stark stanza. Lack of excess characterizes Boldy's lyrical style and content, and it's crossapplicable to Alchemist's spare, steely beats. The LA producer's catalog boasts placements with the biggest rappers in the world (Rick Ross, Eminem, Nas, Snoop Dogg, too many others to count) as well as a laundry list of the most bubbling rappers currently (Domo Genesis, Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y). On M.1.C.S. Alchemist thrives on forgotten '80s synth lines as well as epic string arrangements and raw drums, the product the two deliver here is one born of utilitarian precision. It's lightning in a bottle with these cooks in the kitchen, and fans across the country will get to experience the chemistry this fall as both Boldy and Al join the legendary Mobb Deep on a string of US tour dates for the group's twenty year reunion this fall.
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