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<!--020110913024229-->Bronze Nazareth - 'School For The Blindman' [CD]
<!--020110913024229-->Bronze Nazareth - 'School For The Blindman' [CD]
<!--020110913024229-->Bronze Nazareth - 'School For The Blindman' [CD]
<!--020110913024229-->Bronze Nazareth - 'School For The Blindman' [CD]

Bronze Nazareth

School For The Blindman



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iHipHop Distribution is proud to announce the release of Bronze Nazareth's sophomore album, School For The Blindman. Thought of as Detroit's counterpart to Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA, Bronze has moved beyond the boundaries of a producer and proven himself as a lyricist through his performances on The Great Migration (2006), Wisemen Approaching (2007) and Children Of A Lesser God (2010). Heralded as a super-producer for his work on Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture, Vol. 1, Bronze has remained integral to the Clan's sound for the past decade. With appearances on seminal Wu-Tang Clan projects ranging from RZA's Birth Of A Prince to Raekwon's Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, Bronze has established himself as a purveyor of the gritty sound that defines the Clan's sound. Don't be fooled; despite studying under the tutelage of RZA, Bronze's style is all his own, with rhymes to match. "If anyone's going to be the figurehead for the sprawling second and third waves of Wu-Tang Clan affiliates" writes Daniel Levin Becker of Dusted Magazine, "it might as well be Detroit's Bronze Nazareth."

With production handled almost entirely by Bronze himself, School For The Blindman is a necessity for any Wu-Tang fan, with guest appearances from RZA, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Canibus, La The Darkman, Killah Priest, Willie The Kid, and The Wisemen.
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