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<!--120131029059798-->Bookfa b/w G Sudden - 'Press Bookfa Press b/w Girls Dem Need Mi' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

Bookfa b/w G Sudden

Press Bookfa Press b/w Girls Dem Need Mi

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record



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SIDE A is "PRESS BOOKFA PRESS," a powerful strut, helmed by Portmore-local BOOKFA on a tight-pressed riddim by LA producer NICE-A-BUNKS (aka Aaron Coyes / Peaking Lights). Recorded late-nite in an unfinished house outside of Kingston, comes with a serious bounce. BUNKS generously unspools a twelve-minute scramble-dub version, sending the vocals and various percussion into slow, looping orbits around the groove. Psyched roots madness.

SIDE B is pure youthful fire from SPANISHTOWN and LOS ANGELES, local artist G SUDDEN voices "GIRLS DEM NEED MI" over the ultimate futurism of producer LA resident GENESIS HULL (aka Alex Gray / Deep Magic). G SUDDEN lays proper styles between pop-a-lock claps and clear flame synths. Vocal is all LED-spinners and black-light ground EFX, but even further out is the extremely energetic 12 minute dub which flips into the ultraviolet, stretching the groove along the spectrum from footwork to jungle to some Escalade-rattling place beyond.
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